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I should use this journal more, but I am a very... focused person, and I don't think I could keep track of two journals that... have the same name, and basically the same people on it, only this one has less. I could always find an RP over here. One that accepts OCs and play Blaine over here XD Then, even though I'd have him in three places, I'd have totally new people over here... maybe? I think the crossover from LJ to dreamwidth is bigger than I think, especially after all that annoying downtime that just went down over in LJ. Speaking of which, I should think of backing up everything over there to here, just in case. I'm not one of those OMG I'M GOING TO CHANGE SITES RIGHT NOW people, but I'd hate to lose all of my posts. I'd like to keep the comments, but I'll have to read the FAQ to see if those get pulled over. If not, ahh well.

...and if I do start using this journal, I should definitely get more than this Mitani-kun icon. Maybe one of each character I've RPed? Or be totally unoriginal and just transfer over all of my amazing gif images I can no longer use in LJ for lack of a paid account...
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It always amuses/irritates/frustrates me when the talk of OCs pops up on RP!S, because the same arguments for and against -most of them against- allowing them in panfandom games pops up every time. As a person who's currently in an OC phase, which seems to be the long coming accompaniment of my story-writing phase, which pre-dated my fanfic writing phase, I find it annoying to try and look for games that allow OCs who also have a premise that I think is interesting. Yes, I understand people's obsessive compulsive OC = Mary Sue thinking, but I've seen so many shounen!retard-canon!sues I take that with a grain of salt. I've seen far too many self-insert, OOC fandom characters in my relatively short time RPing to look at an OC character and immediately label them Mary Sues. Without living through it myself, I'm sure there are people who have had painful experiences with fandom based OCs. Sorry for them, but dealing with fandom is nothing but painful most of the time anyway, so I'll stick over in my OC corner... with a world I made myself, contrite or not, and characters I enjoyed making, whatever their traumatic history may be, and wait until I find another game I can play in.

Also in regards to RP!S: /touch, touch, sticks it in. L.O.L. They should put some heavy grinding in there. Mmm hmmm. It's somewhere between the 'sticks in it' and 'climaxes together' part.

Speaking of OCs, I'm staring at a half-finished [three-quarters actually] app for Blaine wondering if I should finish it. I'm hoping it'll rev up my engines and dump me headlong back into DF [versus my one limb at a time XD;], but most of what worries me is Yukino. I'm sure I'll have a moderately hard time doing her activity properly -threading wise, I can always slap up a post and answer threads there, but that does not good CR make- and she might be overwhelmed by Blaine. He's fun, I've put a lot of effort into his characterization and background since I started playing him, but... well. The stipulation of having a canon character along with my OC makes it hard when I don't HAVE any other canon characters I feel I could play properly and not as an excuse to keep my OC in play. Even if I don't play Blaine, I have a nearly sociopathic red head who's waiting in the wings to stir up mischief with a smile and stab in the back... >_> *coughs*
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Chocolate Skittles. I finally had some. WTF. I don't know what to think... but I wouldn't willingly buy them.

TRUE BLOOD. 8| Fuck you Jay. Now I want to watch the rest of it. I, however, have to sneak because there's so much SEX in it. Last thing I need is Chibi walking around a corner going WHAT'S THAT? Hell, even my mother coming around the corner like 'WHAT'S THAT?!' Do not want. =_=

I will say that Sookie's best friend Tara. Oh. Man. Fucking hilarious. And the accents amuse me, cus I couldn't fake one even if I lived in Louisiana the rest of my life.

Here you go. Two amusing exerts from my story. One is from very close to the beginning of where I started writing, and the other is ___________.

Black Lacy Panties~! )


Aaaand here's another one. I would have, you know, put something else, but without this, all the other scenes between them wouldn't make sense. =___= This is where the Waffle House joke began.


The Great White Hope ain't looking so good. )


Oct. 21st, 2008 01:50 pm
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Alright people. 500MB OR 1TB external harddrive? 1 TB seems fucking RIDONKULUS. Yes. RiDONKulus. But srsly:

Western Digital 500GB My Book Essential Edition 2.0 External Hard Drive (WDH1U5000N) 139.99

Western Digital 1TB My Book Essential Edition External Hard Drive (WDH1U10000N) 229.99

Then again, I think I want it to be backup capable... more than draaaaaaagging shit over to it. The little files are these things most likely to be lost. WTF am I gonna do with 249 MB of anime and no picture that I work a month on? Mrrrr...

Oh and...Computer speakers =/= headphones. Why is that so hard for you to understand, Best Buy 8|?

