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Long time no see personal LJ. I blame it solely on Plurk. There were a lot of things that I was supposed to continue ranting about, but my back hurts and I feel a little queasy.

I really need to get on the Otakon stuff, but I have no idea how many are coming. Really, I just want a firm number. Don't tell me who thinks they're going, or plan on going or aren't sure or whatever. I just want a nice solid number. e__e Creating the table isn't that hard, but I'm just... kinda over having to plan all this shit and dealing with the stress of some -what should be patented- stupid. If I didn't hate so passionately the idea of giving my money to someone else I'd let someone else do it. Last time I went to a con someone else planned the money out for I cringed because I felt like they were getting ripped off, and I didn't even PAY for a spot in the hotel room because I was broke and they needed my car to get there anyway. e__e

Otherwise, I should be going back to school for a few classes, but I need to get off my ass and register for classes and figure out what I'm going to take. It may be grant money [ie 'free'] but I don't want to waste it. I need to go by the school and pick up a catalog. I hate PDFs and I still like having a book in my hand that I can physically sit down with and flip through. Being on the computer is just a giant distraction to me. I want to take a sewing class and do patterns and... MAKE STUFF. I liked it when I took home ec in middle school, but my schedule in high school was just a clusterfuck of classes and I didn't/couldn't follow up on it.

That and I have an aversion to making things that just sit around the house and gather dust. It's another reason why I don't get canvas and do chalk pastels. I hate things lying around with nowhere to put them. Feels like a waste.

So yeah. And I applied for two USPS jobs. Both pay more than what I get now. I'm just... really hoping my not so great test score won't put me too low on the list to get hired. I have two bills that have only a year left before they're paid off, and if I get this job, I can pay them both off and just have a few less things to have to pay every damn month. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers*

Ii na

Feb. 27th, 2011 12:58 pm
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Image lies within )

Too much Ghost in the Shell. A line is missing



And that is just so freakin' long.

And the picture itself didn't turn out how I wanted. I actually forgot to draw the rest of the tie. Psht. I was so annoyed by those buttons and lo and behold I didn't have to draw them anyway. The face is okay, kinda, mostly, but I didn't sketch out the body before I drew it so it's even more super awkward. I need a reference picture. OTL
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*ticks off fingers*

Waitin' for monies.

Catching up on NaNo.

NOT watching TV

Washing clothes.

Conditioning hair.


If I complete at least half of these, I will consider today productive.

Considering I bought a nice, new, fresh sketchbook today, the TV and couch are calling my name. BUT I RESIST.

EDIT: I failed to find that book. B| But despite watching TV, I still got stuff done. Mainly washing clothes and folding them. I added my first picture in my sketchbook. |D At least it doesn't suck, though I didn't finish.
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Figures. Had two library books. Mother and Uncle come into the house to start trying to clean it up. One of the books disappears. I shrug, since I have 2 weeks on one [lease book] and 4 weeks on the other. the one I have I return, thinking it's the lease book.

Non non mi ami or whatever it is in French. It was the 4 week book I returned [to the wrong library], and the other is still nowhere to be found. I'm racking up horrible late fees as we speak.


A few bits of non-monetary good news:
• NaNo is going well. I haven't really hit any hitches or had any loss of where to go next. No part that is boring and hard to trudge through. Only concern is that my outline isn't finished, so I have to fill that out before I catch up and start wandering without a plan. Luckily, every time I've stopped so far it's been at a part that I can easily start up again from. Maybe I could even keep writing from, if I got ambitious, but by the time I finish my 1667 words [and frequently more than if I'm on a roll and don't want to lose the image in my head] I'm tired and decide to quit while I'm ahead. Having a good stopping point is better for me than hammering it out to the next point, where I have to, basically, start fresh.

• Been drawing a lot more. I'm enjoying it. Sitting on the couch with TV in the background for white noise has led to many a productive and not-so-shitty session. Maybe my skills haven't atrophied so much after all \o/
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I had a bunch of things to talk about... I think most of it has to do with reading the paper and how shit sucks and if there's any good news it's stuff I don't care about... Or how I see a cop every day now -or at least the car- whenever I leave my house. I used to go, like, 3 weeks without seeing one. What the hell is up with the county and having cops everywhere? I'd feel more secure if... I knew wtf they were doing and if I didn't see them just loitering in places waiting to give people speeding tickets just to try and pay their wages. Times are tough, but I can't afford a speeding ticket, sorry.

That and work as been boring as sin. I swear. I'm glad I got 5 days this week, but... They called me to work the past two days, when the weather was awesome and I was going to go bike riding while everyone was at work. Now, I finally get my day off, but it's supposed to RAIN all day. GD you weather. GDU.

But, on a positive note, boring work means drawing. I miss drawing. .__.

