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Oh my, I'm going to starve. Not enough hours at work, and I can't spend my tax money until I know about the job or not. I'm still amused [read = annoying and rolling my eyes] that they feel 20 cents is a decent raise. I'm twenty five [now] working in a grocery store. Oh, my life. What am I going to do with it? I wish I knew. I feel younger than I am.

Spent at least an hour yesterday, between refreshing that gd plurk, searching through [livejournal.com profile] collapsingnight for this ONE icon.

At least 100 posts. I didn't even find it. My eyes probably glazed over and missed it, but it's still annoying to have not found it. I want the bigger picture of it to use as reference, but I have no idea where to find it. I want to redo a picture I'd done last year, but I'm horrid at leg positions. Ah well, that icon will have to do. The general layout should be enough.

Now, to finish reading Acheron. That boy's life ass horrible, but I laughed at him just as much as Fitz in the Farseer Trilogy. Can't do anything but laugh at how shitty his life was. It got better.


Feb. 5th, 2010 01:45 am
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...It's lucky I didn't do my taxes on Wednesday, as I got my 1099 in the mail that day. Late. The bastards know they have to be IN your hand by the 31st right? I knew it was coming, and remembered I'd have to add it, but forgot I didn't have the form. I can be pissed that they did a 10% penalty on my pre-tax amount and not my post-tax amount, right? So they penalized me on the full amount that I didn't even get, because they took out 200+ dollars of it for taxes. That's bullshit to me, but WHATEVER.

I did my taxes just in time because my CAR decided to have a fit. Why hello check engine light. It's not nice to see you. What do you mean? Oh, I just hate having to go to the car place where they love to charge you 85 dollars just for them to look at it and try to con you out of money for things that don't need to be fixed, that's all. B|

I'll turn Kyorabi in tomorrow morning, right before another EPIC SNOWSTORM that is slated to be somewhere between 8-20 inches. Yes. Eight to twenty. Because I keep hearing all sorts of numbers from people and haven't actually looked myself because I don't care as long as I can get home. I'll work 8am-10pm if that means I make up the hours I'm going to miss on Saturday because we'll be closed. AGAIN. ~_~

Now to shower and sleep, because I need to be up at 6:50.
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Lol this picture is bigger than I thought )



(屮ಥДಥ)屮 彡 ┻━┻
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I need a second job. *siiiighs*

I also need to put up my list of manga I want and what I have to trade on [livejournal.com profile] otaku_wishlist so I can try to get rid of some stuff. Hopefully via trade, because aside from paying for postage, I've got no money, frsrs.

Adopt one today!

But speaking of work, I'm going to get 42 hours this week. Fff. I might as well enjoy it while I can [it meant working 6 days this week, haaarsh] since all the 'extra' money I have is all going to car insurance that's due next month.

*flops around* Once christmas is over, ffff it gets SO SLOW I'm going to be desperate for hours, most likely. WHICH SUCKS. A lady who was out all of this month is coming back in January. e__e Guess whose hours are primarily going to get cut? *sobs into my hands*

We hired two new people, both are kitchen, which is happy day for them, but that just means more hours that... I can't get over there. *doing the desperation dance* Right after the holidays is a horrible time to need to do extensive job searching. :[
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This is depressing. :\

It's Pt.1 out of 6, and 10 minutes each, so about an hour.
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Well. Interesting. I have no where else to go. I mean, I loathe MySpace AND Facebook.

Aaand Trojans can kiss my ass. Goddamn browser hijacking bastards.

I have a different one from before. It might have cleaned the other off but not before it downloaded another one. I'm gonna have to get down and go into the registry key. That could take me daaaays.

If anyone needs me, e-mail or tagging this entry is the best way. *sobs quietly*

Gundam 00

Jul. 27th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Fuck you Gundam 00. D< Fuck you!

*curls* Just HAD to kill him. I mean, the way they ended it [though it's not really the end, who has ever seen a Gundam that's 26 episodes or less? I'm looking at you, Gundam 0083] could have been fine. It closed up a bunch of loose ends only to re-open them again during the last scenes by showing a bunch of teaser images.

They killed my favorite character. I was prepared but not, since sometime between ep 13 and 24 I started caring about some of those bastards. The random people who hardly even matter and you wondered what they'd do with them since they were featured got the shortest stick ever. I have to write a list of all the people who died. I wonder who the character's they'll get to replace them will be for the second half. There are at least 5 who were shadows in the background.

