Feb. 2nd, 2011 04:24 am
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Taxes are done.

Contemplating Captain John Hart.

Let's hope I get up in enough time to go for a walk. Fucking cold.

Reading the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Need to work on that job application... Where do they even sell Dickies Brand Long Sleeve Button-Up Work Shirts, Ben Davis Original Brand 50/50 Heavy Weight Twill Pants, and Vasque Summit Boots?

Time for google...
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GDI plurk.

Give me back my frriiiieeeends!

I will not app from Torchwood.

I'm bored again. Draw or drabble. *flips a coin*
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Totally not cool [nor expected, but I can be oblivious to overshadowing, seriously] killing him off, Veritas mahwaka... or whatever they're called. I guess... the GOOD thing about a character's canon ending is that you know everything there is to know? EXCEPT NOT.

Totally not cool Rud. B| You were supposed to live!

In other news, I have about a month before NaNo in November. I am debating whether I'll be ready. Mostly because of all the work still pending on character studies for all the major characters, at least.

Still waiting for my background check to go through. I'm realizing I should have applied for all those other jobs, but I hate filling out applications. Same questions over and over except each time you fill it out it's for a specific system and you can't transfer it over. Man, I hate filling out the same stuff over and over again. Lucky I'm not in government work. OH WAIT-

RP has been going good. Very good. Back on track with plots in traction. Happiest I've been on that side of things in a long while. Go Go Go /o/

6am mornings = a real bitch. Time for bed.
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Fffff I can't help it. G-Gotta drabble it out...!

The last few months had been one of those emotional roller coasters people liked to talk about in songs or romance books. The forbidden love between a married man and his mistress, or something of that line of thinking. Yukino never thought it would happen to her. Even though she knew for certain that she liked Don and didn't love him like Soichi, it didn't make her feelings any less real. She had been pretending all the while she was in Veles. The old and familiar masks layered on one after another. The longer she stayed the more they were cemented in place and the more she fell out of touch with the real her. She was isolated, alone, and lonely, but she could only blame herself for going into hiding and breaking her promise to be herself.

She couldn't help but think he was kind of like Asaba. He was cordial with everyone, but loved women. )
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I need to go way back in the time machine and read all of Yukino's threads... Starting from S1 to now. Hrm.

...and take notes. *sighs* I dread and yet look forward to going into the way back machine.

BUT FIRST. Work \o
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Well. Burying myself into books has succeeded in liberating me from my comp for a while. Actually, more so than that is my wireless connection being a right douche and not staying connected, so I either flake off to read or grab my sister's netbook to make sure nothing exploded on the internet before THEN flaking off to watch TV or read MOAR BOOKS. I have pretty much been eaten by The Dresden Files. Brief cut for spoilers from book 2 [Fool Moon] )

The reading of the books also ties into my wanting to start writing again. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start. I've gotten a few drabbles written recently on my comp that refuses to connect to the internet that gets the juices flowing, but... I want to start a NEW story. With a new world and new characters and new problems. I just don't know where to start, especially when I haven't finished up properly with any of my others. B| There's so much to expand and make concrete that I don't know if I can really dedicate myself to something new when I can so easily jump back into my old one and make scenarios like that. Scenes that can be part of the story so easily if only I knew where it was going. *sighs* Story of my liiiife. A beginning and no ending.

Add onto the wanting to read and write is wanting to draw, but I haven't succumbed to that desire yet. I might as well, since my desire to RP has hit rock bottom. IM RP that's spontaneous is still fun. It may take a few hours, but then it's done and I can go back to the logs and re-read them and smile and go off and do whatever. Logging in and picking icons and trying to do plots is just killing me. I'm trying, but I am. Failing. Hardcore.

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It always amuses/irritates/frustrates me when the talk of OCs pops up on RP!S, because the same arguments for and against -most of them against- allowing them in panfandom games pops up every time. As a person who's currently in an OC phase, which seems to be the long coming accompaniment of my story-writing phase, which pre-dated my fanfic writing phase, I find it annoying to try and look for games that allow OCs who also have a premise that I think is interesting. Yes, I understand people's obsessive compulsive OC = Mary Sue thinking, but I've seen so many shounen!retard-canon!sues I take that with a grain of salt. I've seen far too many self-insert, OOC fandom characters in my relatively short time RPing to look at an OC character and immediately label them Mary Sues. Without living through it myself, I'm sure there are people who have had painful experiences with fandom based OCs. Sorry for them, but dealing with fandom is nothing but painful most of the time anyway, so I'll stick over in my OC corner... with a world I made myself, contrite or not, and characters I enjoyed making, whatever their traumatic history may be, and wait until I find another game I can play in.