Insignia® - Flat-Panel Portable USB Speakers (2-Piece) 19.99

Insignia® - 2.0 Speaker System (2-Piece) 22.49

Insignia® - 2.1 Speaker System (3-Piece) 35.99

Insignia® - 5.1 Computer Speaker System (6-Piece) - Silver 64.99

Logitech X-240 Speakers (9702850403) 29.99

Cyber Acoustics CA 2022 Stereo Speakers - Black (CA-2022) 31.99

Cyber Acoustics 2.1 Flat-Panel Speaker System (CA-3090) 37.99

Aaaand in other news. No work on my outline written. I think, except for the histories, it's all I can hope for... The histories of some characters aren't as necessary. I think once I figure them out though, it'll give a good twist to their personalities... buuut gotta figure that out first.

Story time: My co-worker, J, is talking about joining eHarmony and... *just dying* Him joining isn't funny. I've got no problem with that... it's my OTHER co-worker, P, who was saying he'd pay for it, but he'd have to be paid 20 bucks a month if J found a girl he liked, and if they got married, J would pay him 400 dollars.

I just cracked up. P's like 'I'm betting on your success \o/' and I'm like *coughcoughripoffcough*

STORY ENDING: Do you guys remember the guy who took the money orders and cashed them? Well, he's out 3,000 dollars. It was taken back out of his account pretty quick, and the guy said he'd send somebody down from NY to handle it right away. Of course, he didn't, so the guy is 3,000 lost. The other 3,000 dollar money order he was sent [turns out it was only 1,000] he didn't cash and wouldn't until he got the other money back. He FINALLY called the police, but since it was an international call, he had to call the FBI. The FBI said that since it was an amount less then 150,000 dollars, they weren't going to do anything.

There's a moral to this story here somewhere...
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Well isn't this lovely? =_= I usually make a point of not jumping into anything because I hate being wrong. I don't like not having all the facts and making judgments only based on half -or less- of the story. It's just a precaution I take because whenever I say something I want to mean it and not have to take it back. In fact, I can't take it back, because it means I didn't think properly about it before I said it. While in RL I can do that, online I refuse because my fingers don't move on their own.

I've been feeling exceptionally angry recently and while it could easily be said I'm taking it out on the most opportune person, I don't think that's the case. I was pretty scathing, but I don't even know if it was passed on to her. If it was, no reply was necessary from her to defend herself. That or I'll get a ridiculously long e-mail worthy of the near!flame I sent her.

I used to be so calm .=o= And the internet used to be for fun.

I guess I'll give it a few more months. I've been thinking about it for a while anyway. My attention span has decreed that I need to move on and additional reasons are pushing me away as well. It might be time to drop more characters and a comm so I can do other things. Work is kicking my ass, but not nearly as bad as I thought it would. I think that's only because I'm getting to leave early instead of staying until close out. When that happens I probably won't last much longer. I'm sure the Team Leaders will go D8< at them giving me that two week allowance to get used to the schedule only to quit 2 months later. But hey. I could have quit immediately. Be grateful you have an employee who tried. I'll at least give a two week notice, unlike some who just stop showing up.

I have no word back about my car yet and my rental ends in... 2 days? Not a good sign, really. I need to call because if my rental runs out, I am totally fucked. There's no way I can work two jobs without a car in VA. Our public transportation is failtastic. I'm already using some of the money that would have paid off some bills and gone into savings to get my car fixed. Stupid 250 dollar deductible. But it sure as hell is better than the ridiculous 2800 bucks it would have cost. 1000 of which is labor. 13.5 hours of that labor [roughly half] is to repaint it factory color. I'm half tempted to tell them to slap a clear coat on it and let me roll out.

*rubs my paid account* I have a new one I told you not to do it, Manda DX XD DX but I'm wasting days by not filling up my icon spots. I hate renaming things, but I think it's time to clear out most of them and just start fresh. I'll probably just start treating this like an RP account... =_= Have an icon for each of my emotions then crack ones for lulz. I have a feeling I'll be using my 'woe' and '>/' one a lot.

This time, I'll at least have one icon for every character I RP. How the hell do I have a Sasuke icon and not an Itachi one? More fail.

All I'm doing at my day job is busy work. It's all stuff that needs to be, sure, but I didn't hire on for filing. Now I'm doing data entry at both jobs and the reason why I didn't go full time at my first one was because I knew I couldn't handle it... and NOW look at what I'm doing. My wrist fucking hurts. *sighs* But this one pays more. Almost time and a half compared to the other one, and I can surf the interwebz on my hour long lunch break if I want. And they're giving me a business phone. With accessories. I have no right to complain.

=_= We're also going to Norfolk for what I call company field trip tiemz. I'm going to sleep on the ride. Especially if I have to be ready by 7am. That's usually when I wake up. Fail x2.

