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Wow, I haven't used LJ in... about three months. And my DW account even less so. I just hang around plurk all the time, and scuttle around the interwebz. School just started on monday so I am preparing myself. Pullin' up ma bootstraps. Guarding my loins. Not how that saying goes, I'm sure. And puttin' on ma fightin' panties. Or something. That being said, I wish I could say I had the motivation, organizational skills, and willpower required to go to work, keeping up with school, AND RP. But alas. I'm afraid after last semester, I don't think I can handle more than work and school.

I only had three classes last semester, and really only two at a time. One was a full 16 weeks and the others were 8 weeks each, one in the first half of the semester and the other the second half. I couldn't handle all the reading and just. Died. halfway through the semester. I dropped the other class and still only barely managed to keep up with the one class I had left. And I liked that class, too. I had tags sitting there for two months, it was so sad. So, unfortunately, knowing myself and how little much I can handle, I don't think I can, in good conscience, join another comm. I was planning on dropping DV simply because they were waffling and I got tired of nothing but sexy time threads. They're fun and all, but there's a lot more to Blaine's character that can't come out when it's his duty to get into your pants. I mean, he already thinks that, but giving him a *legitimate* reason for his dastardly behavior is just horrible for character development. e___e

So, no more RPs for now. Maybe halfway through the semester I can see where I am and maybe sneak one in, but I don't want to app and then instantly start failing. It kinda sucks because I don't want to come into a game 'late' when everyone I know has already been there. I want the rush for contacts and the come-upmanship that a broship creates and just... not for Blaine to be there last and rely on contacts already made like in DV. It's kinda hard to explain, but I'm sure someone somewhere gets it. Either way, because I fail at life, no games for me. But I guess I can stick around in meme. Maybe bring out hella old muses to have fun with... let's hope I don't just fail everything e___e
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OTAKON. Who on my f-list [lj only people] are coming and going to be in my room? My calculations are 7 people right now, but a few maybes.


SCHOOL. I have applied, spoke with my counselor. I skipped... a few steps I think. .__. I have to speak with the transfer specialist, and then probably financial aid. I have grant money to use, but I don't know how the hell all of this stuff works. I know I need the money to pay for classes and the books and all, but I'm hoping I'll have some left over. I'm kind of doubting it. BUT going back into school on a full time basis WOULD delay my student loans. Which is a major part of why I can't ever catch up. 200 bucks going towards that every month.

Even if I only go full time one semester [fall] I would still have 6 months after that before they start again. And by that time, I'll have paid off one of my loans, and if I do it right, possibly my car, too. That would be such a load off. But then all the money would just go to my mother, who I... haven't really been paying all of my rent to since I moved in. ⌐_⌐ I have a roommate now, finally, a co-worker who's nice |D and it's amazingly helpful for my mother to have someone who is actually PAYING to stay in the house. But then the AC blew up. So she's still in the hole paying for that. It's like Murphy's Law decided to target us specifically.

And, of course, I don't know which courses I want to take. I have been looking at the Networking Fundamentals, because I thought to myself that maybe that's what I should have done. It has more hands on work and not just staring at the computer all day. Probably. It's a certificate and not a degree, but based on it I can get my A+ cert later, which I should have had ages ago, and yet 8|a

But then there's WELDING. I don't know why that's stuck in my head, but I kind of want to go for it. It's also just a certificate, but I figure I could get it in two semesters as extra classes to take. Problem is, it's at another campus. It's a good clip away, but I believe some classes are at the campus closest to me. If I'm lucky, it's the ones that are the fundamentals that I need to take first that are over here, so I can figure out whether to power on or just drop it. At least with the networking stuff it's all over here. If I like the classes, I can jump right into the associates while trying to find a service desk job or something. I thought about a bachelors, but computer science is a lot of math and programming and that's why I didn't want to do web design. The programming part that is. Eventually I will probably have to get a bachelors in SOMETHING so that I can get higher paying jobs, but I'm just happy to have some kind of plan.