Huge images under here )

I might bring my sketchbooks and go to the bookstore for a few hours tomorrow...... instead of staying on the computer all day.... yeah, that sounds good... Oh god how my drawing skills have suffered...

OH OH OH. And I'm going to scar you all with this. No cut 8D


Dec. 11th, 2009 09:36 pm
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The problem with my being an artist is that I don't have the skill to properly draw some of the ideas I get in my mind. I need to take some serious life drawing classes. And get muscle structure right, and most of all perspective. If I had even the fledgling basics of perspective down, I would have more than a variety of standing and sitting poses in my sketchbook. What I actually need is a sketchbook FULL OF NAKED OUTLINES so that I can slap clothes on them. I always end up so focused on the face looking right that the rest of it ends up lacking.

Also, I don't like working with my boss at work. To me, a customer is a customer. If the Kitchen has a line of customers and I'm in the Deli with none and there's someone else there to cover, I wander over to the kitchen to help. I'm tired of getting reprimanded for having ONE person waiting in line at the Deli [oh, woe as fucking them] while there are 4 or 5 people in line at the kitchen. Yes, the Deli can take considerably longer to finish, and I understand why there are three of us optimally stationed there, but come on. Usually, I see the person waiting, finish my customer in the kitchen, then go over to help. But then I get the evil eye for making that person wait LESS THAN A MINUTE while I finish with the customer I was with. I'm sorry that I see a customer needing help over yonder and go to help them when NO ONE IS IN LINE AT THE DELI. Excuuuuse fucking me. I'll just stand and watch next time, and chew the fat with my co-worker. Then you can complain about that, too. FML
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So, I had to get up today at 12 [which turned into 12:25] to go to my grandfather's house to take him to his appointment. I don't remember what time it was *supposed* to be at, but he wanted to get there by 1:15. Suffice to say, I got there at 1 and the hospital IS only 15 minutes away... but he wasn't ready until 1:20. We managed to get there, but of course it was raining cats, dogs, and other small creatures. He said he appointment was at 2 and we arrived at 1:45.

I actually hate arriving more than 5 minutes early for things. I'd rather be on time exactly or hell, even late. I don't like waiting if I don't have to. When I arrive I want things to get rolling. If you said something is going to happen at a certain time and I'm there, better get rolling. :| But anyway, he didn't go into his appointment until 2:45, which makes me wonder when the hell his appointment was *really*.

Anyway, the prequel leads to me escaping his house at 4 after we were done because I needed to go to the post office. THEN I went to the bookstore, read a few manga, and then I drew pictures. Mmmm. Art times.

Yay for a scanner...! I like the second one best. )
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Since SOMEONE [cough Mozart] complained about me effing up her layout |D~ )

Yep. That's the finished product, I think. I'm not sure how I'm going to chop it into a header yet. I have to find a new layout, so I don't know how big the top will be. =o= I'm rather proud of myself. =D

I'll work on making my colors richer and... deeper. Probably more saturation needed. Doo doo doo...

I need to catch up on Gundam 00 and Toradora. But I have that event to plan... OH LAWL THE LAZY.
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I can has color manga?

Though it's not done. I have to get a texture in the background, crop, resize, and add some words. I think you're looking at my new header image. Yes. This totally girly thing. Who knows how long I'll keep it, but coloring it was fun. And NOW I know WTF they meant when they said multiply. I kept setting the BRUSH to multiply, but they meant the LAYER.

/dunce cap

I need to flutter through my textures to see what I've got in there besides paper, elements, and fabric. Amusingly, I used default textures and one custom for this.

If I broke your f-list? Sorry =o=
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...I've got this new 19" monitor.

LG Flatron W1952TQ

I hook it up. Colors are weird as shit. No worries. Haven't done the install of drivers or adjustments yet.

That was *looks at clock* 3 hours ago. Drivers Installed. Google searched for configuration shit. Did the best I could. The colors are washed out as hell and everything has a ting of blue, despite my best efforts to manipulate brightness, contrast, and gamma settings. I can honestly say that crisp images =/= accurate colors.

My old CRT was better. If I have to get a new video card [or something] I'm going to be annoyed as shit. D< I know my computer is 4 years old, but hell. There has got to be a way to fix this. I'm going to call Best Buy tomorrow and see if I can get help. WITHOUT having to take this shit in to the store, because that would annoy me more.

Ignore my stupid. =D Checking the cable connections is the first step to avoid idiocy \o/

Separate note 1: I uploaded some more to deviantart.

Separate note 2: It's past time to get a new lj layout. Should I just succumb to a Lockon Stratos layout? Or try to find a decent Avatar one? [Zuko, heelll yeah~] Maybe even Dogs [WHICH HAS A NEW CHAPTER OUT I FORGOT TO READ OH SHI-]. Bleach? As long as it looks good and I know what it is, I think I'm up for anything, even if color adjustments are necessary. ~_~


Feb. 11th, 2009 11:33 am
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I think my 'Things I want' list is getting kind of long.

