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New TV schedule, just for my reverence, because I keep FORGETTING what I'm watching. I just... turn on my TV at 10pm and turn to USA to see what show is coming on. Anything that comes on 9 I don't even try to watch, because I might be at work. I like Burn Notice, but it comes on tonight at 9 and... they have marathons of that shit a lot, so that's when I'll watch it.

Mon | 10 PM | Teen Wolf | MTV *still kinda ashamed*
Tues | 10 PM | Covert Affairs | USA
Wed | 10 PM | Necessary Roughness | BBC

*Note: I've kinda given up on The Tudors because I missed a week. Went to watch the rerun at 9 one night, and they were showing a marathon of something else. And I don't feel like going downstairs to watch it when everything else I watch I can do upstairs in my room and stay on my computer during commercial breaks. I'll rent it. B|

Thur | 10 PM | Suits | USA
Sun | 10 PM | The Glades | A&E

I watch way too much TV during the summer. B|

AND TORCHWOOD IS STARTING UP WITHIN THE NEXT 30 DAYS. I have to figure out when that happens. I wish it started sooner, because watch it happen on Otakon weekend. And then I don't want it to clash with Doctor Who starting up in Autumn... I heard the first three episodes are kind of slow, but that's okay |D

And True Blood has started! But I don't have HBO so I'm just going to wait it out and hope I get no spoilers.
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This wasn't what I actually came here to post, BUT for my reference since I'm horrible with time:

So... it's been about two weeks(?) since my grandfather got his car back. I'd say... it was about 2-3 days ago that I learned he was in an accident and they took him to the hospital. He's fine, but.


This entry was actually to post my TV watching schedule for the summer. Winter/Spring time was:

Wed | 10 PM | The Tudors | BBC
Thur | 10 PM | America's Best Dance Crew | MTV
Sat | 9 PM | Doctor Who | BBC

It's been a while since I've really settled down and watched a lot of things on TV on a specific day. Last time was actually summer of last year, aaand now, my summer shows!

Mon | 10 PM | Teen Wolf | MTV *actually ashamed*
Tues | 9 PM | White Collar | USA *only if I actually feel like it*
Tues | 10 PM | Covert Affairs | USA
Wed | 10 PM | The Tudors | BBC
Sat | 9 PM | Battle Star Galactica |BBC
Sun | 10 PM | The Glades | A&E

It's like 10PM is the magical time. I don't know how many I'll actually be able to keep up with. I might have to catch reruns and might just give up and marathon them later. Then there's the other shows starting that I don't know the start dates/times for, which are basically Torchwood and True Blood.

The list of shows I want to watch/re-watch is obscenely long, too. orz

The Outlanders *new show on BBC*
True Blood
Burn Notice

Re-Watching or catching up on:
Ao no Exorcist
Mai Hime
Being Human [BBC]
Buffy the Vampire Slayers
Classic Doctor Who

Mmmm. I have no life |D~
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...must remember.

Hamilton's new book came out. Actually, she released one earlier this year that I knew NOTHING about. WTF is this. From the Anita Blake series, even. So I have two to read when I can snatch them from the library. Oh yes. Guilty pleasure.


The new series I picked up last year, this urban fantasy one from Devon Monk. The next book is out, since May even, and her next one is November. I do love two books a year. Just gotta remember when they come out. >_> Magic on the Storm here I come.


I watched 3 out of the five minisodes for True Blood. I was amused by them all, but the ones with mature content? I'm not signing up to see them. Fuck making more accounts. Too bad they were Sookie and Jessicas. I bet they were funny. :[


I went to the local community college about figuring out what I want to do with my life. I came home and took a few tests. Gave me an interest inventory, says I'm... what was it? Reward, acknowledgment, something like that based> That does not help. B| *filters through the lists*
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Okay. First, because I snorted [read: laughed my ass off]: Obama Calls Kanye a Jackass. Oh. el oh el.

Just read the comments.

Next, True Blood Season Finale. Eh. I knew what was going to happen, just not how. What I was really actually watching it for was to see what evil. ass. cliffhanger. they were going to pull in the last few minutes. Oh, they pulled one. I was kind of surprised as who else died though... They always get the short end of the stick. MAN.
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D.Gray is back. Maybe they put Naruto and Bleach on hold so D.Gray could have that 50 page return chapter. Though it isn't officially restarting serialization 'til November... ~_~

Job search, True Blood, ABDC, and RP. )

Otherwise. Um.

Oh! BOOK LIST. I kinda went off track with that. I've been reading, but not things on the list >_> I finished Call of the Wild and White Fang. I enjoyed both, and it made me realize all the books I read in elementary through high school that I don't remember the content, I should re-read. Maybe not 'Where the Red Fern Grows' though, because that shit was SAD and I CRIED.

I read L.K.Hamilton's new book, Skin Trade. It was good. All of the complaints I had after a while: too much sex, not enough plot, no more police work, too many goddamn men; were allll gooone. She went to Las Vegas. There was SWAT work. Male posturing. And fuck there was tons of Edward in it. There is NO book that can go wrong with Edward in it. This is TRUFAX. Add in Olaf and Bernardo and I was just eating it up. With only two sex scenes, and not horribly extended over-the-top ones either, it had just enough. And those didn't even happen until more than half the book was over. I wouldn't have even missed it if it wasn't in there, but they made sense. Well, the second one wasn't even a page long and I think kind of just added on, but it wasn't bad.

Either way, if you liked early Anita Blake Books, skip the others and read this one. Good old fashioned police work with plenty of human guys running around. None of her bajillion men make an physical appearance until later, when the book's almost over, and Jean-Claude appears only in a phone call [but out of them all, he and Micah are easily the most tolerable]. Richard is only mentioned, what? Twice? That's a vast improvement already. So yeah. Visit the library and borrow it XD

AND just so you know that I'm not only reading vampire stuff. I read Wicked. It was... really interesting. It might be even better if I were to go rent the Wizard of Oz so I could remember what happened in the last part of the book better since the movie is totally faded in my mind. Elphaba, Glinda, all of it. I kind of forgot names halfway through the book, so some of the effect was lost on me. >_> But those red glittery shoes~ I'll never look at them the same way again.

Not sure what's next. I have Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and all the books on my list still. Errr, any recommendations?
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...okay... I swear I'll make my word count today, BUT I had to watch the final episode of True Blood. *cries* The second season. D-Do want. Why can't it be summer already?! Otakon. Second season of True Blood. ;__;

Oh, a HILARIOUS exerpt from a True Blood. Terra is after my own heart. She cracks me UP.

Terra: Please tell me you have told him he has the right to have an attorney present

Sheriff: How do you know all this anyway? Have you been taking night classes?

Terra: School is for white people who are looking for other white people to read to them. I figured I'd save my money and read to myself.


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