Also in regards to RP!S: /touch, touch, sticks it in. L.O.L. They should put some heavy grinding in there. Mmm hmmm. It's somewhere between the 'sticks in it' and 'climaxes together' part.

Speaking of OCs, I'm staring at a half-finished [three-quarters actually] app for Blaine wondering if I should finish it. I'm hoping it'll rev up my engines and dump me headlong back into DF [versus my one limb at a time XD;], but most of what worries me is Yukino. I'm sure I'll have a moderately hard time doing her activity properly -threading wise, I can always slap up a post and answer threads there, but that does not good CR make- and she might be overwhelmed by Blaine. He's fun, I've put a lot of effort into his characterization and background since I started playing him, but... well. The stipulation of having a canon character along with my OC makes it hard when I don't HAVE any other canon characters I feel I could play properly and not as an excuse to keep my OC in play. Even if I don't play Blaine, I have a nearly sociopathic red head who's waiting in the wings to stir up mischief with a smile and stab in the back... >_> *coughs*


Apr. 12th, 2010 02:07 am
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Fuuu I'm bad at remembering things like this.


It's at my comm, [livejournal.com profile] dystopian_flux, so I invite all people on my f-list to come and harass people. Just have fun.

In other news, my store re-opens monday after remodeling last week. I'm going to die. Even if it's only a 6 hour shift. 2/3s of the case is all new stuff. All the codes have been changed and instead of 3 digits, they're all four. And we have people shadowing us for the next two weeks.

Good news: Maybe people will do their jobs when they have People Who Matter watching them all day. Here's to hoping.
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Eastern Promises. I finally got to see it. Mmm, Viggo. And tattoos. I like how it didn't end with them together. I'm tired of those stupid half-asses romance stories thrown in for... whatever reason they have. They did have that attraction thing going on, but hay. He had the bad boy thing going. *shrugs*

Aaaand, my hours at work have been cuuuuutttt. *sobs into my hands* And I have to find new car insurance by June. AND just, another job in general. Don't even know what to do for that, but I need to seriously start searching, right?

My comp decided to be an ass, so I'm on chibi's netbook at mother's. If I'm lucky, my desktop will start up properly when I go home tonight and it was just overheating... even though the green light wasn't on when I started it last time. Srsly, that would suck if it was dead. Bad enough my paid account expired.

And RP!S today? Seriously, too much spare time. Find a better hobby. Please. That whole 'verified comm stealers' part RIGHT before using my post that just said it was all a communication fail? Reading comprehension. Someone lacks it.

Oh, and Reid's slip up? Hilarious. Why? Because it's true. Jump on him all you like, cus someone had to say SOMETHING and be offended, but we all know it's the truth. This political correctness is going to choke the hell out of us.

Note: Why do they always wait until the last minute to send out your W-2? Just because it's DUE on the 31st of January doesn't mean WAIT that long. Same for doing your taxes. Don't wait until the 15th. GD we're a procrastinating country.
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Sometimes, you just have to jump back into RP to remember just how fun it was. I haven't had so much fun tagging with Yukino in a long time and I missed it. I think I'm just going to work on making some delicious s-links with her instead of trying to bring in someone else. I haven't ever been good at balancing characters in RP anyway, even if it's only two per game.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Darker than Black. |D Oh Hei.

Already smackin' bitches and it's only episode 3. Fffffff. But why so scruffy, Hei? Why so scruffy! D8

Fairy Tail was okay, but I 1. didn't like the animation/character designs; 2. Lucy's voice was okay, but I didn't think Natsu's voice fit; and 3. I felt like I was watching the shounen's version of maho shoujo with all the magic circles and stuff whenever they do magic. It kinda makes sense, but... no. Animation filler do not want. D: I won't be watching the show anyway, so I shouldn't complain. Just remind me when Erza comes in so I can vote on her voice =o=

Black Lagoooon. I've been reading the manga recently... because I have a serious hard on thing for Balalaika. |D Revy's good, too. The amount of girls in the series who kick ass makes me feel warm inside. But seriously, somewhere around this chapter, Rock started turning into one sexy manipulative bastard. I prefer it, but it's weird. This whole arc of the story has him sliding downhill fast. I wonder if he's going to change back at all. I doubt it, and I hope he doesn't...