I'm going to buy myself a flat panel monitor for my birthday. I've been debating between a 19" and a 20", because I don't know if that extra inch is worth the 20-40 dollars. Everyone I talk to is like '\o. 20" ftw!!' and I think it's just because it's bigger. :|

The one thing I can consistently make in the crock pot my mother loves. Wait until I get these other recipes together >_> I'll be a crock pot master...! I have the recipes Manda gave me. I need to put them on my index cards so I can go shopping for the week.

RP has been fun. More than it has been in a long time. I don't know why, but suddenly I just got back into the swing of things and shit has been fun. I'm tagging everywhere [mostly] and getting good activity. More importantly, I'm keeping up with it all. That was my problem before, even when I was only down to two comms.

I'm chugging along with Photoshop. I think.... I can actually do DECENT hair. It's like some kind of miracle. I'm still wallowing in the mid-tones, lights not light enough, darks not dark enough, but I can work on that with time. For now, I want to be consistent so my icons all turn out the same. My line art is still clean, but I'm thinking of finding that 'drawn line' brush to try out. Once I get vector masks done right, I'll try out some patterns and textures. And coloring my lines... I think if I start my lines off brown, I'll be able to change the hue and saturation to make them different colors. >_> By using straight black, I can't change it... or haven't figured out to.

Activity check in a few days... I need to see how many threads I have... I don't like posting. But speaking of posting, Blaine's only done that once XD but he tags like... every fucking where. It's ridiculous... and Itachi's posted... twice? And they're ravaging it. Yay for activity? \o/

I need to get on a schedule again... the gym is getting boring.

Work calmed down like fuck all today. Still things to do, but I'm not drowning 8| I'm not sure what they're going to do, but I'm still contacting users. This is all going to happen someday and I'll need the info. I'd like to get that nice buffer zone good and fat, in case I fall on my face.
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...you know, I'm really NAIVE. It isn't that 'Oh, you're young, you'll learn' naive. It's just my personality will leave me permanently untouched by some of the heavier shit because I 1. Don't care; 2. Care, but not enough to act on it; 3. Have no idea about the issue in the first place; or 4. Thought about it, really thought, and STILL came up with a 'wtf how stupid are you?' answer. How can you explain back to someone exactly why you think they do something and be RIGHT but still NOT get WTF they do it?

OH WELL. \o/

Maybe I can put that under my 'Failure to complete due to lack of motivation' list. Yeeaaah.

My next picture is alllmmmmost done inking, so I'll have a new icon soon. I've been churning this shit out because 7 icons is so pathetic for an RP account. I scanned shitloads of stuff, so once I get a good array of emotions, I can put Blaine on the back burner and do some other shit.

And why did I think cell shading was hard? I obviously just failed in my younger years. One I stop being lazy and learn how to soften the edges of my shadows, I'll be even happier with my work.

Thought nothing feels better than shading with my fingers using chalk pastels. I miss it. .__.
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Bleach. AAARRRRGGGGG! DAMN you Kubo-sensei T^T

Naruto... Hmmmmm...

Fairy Tail [that I read yesterday] OH SNAP

Skip Beat [that I read yesterday] OH. SNAP. AHAHHA.

I don't feel like being more coherent.

And look! It's a pretty picture!

I don't think I ever THANK YOU PROPERLY JEN. *bum rushes and gropes* Tablets are AMAZING T^T

Though the picture isn't done yet, color aside. I still have a few seams to finish AND finish his 'gay looking shoes'... or so [livejournal.com profile] astrobright68 told me ~_~
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I win THIS round, Photoshop. >8D

Oh god, just look at the fur, waiting to kill me DX

*curls up*

Dec. 24th, 2008 11:49 pm
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I'm fuckin' TIRED. I took a nap, but last night I was going to go to bed as soon as it was feasible for me to sleep all night and not wake up. But my mother kept giving me stuff to do around the house, so I didn't get into bed until 10:45. I was annoyed as hell, because the stuff I wanted to at least attempt didn't get done.

You guys will receive Christmas cards.

They might arrive after New Years.


Christmas is in... what? 10 minutes? Yay? I'm just happy I have off today. Thank Kami. And Friday. Then the same next week. Two four day weekends in a row will spoil me.

I drew a picture today. 8D I don't really know who they are. They're naked, too. I have no scanner to show you guys though. Too bad. I can't figure out what they'd wear. The one thing I wish I was better at drawing was feet. Hands, too, I suppose. My perspective in general sucks ass, so all of my bodies need work.