Oh. Yeah. Fuck you Gundam 00. >/ Now I have to wait for Code Geass R2 to finish [which I'm enjoying but now wish would hurry up so 00 can come back on again in it's time slot.]

And fuck you, Asahu-chan DX For giving me the links to it to download. I was happy in my non-00 world until YOU... =___=

Here. Have dragon babies. they makes things better 8| :

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I still want a croissant.
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...My state taxes came \o/

My federal still hasn't. *shrugs* I did it at the last minute along with millions of other Americans. Yay procrastinators! \o/

But seriously, May 2nd my ass. =o= Don't wait until the 15 to give me my 'stimulus check' so I have to pay extra interest charges on my credit card I'm paying off. >/ That's 6 bucks I can save.

If the stimulus check is this late, no telling when I'll get my REFUND back. XD Lucky I'm not desperate 8D~ And thank you direct deposit... oh lord, all of those checks are going ot come in D8!! And I work at the bank!

Oh fuck me... .__. This is gonna suck.

*wrists cry their swan song before epic failure + CTS*

Por quuueeeee?

I'm sorry... that face just kills me... blame Kris again. And those are links. Click them and cry with me, fellow drivers. And you, Nick. Shut up. >/ You and your public transportation.
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Well isn't this lovely? =_= I usually make a point of not jumping into anything because I hate being wrong. I don't like not having all the facts and making judgments only based on half -or less- of the story. It's just a precaution I take because whenever I say something I want to mean it and not have to take it back. In fact, I can't take it back, because it means I didn't think properly about it before I said it. While in RL I can do that, online I refuse because my fingers don't move on their own.

I've been feeling exceptionally angry recently and while it could easily be said I'm taking it out on the most opportune person, I don't think that's the case. I was pretty scathing, but I don't even know if it was passed on to her. If it was, no reply was necessary from her to defend herself. That or I'll get a ridiculously long e-mail worthy of the near!flame I sent her.

I used to be so calm .=o= And the internet used to be for fun.

I guess I'll give it a few more months. I've been thinking about it for a while anyway. My attention span has decreed that I need to move on and additional reasons are pushing me away as well. It might be time to drop more characters and a comm so I can do other things. Work is kicking my ass, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. I think that's only because I'm getting to leave early instead of staying until close out. When that happens I probably won't last much longer. I'm sure the Team Leaders will go D8< at them giving me that two week allowance to get used to the schedule only to quit 2 months later. But hey. I could have quit immediately. Be grateful you have an employee who tried. I'll at least give a two week notice, unlike some who just stop showing up.

I have no word back about my car yet and my rental ends in... 2 days? Not a good sign, really. I need to call because if my rental runs out, I am totally fucked. There's no way I can work two jobs without a car in VA. Our public transportation is failtastic. I'm already using some of the money that would have paid off some bills and gone into savings to get my car fixed. Stupid 250 dollar deductible. But it sure as hell is better than the ridiculous 2800 bucks it would have cost. 1000 of which is labor. 13.5 hours of that labor [roughly half] is to repaint it factory color. I'm half tempted to tell them to slap a clear coat on it and let me roll out.

*rubs my paid account* I have a new one I told you not to do it, Manda DX XD DX but I'm wasting days by not filling up my icon spots. I hate renaming things, but I think it's time to clear out most of them and just start fresh. I'll probably just start treating this like an RP account... =_= Have an icon for each of my emotions then crack ones for lulz. I have a feeling I'll be using my 'woe' and '>/' one a lot.

This time, I'll at least have one icon for every character I RP. How the hell do I have a Sasuke icon and not an Itachi one? More fail.

All I'm doing at my day job is busy work. It's all stuff that needs to be, sure, but I didn't hire on for filing. Now I'm doing data entry at both jobs and the reason why I didn't go full time at my first one was because I knew I couldn't handle it... and NOW look at what I'm doing. My wrist fucking hurts. *sighs* But this one pays more. Almost time and a half compared to the other one, and I can surf the interwebz on my hour long lunch break if I want. And they're giving me a business phone. With accessories. I have no right to complain.

=_= We're also going to Norfolk for what I call company field trip tiemz. I'm going to sleep on the ride. Especially if I have to be ready by 7am. That's usually when I wake up. Fail x2.

