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Wh-Why the hell did you link me to this?!


Excuse me.

*throws self down the stairs*


Nov. 4th, 2008 12:15 pm
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Gundam 00 Character singles.

Coming out November 19th.


Shinichirou Miki's singing~ Mmmm. And Allelujah's is all rock sounding. Pffft. Hiroyuki Yoshino~

Haven't done any NaNo yet today, but I will later. Enjoying the flow of ideas right now ~~~/o/

GO VOTE you crazy US citizens! If you don't, I'll hear no bitching from you~

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Oop. Just plop those on there. Make them hatch \o/
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Gundam 00 Dub Cast.

Hmmmm. Do I want the sci-fi channel just so I can watch this?


Yes I do.

Nevermind me having already seen it. I don't care how much Death Note has infiltrated. Allelujah's voice will forever be Quatre's voice. Gundam Wing > Death Note for fantardness.

On that note. Lockon/Hallelujah R GO. I'll find some. I swear it.
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Oh god... I almost busted out laughing...

NO WONDER I LIKED LOCKON SO MUCH. He has Shinicirou Miki's voice! XD That WHORE XD

Gundam 00

Jul. 27th, 2008 05:43 pm
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Fuck you Gundam 00. D< Fuck you!

*curls* Just HAD to kill him. I mean, the way they ended it [though it's not really the end, who has ever seen a Gundam that's 26 episodes or less? I'm looking at you, Gundam 0083] could have been fine. It closed up a bunch of loose ends only to re-open them again during the last scenes by showing a bunch of teaser images.

They killed my favorite character. I was prepared but not, since sometime between ep 13 and 24 I started caring about some of those bastards. The random people who hardly even matter and you wondered what they'd do with them since they were featured got the shortest stick ever. I have to write a list of all the people who died. I wonder who the character's they'll get to replace them will be for the second half. There are at least 5 who were shadows in the background.

Oh. Yeah. Fuck you Gundam 00. >/ Now I have to wait for Code Geass R2 to finish [which I'm enjoying but now wish would hurry up so 00 can come back on again in it's time slot.]

And fuck you, Asahu-chan DX For giving me the links to it to download. I was happy in my non-00 world until YOU... =___=

Here. Have dragon babies. they makes things better 8| :

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I still want a croissant.

Aaa, sou!

Jul. 24th, 2008 03:23 pm
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Hnnn... I've been watching Gundam 00... I'm still 50/50 about it, even after ummm... eight episodes? I just don't feel like I'm that attached to the characters. It's chock full of red-heads too... >_> Reddish brown, maybe? Lockon Stratos is such a stupid name thank kami-sama it's his code name, but he's my favorite... hell, he's the only Meister I LIKE. WTF is up with that? The others are 'meh.' I do like the blonde Flag Pilot though, which usually isn't my thing hair wise... and the crazy mercenary that reminds me of Cross, simply in looks though...

Aaa, and Code Geass... Boo. Just boo. =_= I didn't expect that and I didn't really LIKE that either.

Where's my Naruto and Bleach chapters? =o= I also need a not!cracked subtitled episode of Soul Eater.

I'm fucking tired. =_= I should skip the comp tonight and just go to sleep. That GaiMadaIta thread is going slow... I wanted to wait until it was done to post, but bah. If I don't do it while I'm in the mood, it won't get done. I'm 60/40 caring about if it gets tagged or not. He's not a sociable ass and doesn't look friendly enough to poke at random either.

DF aside, I finally threw myself back into LSG. I've been needing to before I get forcibly dropped. Grimmjow posted and he's tagging. Yukino's tagging. The only person not in use right now is Kid. I posted with him a little while ago. He can stay dormant for a few more days while my other tags wrap up.

Still thinking about the other RP, but I'm pretty loaded as it is. I still have to add Sorah to the DF Player Chart... Hnnn.

I'm going to have Quiznos for dinner. =o=

I haven't posted my eggs in my personal journal for a while; So have my bred eggs:

Kayli + Thiede = Adopt one today! It was forcibly abandoned at the time cus I had too many eggs. >_> I'm even more annoyed cus the new feature that lets you look at eggs your dragon has bred showed it had SEVEN clicks at the time with 4 days left. Poor thing was going to die. D< I had wanted it, so I refuse to let it kick the bucket. >/

Pepto + Sozen had TWO eggs = Adopt one today! Adopt one today! I have some fertile dragons, obviously. The second was abandoned since it would have been my 6th egg, and the first I abandoned because I don't need any more damn WOMEN.

Unnamed!Female + Rokki also had two eggs = Adopt one today! Adopt one today! I really didn't think it's work, but I should have known better Both were abandoned cus I had too many eggs >_>, but here's to a good start~
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Aa, my two babies grew up |D

I feel like such a dork for naming the red one fucking THIEDE. The Gold one is OPALEXIAN. Oh man I should NOT have read those books.

The Black one better be male so I can name him Darquiel.

UNF. Darquiel~ And I think I'll try breeding Thiede and Opa-kun together. If they do, I will LAUGH. LAUGH HARD. That would never happen in canon. Lulz.

On a not!Dragon obsessed note... )

OH. PAN. Quick question. I have no idea if my mother is going to let everyone stay at my house Wednesday night as she feels the house is filthy. =_= I don't care what I do, she'll never be satisfied for company because she never throws shit away. ANYWHO. Can Cheza-tachi stay at your house? If not, I'll have hardcore cleaning to do. Let me know ASAP.


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