Pan keeps breeding and finding me eggs. ~_~ I have to check my scroll now every few days to make sure nothing new pops up there for me to kill >_>

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Hopefully I'll get left alone tomorrow. I have stuff on the comp to do. And install my new speakers. Hellz yeah~

Art Tiemz~

Oct. 3rd, 2008 12:07 am
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...I love my tablet. ;___; *curls up to Jen*

So I don't hit your layouts with TWO pictures at a time. )

Aaaaaaaand with some pants shading. Haven't done any erasing or even come halfway with the shading, either. Oh well. See my progress \o/ I did the jacket and pants today. The skin I did some color changes on. The hair is still fail. Ignore it.

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It's... A MIRACLE.

It's... DONE!


BLAINE THORPS fully inked 8D

I would like to thank... hell, no one. This shit took too long and CS3 raped me ;__; Though I suppose I should thank Kris for her fashion design nitpickery. I still think that fly looks weird, but hell if I'm fixing that shit now DX

Aaaaaaaaaand on a completely DIFFERENT note.

McCain chose a woman as his VP. OH LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWLS. You are a smart man. A very, very smart man. regardless of who you pick, there shall be records broken \o/

...unless you go independent, which means you actually do your fucking research XD \o7


Aug. 20th, 2008 11:25 pm
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All it's missing is the letter on his shoulder, the zipper he's holding onto, and the fur. Goddamn fur. ;__; So proud.

Added for additional beatboxing lulz! KAT-TUN for Cheza!

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Alright, so... I got my 6 month review. Communicate more. That's basically all of what it came down to. I just don't like e-mail my progress on everything and prefer to just e-mail when I'm done. If I don't say anything in an hour, okay, poke me. 's what I do, cus I know how I hate to be harassed about doing stuff. BUT, I guess I'll just have to suck it up and e-mail more. Hate the spam.

On that note, this guy has been trying to recruit me for his company. I'm pretty sure, as a programmer, I would get paid more. Bad thing is, he's looking for someone who does Java and C#. I HATE both of those languages/scripts. HATE them, and have since purged most, if not all of my knowledge of them out. I wouldn't mind the money, but I 1. like my current job, mostly; 2. don't want to move up into a job I'll hate going to every day.

Geez. Can't I at least make it to my yearly review or something? But who knows if a better chance will come around? ECPI still sends me those job opportunity e-mails, and if all else fails, they'll help me find another job like they helped me with this one. *whistles*

Aaaaand not work related [or at least business work] I have almost finish that damn picture I started inking last week. The hand took me ALL night. No idea why. I was doing other stuff, but still. SLOW. The pocket, neck, and right side of the hair were done, and the earrings/clip. What's left is... the jacket zippers/pockets, which are easy enough if I light a fire under my ass. Then the pants zipper and the chain going from his belt to his pocket. THAT is going to kill me softly, I'm sure.

Then. The. FUR. It's a huge gap in the picture XD His hood and his sleeve cuffs are missing because the fur hasn't been draw in. Ehehe >_> I cry at the idea of try to COLOR his monstrosity. the flat color should be easy. If I can get the hang of cell shading, that'll be okay, too... but I want the metal to SHINE and I fail at that. Yeah. I'm sad. Once all my lines are inked in and I can paintbucket without turning the whole screen blue, I think I might squee. 8D

Wish me luuuuuuck D8! And DAMNIT I'm fucking hungry >/
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Man, this just royally sucks. Something good happens:

Been getting on the comp and not fucking around so much, which means that the picture I've been inking is almost done. It's mostly little details that are left. Chain on his belt. Adding pockets. Finishing the hair. The only huge thing is the fur which lines his sleeves and his neck/hood. I'm still debating on how I want to handle that.

Bad thing:

I overslept for work but, like, 2 hours. I can get there anywhere between 8 and 9, 9 being on the late side. I woke up at 9:45. =_= I have NO idea what is up with me. After Otakon, I've been having the hardest time getting up. I don't want to resort to having two alarm clocks, but the one on my cell just isn't making a dent. I didn't hear that bitch go off at all. *cries* This is the second time it's happened in the past month and it just chafes me. Having a work-a-holic for a boss is the worst, because they come in early, stay late, and you slip up and hsow you're human and you feel like you're on thin ice. *siiiighs*

I think working out Tuesday-Friday might do something. Staying up til 5 am working on said picture. Sleeping until 4pm-ish because I was annoyed at being continuously being called for no reason to get out of bed. Go out with Nana. Pick up shirts. Go to Pan's where I get molested. Stay out until about 3, come home. Sleep. Get up at 9am to cut the grass. Wash hair. Go to Pan's. Eat at Kevin's mom's. Come home. Ink some more. Go to sleep at 12:45ish. I suppose I should have given up at 11:30 and just slept....... but I was on a roll for inking, and I have to strike while the motivation is hot... man. I just fail.


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