I haven't told my mother anything either, because then she'll act all happy and if I drop the ball her disappointment will crush me. ;__;


Work. Not getting enough pay, as usual. Not enough hours, but I don't really want more. I'm hoping to get a call for that post office job at the end of this month, but who knows. If I do, then I'll have that, my current job, and school. I don't know how that'll work, but I have to give it a shot. If all else fails, I'll have to drop down from my current job to one day a week or something. I just need to keep it because I DEMAND to get my vacation week. I would also like to keep my insurance, but pft. Who knows.
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Long time no see personal LJ. I blame it solely on Plurk. There were a lot of things that I was supposed to continue ranting about, but my back hurts and I feel a little queasy.

I really need to get on the Otakon stuff, but I have no idea how many are coming. Really, I just want a firm number. Don't tell me who thinks they're going, or plan on going or aren't sure or whatever. I just want a nice solid number. e__e Creating the table isn't that hard, but I'm just... kinda over having to plan all this shit and dealing with the stress of some -what should be patented- stupid. If I didn't hate so passionately the idea of giving my money to someone else I'd let someone else do it. Last time I went to a con someone else planned the money out for I cringed because I felt like they were getting ripped off, and I didn't even PAY for a spot in the hotel room because I was broke and they needed my car to get there anyway. e__e

Otherwise, I should be going back to school for a few classes, but I need to get off my ass and register for classes and figure out what I'm going to take. It may be grant money [ie 'free'] but I don't want to waste it. I need to go by the school and pick up a catalog. I hate PDFs and I still like having a book in my hand that I can physically sit down with and flip through. Being on the computer is just a giant distraction to me. I want to take a sewing class and do patterns and... MAKE STUFF. I liked it when I took home ec in middle school, but my schedule in high school was just a clusterfuck of classes and I didn't/couldn't follow up on it.

That and I have an aversion to making things that just sit around the house and gather dust. It's another reason why I don't get canvas and do chalk pastels. I hate things lying around with nowhere to put them. Feels like a waste.

So yeah. And I applied for two USPS jobs. Both pay more than what I get now. I'm just... really hoping my not so great test score won't put me too low on the list to get hired. I have two bills that have only a year left before they're paid off, and if I get this job, I can pay them both off and just have a few less things to have to pay every damn month. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers*
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It has occurred to me that the only reason why Lockon hasn't taken over my entire LJ is because I don't have a perfectly sized and customized header to replace Itachi. If that ever happens, well... I'm d00med.

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

I've been looking at my NaNo -though not with the critical eye needed to tear that shit apart just yet- and contemplating where to end the first book. Yes. First out of what I'm thinking may be three. I say three because there are two more major events [only one of which I'm certain of] that will happen and be the main plot of each book. I still don't know how this will end. I never end stories well anyway. =__=;

I have 3.5 major bullets [17 sub-points in the major subjects] to finish before the first book is done. At LEAST 20 more pages of writing, but knowing how long it takes me to get through just ONE sub-point sometimes, maybe I should double that? It wouldn't be too far off, but if it's shorter, I'm not gonna complain.

Aaand of course, I have this lack of attention to detail the first time around. I have to go back and add massive details. I made a list of things I have to consistently go back and add/change. There are 7 main categories; most have little sub-bullets of specifics. See. This is why I appointed myself a list Nazi. I do it so willingly on my own. -__-

Things to do:
     ♦ Go through written pages for minor characters
     ♦ Make Full Characters Spreadsheet
     ♦ Write up end of book
     ♦ Go back and add details
     ♦ Cry softly as edits are made

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

And I have something else to work on. Certifications. Technical Certifications. I'm starting on A+ then Networking... CNet? I think he said. I forget. My job is going to end in about 3 months? That's what I'm tentatively putting it as. I want to leave on a good note and not get laid off and scramble around trying to cling on to something. I don't want a two-bit job just to scrape by. Even a help desk job would be more in my field than what I'm doing now. Having two weeks off in the middle would be nice, too. Just to relax, get some shit down. Be lazy, etc.