I'm still amazed so many people read Wolfen Crest. I think I'm going to blame it on Mike. But spreading the pimp of Inugami isn't bad so...

New anime or manga? What do you guys recommend? Art-wise? Story-wise?

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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So, I was training to make paninis at work monday and tuesday~ Mmm. Paninis~ And I like it. Or maybe I just prefer coming in at 6am and leaving at 2:30. Nfu. Probably that. I'm on the schedule next Tuesday for paninis too..... but it doesn't say anything about training, so I'm hoping Michelle didn't put me there by myself. *fucks it up*

Today was chef's case. It wasn't as boring as I thought, but that might be because during the slowest part of the night I was in the back doing dishes for TWO HOURS at least. Fail. Never again. B|

New muses. I've been thinking about them, because I've had the same ones for forever, but I'm also paranoid about DOING IT WRONG. Then I realized it wouldn't even matter since I'm not in any big games. Ahaha.

Maybe I can get my first flame? I've been waiting for one, so I can do my giant sparkly post to commemorate the occasion.


Inugami from Wolfen Crest
Kyoko from Skip Beat
The Twins from Black Lagoon <-- for shits and giggles
Arima from KareKano [Lulz playercest in DF]

And then ones I might bring back from the past:

Grimmjow from Bleach
Ichigo from Bleach

Though for Ichigo I'd have to pull him from the end of the SS arc or very early HuecoMundo arc before all the Vaizard stuff. The way he is now, I can't get a read on him AT ALL. He's just weird.


Aug. 24th, 2009 07:54 pm
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The How's My Driving? Meme
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Ugh. Gonna die. Tired. But I can't sleep. Interview in 45 minutes, which I should... probably get dressed for......................................

After this.

Didn't sleep because I had to get up at 8am anyway to take my grandfather to Carpool so he can get his car detailed. I don't know what scratches he's talking about on his car, and don't really care if he wants to waste his money on it, but if he tells me he doesn't have any money, I'm going to calmly and in my most deadpan voice -those of you who have met me know deadpan is my default- tell him 'You might not be broke if you hadn't spent 300 dollars to get your car detailed. 8|'


Anyway. Interview in 40 minutes. I really need to stop procrastinating.

Gonna drop [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign. I am just being such epic fail on activity that it isn't even fair to pretend. As soon as I shine up my brass balls I'll do the drop post I should have done a month ago.

After this interview.
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D.Gray is back. Maybe they put Naruto and Bleach on hold so D.Gray could have that 50 page return chapter. Though it isn't officially restarting serialization 'til November... ~_~

Job search, True Blood, ABDC, and RP. )

Otherwise. Um.

Oh! BOOK LIST. I kinda went off track with that. I've been reading, but not things on the list >_> I finished Call of the Wild and White Fang. I enjoyed both, and it made me realize all the books I read in elementary through high school that I don't remember the content, I should re-read. Maybe not 'Where the Red Fern Grows' though, because that shit was SAD and I CRIED.

I read L.K.Hamilton's new book, Skin Trade. It was good. All of the complaints I had after a while: too much sex, not enough plot, no more police work, too many goddamn men; were allll gooone. She went to Las Vegas. There was SWAT work. Male posturing. And fuck there was tons of Edward in it. There is NO book that can go wrong with Edward in it. This is TRUFAX. Add in Olaf and Bernardo and I was just eating it up. With only two sex scenes, and not horribly extended over-the-top ones either, it had just enough. And those didn't even happen until more than half the book was over. I wouldn't have even missed it if it wasn't in there, but they made sense. Well, the second one wasn't even a page long and I think kind of just added on, but it wasn't bad.

Either way, if you liked early Anita Blake Books, skip the others and read this one. Good old fashioned police work with plenty of human guys running around. None of her bajillion men make an physical appearance until later, when the book's almost over, and Jean-Claude appears only in a phone call [but out of them all, he and Micah are easily the most tolerable]. Richard is only mentioned, what? Twice? That's a vast improvement already. So yeah. Visit the library and borrow it XD

AND just so you know that I'm not only reading vampire stuff. I read Wicked. It was... really interesting. It might be even better if I were to go rent the Wizard of Oz so I could remember what happened in the last part of the book better since the movie is totally faded in my mind. Elphaba, Glinda, all of it. I kind of forgot names halfway through the book, so some of the effect was lost on me. >_> But those red glittery shoes~ I'll never look at them the same way again.