I've eaten out almost every day for the past 2 weeks. I have no idea how I'm not broke considering I also have to pay 6 bucks a day for parking until I get a spot on the parking deck OR get off my lazy ass to fill out my reimbursement form. It's more of I'm waiting to do it for the full two weeks. I'll probably submit it every pay day.

And oh hay. First check this Friday! \o/ Only has 1 week and 2 days on it, but I bet it's as much as my two week check at Wachovia. Probably even more. Score.

I have to set up a savings plan. It's March and I haven't saved up a dime for anything. My savings have been depleting, too. Car insurance is due this month. Otakon is in 5 months. I want to pay off at least one of those fucking loans by the end of this year. Haven't done my taxes. I don't know if I'm going to AMA for more than one day. I might not work that con at all because the BDPA Regionals is that weekend. The Nationals are the same week as Ota and in ATL. I think this conflict of interests is fail. I'm totally going to Otakon. I plan this way too much to hand it off. That and I don't want to see what flaming wreckage I come back to if I let one of the others handle it... >_>

I think my ego is growing. I try to pop it, but it only beats me upside my head. Huh.

I'm also rambling, but if I see one more serial number and check box... I might have to go Postal so my mother doesn't have to. She has chibi, after all.

And no. Suffer my f-list. No lj-cut for you.
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I seem to have restricted my posting to every 2-3 days... Sometimes even 4-6, and it's cus I don't have anything to post... and because I've been RPing a lot and barely check my friends page on this account anymore... =_= I know. Bad.

Anyway, if I miss something important, just leave a comment on one of my random posts and I'll get a notification e-mail and will get to it sooner than if I'm flipping through my favorites page...

Aaaaand, now, some Otakon stuff. More for my benefit really, and I guess anyone who's riding with me. Seren might care, if I get some pricing stuff on the hotel wrong, but other than that, personal matters.

OTAKON [JULY 20-22, 2007] PLANS : Lots of Rambling about said plans and prices under the cut )

Cost Per Person [all prices approximate]
  • Pre-reg : unknown [Probably 40-50]
  • Gas : 6.50$
  • Hotel : 66.50$
  • Total Cost : 73$
After we get there and get pre-reg, what does everyone want to do? I had planned on lounging around like a loser Thrusday night and ordering, possibly, the only real meal we'll eat all weekend and talking about random shit. Or, we can all head to the mall [which has good, but expensive] food and eat there or drag it back with us to lounge around and talk. Either way, I'm eating something and there is lounging to do.

Drop a comment if you have issues with this patchwork plan or have suggestions or requests. Requests that don't involve my starting time...
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Hmmmm, going to [livejournal.com profile] akuni's journal gave me the idea to do a top ten list. I've been doing them off and on and never finishing them, but this one I can totally do right now. The first few are definitely in order of the most violent urges to bitchslapping, but after that it's just a general thing.

Top 5 Characters I Want To Smack )

That's it. I am now in a list mood, and I have a feeling that at least one more list is going to pop up before I go home today from school... A list or a character study... Stupid Zuko, making me want to do a character study on him...

::snerk:: Anybody have somebody they want to add to the 'Bitch!slap' list? I really want to make this a top 10 eventually, but I couldn't think of any series besides Bleach, Eureka, Naruto, and Avatar... =_= I'm now suddenly thinking of Hagaren, but I haven't ever had an urges like that... at least when it comes to stupidity...
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… I've been slacking at any real updates to my journal, and since I'm in a very ranty mood, I'm just gonna lump all of these mostly unrelated things into one HUGE ass post. They're all cut, for the most part, cus even I don't want to see how much space this'll take up when I've finished. Three pages 12 pt Times New Roman with 1" margins WHUT

When it comes to fan translations and professional translations, of course there's a difference. )

I put in some thought as to why I'd be staying home... )

Does anyone know or care about those Steps 1/2/3/4 [of Four] Complete I was posting a bit ago? Even if you don't, it was my steps in completing my Grimmjow application for [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie. You can look at it here if you're curious. Scroll aaaallllllllllllllllllllll the way down to the last one.

Step One : E-mailing mods to see if Grimmjow was applicable.
Step Two : Completing application.
Step Three : Sending the application out for betaing
Step Four : Sending in the application

You can't just take the good part and leave the bad stuff behind… )

Why do all the pretty boys do other pretty boys? )

Gah, and that's all of it, I swear. I had another one, but I've been working on this post for hours and I give up on the last one… Lucky I even reread this for coherency and spelling errors which are still everywhere so shut up
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::laughs:: Here to spark debate! But not really... Is the convo I had this morning/late tonight with Asahu-chan.

Cut for AIM convo )

So that's it. Thoughts? Like to say something? ::looks at Roy:: I have things to add myself, but maybe tomorrow, when I should be doing shcool work or something.


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