I'm assuming I have to start from scratch for A+ cert, since I don't know much on the technical side. Is two months long enough to study? Hrm... We'll see, won't we? I have a web development degree but don't even like programming past C+. OTL My photoshop skills are random and need work. I need to brush up on CSS. I don't script either. Wooo how useless am I? Time to pull out the old text books and fucking hit 'em son.

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

Yay. These bastards are finally cracking~ Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


May. 21st, 2008 10:58 am
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...I seem to post a lot more now that I'm on the computer all the time at work...

My app is 100% done and submitted.

Pretty sure I'm doomed.

I feel like an asshole, but that isn't unusual. Did I wait too late, or was it just the right time for me but too late for the other person? I don't know. I really don't.

On another note:

Amusingly, I have about... 60 dollars saved for Otakon. XD That's it. I think I'm just going to pull all of my money out right now and put it aside. I know I have it and enough for insurance, too. I still have at least 2 pay checks before insurance is due, too, so I can get my Otakon money and chuck it into another account.

I need to figure out which school loan I want to pay off, first. I want to pay off the most expensive one, to cut down on the interest, but it's like... I could pay off a smaller one to get it out of the way. Then I could pay that same amount every month on another loan PLUS the base amount. Did that even make sense? In the long run, I think I would pay less interest on both of those loans. Hmm... might be calculator time...
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I... I just...

Shoot me in the head please...

Just put me out of my PL/SQL misery... I've been working on this test for at least 3 hours and it's kicking my ASS... D:

Buuut, at least I finally figured out those songs that I liked and wanted to find the MP3s for. [Read: What Pan to find the MP3s for me]

Three Days Grace - "(I Hate) Everything About You"
Three Days Grace - "Animal I Have Become"

Funny thing is, there both by the same artist and I didn't even realize it... I'm such a loser...

And I haven't finished my thing for RPing yet, but am an even worse loser for being unable to stay on hiatus more than 3-4 days... I should stop cruising through sages and d_m, dammit... not to mention I have this drabble that's been half finished for more than 2 weeks. A DRABBLE. Not even a page long and I can't finish it...

<---- A.D.D.
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So, it's a weekday, yesterday was a holiday, but school this morning. ::points to location:: See where I am? Yeah, that's right, home. Now why am I home and not sleeping when I should be at school? Mr.T locked me out because I was late. This is the first class of the term so I really should have been on time. I even said that I would be there by 8 o'clock today, and I had every intention of doing so, but you know what? I didn't make it. It was 8:07 by the time I got there. The door was locked, I knocked, those bastards Jamie and Melissa just waved at me and pointed to the clock. I was like 'I passed my highway exit... =_= ::still doesn't know how I managed to do that:: Let me in.' They just waved.

I was like, 'Fine. You wanna be that way?' ::walks away fully prepared to leave:: I see this other guy walk up to the door then try it, knock. I waited to see if they were just being mean and not letting ME in, but they didn't let him in either. ::laughs:: So, I decided, hey. Let's go to Ms.Isbell. I asked her, 'Hey, when's the next Relational Database class?' She was like, 2-3 terms. 'Okay. Well, Mr.T locked me out, sooo...' '0.o That's not right... ::gets up:: Let me find a key.' And so she wanders around for a key and I leave. Yes, leave and go home.

I dropped off kaa-san's dry cleaning, stop by WAWA [local gas station/mini supermarket, I swear] to get a chicken biscuit for which I had a craving, and a free coffee came with it. ::shrugs:: Vanilla cream... Mmmmmm... Then, I get home, and start typing. Phone rings. ::blinks:: Everyone knows I'm at school, probably a telemarketer. ::checks anyway::

Well I'll be damned, 'Yes, Mr.T?' 'Are you coming to class?' 'No. you locked me out.' '0.o What?! You can't just miss a whole day of class, we're learning important stuff today!' 'You locked me out... =_= And I'm already at home, and I'll just drop it and take it next time.' 'You can't do that, come on! Come back to class!' 'Gah, don't beg, I wasted gas!' 'I'll give you the gas money, come on, you can't just bail out like that!'


