Feb. 14th, 2012

kageisuke: Drawn by me; My OC Blaine Thorps (I mean; are you really that idiotic? ⌐_⌐)
Blake was exhausted. Walking through the door, loosening his tie, and kicking off his shoes was about all the preparation he could make before falling onto the couch and slumping to the side, crushing a pillow under the weight of his fatigue. It took about one minute of twisting to get comfortable before he was asleep.

He jerked awake as the couch moved and his hand was halfway to where his gun was not -and hadn't been for at least a week, but old habits- before he recognized the blonde head that was now making itself at home almost face down against his belly. His mouth twisted with annoyance and he thought about pushing the other man off, but in all likelihood they would both end up on the floor. The fact Blaine was laying face-down between his legs with his arms on either side made him distinctly uncomfortable. The reason for which was more because it didn't bother him that Blaine was invading his space like that than because he was invading it.

If Blaine was aware of the other man's mental quandary -of which Blake was sure he was and just gave no fucks about it- it didn't show. Hell, he was sure the man was already asleep now that he was comfortable. The arrogant bastard. He gave a sigh of resigned compliance and settled back against his pillow but found he didn't know where to put his hands. They'd come up in his surprise and now where they'd been resting was full of the golden-haired menace. He sighed again, more like a growl and pulled one hand up so it lay right above the head on his stomach and the other he buried into the thick hair on Blaine's head, gripping it and giving the man a little shake to show his irritation before getting comfortable and laying his hand across the broad back. The body against him jerked, then relaxed as the hand slid over his shoulders. Blake felt the soft puffs of warm air and the slight shaking of shoulders that indicated Blaine was laughing at him. The stupid prick. Then he took a deep breath and was asleep again.

That's how Natalie found them. Blake vaguely remembered a familiar clicking noise and it put a furrow in his brow because he was sure he didn't like what came at the end of those sounds. He didn't get a chance to figure out why he knew that sound and why he didn't like it before there was a squeal and a second later a heavy weight -heavier than whatever was in his lap- clambering all over him.

He jolted awake, half sitting up, hand reaching for the gun that still wasn't there looking around with bleary eyes. Blaine -oh right, that's what that weight was- had risen to one elbow and was likewise reaching for his totally not there gun while twisting to face the menace that had woken them.

Ian sat on Blaine's side and bounced up and down, totally oblivious to their confusion except that it was funny. And there was that clicking sound again and he realized it was the shutter on a camera and the surprised alarm on his face slowly melted into a deadpan stare that he leveled at his wife. Natalie was all grins as she clicked the shutter. Not only her, but Renee was standing beside her, the hand in front of her mouth not at all hiding her silent laughter.

Blaine had turned around and was holding Ian in his arms, tickling him mercilessly and barely avoiding the kicks as the boy dissolved into what must have been painful laughter. The blonde grabbed a leg and stood, holding Ian upside down and shaking him, to the delight of the three year old, before laying him back on the couch and into his father's lap. He shook his head and turned, giving Natalie a not so friendly look.

"That was cruel," the blonde said, walking over to them. All she did was hide the camera behind her back and beam at him. He held a hand out to Renee, who gave it a mild slap to which Blaine laughed and kept going. Probably off to the bathroom.

Ian bounced up and down on Blake's stomach, eliciting a huff from his father, who grabbed the squiggling child and kept him still before he got the air knocked out of him. "Park time! Park time! You promised!" he announced with glee.

Blake blinked and looked at his wife, then at Renee. He didn't remember promising 'park time' and it was likely Natalie had promised it for him. Last he knew was that he had to go with Renee as her backup to a meeting. "Uhh..." He got a slap to his chest. "Oof, okay okay, stop it now." Ian sulked and reiterated again that it was 'park time'.

"I'm taking Blaine with me. So you go enjoy your 'park time'," Renee said, looking at the boy with a smile.

"Auntie Renee!" Ian exclaimed, crawling off Blake, who winced at the sharp elbows and knees and ill-placed feet. "Come play, too!" He held his hands up.

Renee leaned down and picked him up obediently and set him on a hip. "Not today. I have work today. Maybe next time." He sighed and whined but then wriggled and she let him slide down to the floor again.

Blaine returned looking amazingly less rumpled than before. In fact, he hardly looked like he'd just slept on the couch. Blake wasn't ever sure how the man managed to do that. Renee and Blaine said their goodbyes with promises to come back and play. Blake watched with a slight smile. As Ian climbed into his lap again, he looked at his wife who was smiling at them and holding up the camera. He could only guess what kinds of horrible pictures she had taken while he'd been asleep, but he remembered quite fondly the one of him tickling his laughing son. Years later it was still a memory he cherished.


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