Not sure what's next. I have Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and all the books on my list still. Errr, any recommendations?
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Ahaha, shiiit.

I forgot the BDPA conference was NEXT WEEK. I'd be leaving Tuesday and coming back, like Saturday or something? Fucking hell how am I going to keep up with anything?

My To Do List:

◘ Update website
Do Tsurei's icons
◘ Tag around PV
◘ Final check of mod lists
◘ Wash all of my clothes [ALL OF THEM]
Read the last 3 weeks worth of SC posts >_>;
◘ Grimmjow post before I'm booted
◘ Get Laharl his bed
◘ Call about my application
◘ Grocery shopping
◘ Schedule ATL trip
◘ Itachi post
◘ WTF does Alto get for a present?

That list is in no particular order. Because I'm about to flee anyway for wherever I decide to go... I'm tempted to stay at home. I'm tired and have things I need to be doing.

...that and I need to go Grocery shopping *adds that to the list* but I'll be gone for half the week, so is it even worth going? ARG.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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...Too much. It was only, what? 2-3 days that I had no real internet access. Then I had RL shit to take care of.

And now... It's like Otakon weekend all over again. So much for being caught up. 8|

I'm going to rip this youtube video for audio and make it my ringtone. Mmmhmmm.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

And family is in town for a week. \o More distractions
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I've been having a lot of fun RPing recently. From actual IC threads, to OOC happy fun times. Logs, posting. It all just makes me happy.

I still have to catch up on SC, but otherwise, all of my comms are up-to-date and I've struck up a good balance RPing recently. I can't handle any more comms I have too many already, and the ones I have are slow enough that I can handle the ones I'm in just fine.

I keep waiting for another bout of apathy to kick in. LMF- I'm horrible.

And my Otakon report is 80% done. I just have to proof it, and add anything I forgot during my first writing. I already had to go back so many times to add things I forgot.
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4th of July was fun. Went waaaaay out to King Williams county [right? right] to watched not-so-illegal fireworks. They had a mixed Husky/Wolf named Coda. I want him. :| He has no survival instincts, running into the fireworks like that, but as one guy said 'Oh, he'll learn after he gets burnt =o='.

Yesterday, I saw [livejournal.com profile] shinja_ninja for the first time in years. Went to the cheesecake factory with pretty much everyone except Andrew, because he's fail and his father's birthday means more than hanging out with us. >:

We went back to Pan's and ended up watched America's Messiest Home 3 [Clean House] and were amazed at 1. How messy that shit was; 2. How much denial the homeowner was in; and 3. How much the homeowner needed a thesaurus so she'd stop using the word 'Overwhelming'. They had a ticker, and she used it 10 times, I think. ~_~

Eventually Ana left and I waited with bated [baited] breath for the new episode of True Blood \o\. They showed the one from last week. I cried bitter tears and skipped out early since it wasn't a new episode and went home.

Something annoying happened, but I'll just skip it for now. Something else happened that made me want to reach into my monitor and smack someone, but it's lucky technology hasn't gotten that far yet. Oh so lucky. I ranted a bit and then went to bed around 11 because:

My back hurts. I thought I would be okay on that futon, but I'm not. Not at all. I'm stealing my mattress from home today after I drop Nana back off at home and using the futon as a box spring. Not being about to bend over and walking bolt upright because leaning in any direction hurts is fail. It'd be easier if my grandmother was actually ready. I told her I would be up and probably at her house around 10. ~_~ Lucky I called before showering, because she totally isn't ready, even now, and I've been ready for 30 minutes already...

After all the shit that happened in TRiP, I haven't even worked on my apps again for PV. I don't even know what's going to happen there, but. Ugh. *throws someone down the stairs*

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

List Get

May. 29th, 2009 02:26 am
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Caught up with RP? Check.
Caught up with F-list? Check.

New Naruto. Please stop failing. That logic? It doesn't work. Eyeshield 21 > Others. That's kind of sad, really.

New job? Fail. Try harder.
Anime Boston con report? Not even done Wednesday yet. Fail harder.

I need a new sleep schedule. This staying up until the sun rises is a bad habit unless I truly plan on being nocturnal. Wait until I move out. Theeen we'll see.


I have a long to-do list. *puts making to-do list at the top of my mental to-do list*

Motivation get.


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