Whose fault do you think it is? =_=

So anyway, I've been coerced to going back to school... So much for Tuesday and Thrusdays off... =_=
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So I have to do a flash project, a 1 to 2 minute movie and I was running blank on ideas. Then, someone said, 'why don't you just do a thing about anime?' Of course, that's where my mind was running at first, but...

...bantering and my outline under the cut. )
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I was the second person in class today [It was only 7:50. A full 10 minutes early!] and I claimed my seat in the corner. I should have prayed that this Computer Spreadsheet class wasn't Excel. But even if I had, it was obvious what it was... ::sighs:: I'm just hoping that it won't be insufferably boring... But if not, I'll get some writing and reading done... Yay?

I'm still reeling from the end of the term last week... This is all just bleeding together... =_= And I'm hungry. And I don't know anyone in this class. ::whines:: I'm all alone! Oh well. I get to harass Mr.T again this term ,too. ::cackles::
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That whimper Mayama gave in episode 15 of Honey & Clover when his coworkers hit the nail on the head about his feelings for Rika was the BEST. I had to watch it TWICE it was so funny! And that blush. Oh, that was great. Just great. ::slaps knee:: Aa, and episode 14, wasn't it? When Mayama complimented Yamado on her yukata [I accidentally typed kimono at first 0.o]. Does that one compliment really send girls in a tizzy like that? Did I even spell Tizzy right? Ga, I hate that word now. Anyway, if it does... no wonder all my girl characters seem so masuline. I can't even comprehend that kind of emotional sensitivity. ::twitches::

My take of the irritation of personality tests that bleeds back to my highschool days... )
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Today is the final day that my webpage is due. I stayed up until 2:38AM and now I cry, because it is 10:20AM and I'm tired as hell. So tired, and in school. I'll get a burst of energy when I do my presentation, but then I'll crash afterwards. Hopefully it'll be alright, because I didn't fill two of requirements. A link to another spot on the same page and pictures on each page. I have 16 pictures... on 4 pages... and there's no reasonable way [that I want to do] to spread them out. So yeah, that'll just have to be that. I'm actually 1 page over the limit, but if I were to combine two pages together, it would be stupid and I'd have to combine them all and the reason I didn't do it that way before was because of the page requirements [I'd only have 5 and I need 6-8] and the length of each page was too damn long. Oh well. As long as I still get an A...

Damn you Bittorrent and your viruses )

Honey & Clover. So fucking hilarious. I don't know what kind of crack their on, but I can see why they wouldn't share it. Poor Hagu-chan [Is that her name?] is the victim of Morita-senpai's [Is that HIS name?] crazy obsession. The pottery lady [Completely forget her name] loves Moriyama [Emo glasses guy ^_^] and he doesn't love her, and she wants to know why she loves him when all she sees is his flaws, and [insert other things here]. The only thing that really hit me when I saw that random tidbit of Ep 11 was MORIYAMA's VOICE IS DEEP. I really like it, but I didn't think it fit him at all at first. 'til I found out he's a whore. Then it fits perfectly. ::laughs::