I've eaten out almost every day for the past 2 weeks. I have no idea how I'm not broke considering I also have to pay 6 bucks a day for parking until I get a spot on the parking deck OR get off my lazy ass to fill out my reimbursement form. It's more of I'm waiting to do it for the full two weeks. I'll probably submit it every pay day.

And oh hay. First check this Friday! \o/ Only has 1 week and 2 days on it, but I bet it's as much as my two week check at Wachovia. Probably even more. Score.

I have to set up a savings plan. It's March and I haven't saved up a dime for anything. My savings have been depleting, too. Car insurance is due this month. Otakon is in 5 months. I want to pay off at least one of those fucking loans by the end of this year. Haven't done my taxes. I don't know if I'm going to AMA for more than one day. I might not work that con at all because the BDPA Regionals is that weekend. The Nationals are the same week as Ota and in ATL. I think this conflict of interests is fail. I'm totally going to Otakon. I plan this way too much to hand it off. That and I don't want to see what flaming wreckage I come back to if I let one of the others handle it... >_>

I think my ego is growing. I try to pop it, but it only beats me upside my head. Huh.

I'm also rambling, but if I see one more serial number and check box... I might have to go Postal so my mother doesn't have to. She has chibi, after all.

And no. Suffer my f-list. No lj-cut for you.
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Huge ass pictures of my car under the cut )

And now to get the estimate...
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Okay, so... I got into an accident yesterday. Yeah, yeah, I'm okay. Kyorabi is not. ;__; And fuck all if my insurance doesn't go sky high despite me never being in an accident before and I've driven for 5 years now. Late for my first day at work because I blanked out. No, not going to sleep, just 'buh' and then 'oh shi-' and then '*screeeech*' and finally '*crunch*'.

If a facepalm could have summarized my actions, I would have done so repeatedly. I rear-ended this poor guy. It was his 7th day at work... and he works for Wachovia. His co-worker drove by, stopped to be like 'sup, you alright? Okay, I'll tell the guys at work even though you called. And he kinda chuckled and went, 'All in the family =D' when I told him I also worked at Wachovia. Overall, it wasn't the *ajdskflajfsa* experience that most people seem to have. Called 911, "No, no one is hurt" and "I'm on exit so and so" and the cops got there. Did all that stuff.

I got to work at around 9:15-9:30. *cries* My car D:

I'm a little sore today, but I've been worse just sitting at the keyboard at Wachovia typing for 5 hours straight. Suffice to say, yeah I went to my new job, but I'm not going to work tonight. It'll kill me. Supposed to work Saturday. Screw that too. My schedule is totally loaded up and I'm going ;__;

Have a 250 dollar deductable when I pick up my car. I'll find out how much for the other guys car. It didn't look very serious compared to what happened to MINE. But he had mustang. =_= I saw what I hit and went *ajdsklja* cus it's a nice car. He waved it off even though he was like "My baby ;__;". I didn't really bother with looking at mine until I called 911. Called work. Called my OTHER night job. Called Broyles to tow it to the Dealer. Then called Mom. Who called Charles so that he could take me to work. Then I got calls all day. From Geico [other guys insurance], then State Farm [my insurance], then called the rental car place.

Funny how my car insurance is due March 15th. >_>

And this has all been a rambling mess, but I don't care. =o= I'm at work now waiting for my trainer to finish up a few things and then we'll start up again.

I'm a little sore. -___-;;

And I think I'm coming down with a cold.

My cramps have come.

I have to wake up earlier tomorrow to teach/assist class.


Over 9000.

Ironic how I was talking to Nick the night before about how the Metro was only cheaper than driving because of insurance costs. Well, now I have repairs. Insurance pays for it, but my damn insurance will go up. A.R.G.

Side Note: The cop was awesome! He amused the hell out of me. Conversation went kinda like this:

Cop: How're you doing 8D? *the smile on his face is what made it hilarious*
Me: XD Is that a trick question?
Cop: No, I don't think so, but you can make it to be if you want =D!

Then he told me how I should go to court and it'll probably get dropped after going to driving school... hurray!


Aug. 31st, 2007 12:01 am
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Eyeshield 21.... GAH... What the hell?!

I mean... Aaaagdrfrth...

Seibuuu ;__;

Damn you Marco! Damn you and your sexy ass yakuza style of fashion!

I need the next chapter... like last week...


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