E21! I got the next DVD of it from my friend yesterday! Mwahahaha! After HachiClo I'm gonna switch back over to E21. Then Yakitate! Japan! Yay Shounen Anime Marathon! Oh well. That's all for now. We're going into website presentations, so in order to pay attention... ::runs away::
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::stretches:: It's been a while since I updated. But, money troubles ahoy! Actually, they're already here. I think I've been searching for a new job off and on for about 3 months now. Every time I get my foot partially in the door, or at least think I have a chance of getting out of the place I'm at, it gets slammed in my face or doesn't open at all. ::sighs:: Even if I was working full time there, I wouldn't be making enough to save up 7,000 in 6 months. Hell, could I even save up 2,000 dollars? With a maximum of 560 a week, taking out 20 for gas, 25 for food, and 60 for con expenses, that's 455 dollars. I'm not going to stop buying manga, and at least 3 come out a month, and on the heavy months [like April and July] I have 9-11 books coming out in one month. So, saying I take 25 per check, I have 430 left that I should be able to supposably save, assuming I don't eat any good food and KYO-HAN doesn't break down somewhere AGAIN. So, there's 3 months left before I have to get another loan... either by myself or none at freaking all. That's 3 months and at most, 2580 dollars. That's not enough. ::groans:: It'd be okay, if I could pay it every month, the difference, but I can't. I also have 100 dollars every month going for college because they want us to pay it down while we're in school, too, before the interest kills us. That's 100 less that I planned already. =_=

Me + Money + School = Emo )

::sighs again:: This whole post has been a bitching session, hasn't it? Oh well, typing it up really does form the thoughts in my mind, so I feel better about it at least, but goddamn do I have a lot of complaints... I guess that's something else to be working on...

Owari. Kage. I usually have spelling errors, but there'll be more in this than usual 'cus I didn't give it a last edit...
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Yes! Finals are OVER! Bwahahaha! I came out [relatively] unscathed and can go on with my normal everyday life from now on!

The new term starts monday.

Holy shit!

This is really going to kill me, because we start a new term every 5 weeks and so we speed through *everything* like a bat out of hell. I do wonder how I absorb anything, because after the first 2 hours, my brain doesn't want to go anymore.

Oh well. It's over! I'm pretty sure I got an A in Programming Logic, and I got an A [Barely... Got a 90 bitches!] on my final project for Technical Writing. The driest subject ever. Period. Nothing is more boring. Even Art HISTORY has more taste than TWriting. But anyway, I just have to find out what I got on the final exam part, and I'll know. I'm hoping that it's an A and he posts it by next wednesday like he's SUPPOSED to, because my Computer Applications teacher took her sweet ass time. Seriously.

But alas, freedom! For all of one weekend... Then I start HTML and Programming... ::cries in joy:: C+! I hope it's easy, cus I have a feeling I won't be able to pay attention. I mean, I really BSed my way through both of my classes this term. My oral presentation of TWriting, I didn't even have my paper in front of me. Hell, my paper wasn't even done and it was due TODAY. I just pulled it right out of my ass, but I got all 10 points. So what, ho? AND when I DID finish it, I got a 90. ::sticks out tongue:: I'm getting really good at bullshitting, aren't I? Thank you ECPI!

Owari. Kage. Oh yeah! I'm done! I get to do actual CODING now! ::dances::
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Gah. School is driving me crazy! I have a project to do, but at least it isn’t due until Thursday of next week [but I have a final the day before AND the presentation to worry about]. I did get the highest grade in Programming Logic, a 97. He even offered extra credit, up to 10 points, afterwards because people did so badly on it. I only half assed the extra credit, because it didn’t matter to me if I got much higher than that. But Technical writing is different. I got a 100 [or close to it] on the midterm, but this project is what’s going to make or break my grade, so I definitely can’t half ass it… as much as I want to.

I also have student loans to worry about. I still have my loans from GSU, and now I’m trying to scramble and find a low interest rate loan that isn’t a parent plus loan to cover the rest of the tab for this school year. A grand total of 7,305 dollars. I tried to renew my application online, but it was being an asshole and wouldn’t accept my information. It told me I’d tried too many times and to secure my information it would deny me access and to please try by phone. I’m just like *hell*. If it had worked in the *first* place… So now, I have to run home and do that instead of watching Mai Hime or taking a nap. ::growls:: And I was going to force myself to take a nap before work today, too… So much for that…

More Mai Hime )


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