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I've been thinking quite a bit about Renee and what kind of boss she would be, who she is as a person, and random traits and facts about her that are kind of disparate right now.

So many random things. )
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Mmmm books. Delicious books.

And I think I decided on the final history and background for the world of the story I plan on writing for NaNo. Now I have... Mmm, 1.5 months to work out all the kinks. Finish my outline. Maybe even revamp the outline for my previous incarnation I didn't finish, so that this short story fits into it. Write up major events I know I want to happen. Little scenes that I want to happen, just no idea when. Plots that could be books in their own right. *strokes chin thoughtfully*

My major problem with stories is not knowing how they end. If I had that, I'd so be set, but like so many things in my life they wander aimlessly and without an end goal.

And add to my list re-reading the 100 freaking pages I wrote up before and writing up all the names of people, places, and things that I made up on the fly. Then adding details to said places that probably won't ever come up in the story but would irritate me if I didn't know them and actually NEEDED it. Then proceed to write out detailed backgrounds on ALL my major characters, and even 2nd tier characters, even though most of that shit won't come into the story, because I need to practice my character building anyway. And every personality has things that drive it, and I can't properly write them if I don't know their motivations, now can I? I probably can, actually, but I would feel incomplete. :|

And now to create a nice little folder to hold it all...

EDIT: Oh snaaaa- I thought of this long ago. Mmm I love my character spreadsheets. But there are 41 characters on it... Not all had been mentioned yet, but... goddamn... *shoots self*
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Well. Burying myself into books has succeeded in liberating me from my comp for a while. Actually, more so than that is my wireless connection being a right douche and not staying connected, so I either flake off to read or grab my sister's netbook to make sure nothing exploded on the internet before THEN flaking off to watch TV or read MOAR BOOKS. I have pretty much been eaten by The Dresden Files. Brief cut for spoilers from book 2 [Fool Moon] )

The reading of the books also ties into my wanting to start writing again. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start. I've gotten a few drabbles written recently on my comp that refuses to connect to the internet that gets the juices flowing, but... I want to start a NEW story. With a new world and new characters and new problems. I just don't know where to start, especially when I haven't finished up properly with any of my others. B| There's so much to expand and make concrete that I don't know if I can really dedicate myself to something new when I can so easily jump back into my old one and make scenarios like that. Scenes that can be part of the story so easily if only I knew where it was going. *sighs* Story of my liiiife. A beginning and no ending.

Add onto the wanting to read and write is wanting to draw, but I haven't succumbed to that desire yet. I might as well, since my desire to RP has hit rock bottom. IM RP that's spontaneous is still fun. It may take a few hours, but then it's done and I can go back to the logs and re-read them and smile and go off and do whatever. Logging in and picking icons and trying to do plots is just killing me. I'm trying, but I am. Failing. Hardcore.

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Get this game AWAY from me. *throws Pokemon Diamond out the window* I was playing that game almost ALL. NIGHT. last night.

...Fffffffffffffff. I'll spare you my boring life )

I apologize to everyone who has been RPing with me recently and has gone days without a tag. *bows* I'll stop being fail soon. Probably.

And that contract for work? Turns out, I was confused. The project I'm on isn't being renewed. We got a NEW contract with the state, but different. I'm wondering if I'll still have a job come May. I should have been looking, but I don't... know WTF I want to do with my life still.

And I keep wanting to make an RP out of SPAWA. All of the NPCs would be the characters I made. The setting would be in my story. It would be so much easier to flesh out and help me with writing it. Which I need to get back to doing. I think I'm still stuck on that part. I should fucking skip it. I hate writer's block.

My stomach hurts.
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It has occurred to me that the only reason why Lockon hasn't taken over my entire LJ is because I don't have a perfectly sized and customized header to replace Itachi. If that ever happens, well... I'm d00med.

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

I've been looking at my NaNo -though not with the critical eye needed to tear that shit apart just yet- and contemplating where to end the first book. Yes. First out of what I'm thinking may be three. I say three because there are two more major events [only one of which I'm certain of] that will happen and be the main plot of each book. I still don't know how this will end. I never end stories well anyway. =__=;

I have 3.5 major bullets [17 sub-points in the major subjects] to finish before the first book is done. At LEAST 20 more pages of writing, but knowing how long it takes me to get through just ONE sub-point sometimes, maybe I should double that? It wouldn't be too far off, but if it's shorter, I'm not gonna complain.

Aaand of course, I have this lack of attention to detail the first time around. I have to go back and add massive details. I made a list of things I have to consistently go back and add/change. There are 7 main categories; most have little sub-bullets of specifics. See. This is why I appointed myself a list Nazi. I do it so willingly on my own. -__-

Things to do:
     ♦ Go through written pages for minor characters
     ♦ Make Full Characters Spreadsheet
     ♦ Write up end of book
     ♦ Go back and add details
     ♦ Cry softly as edits are made

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

And I have something else to work on. Certifications. Technical Certifications. I'm starting on A+ then Networking... CNet? I think he said. I forget. My job is going to end in about 3 months? That's what I'm tentatively putting it as. I want to leave on a good note and not get laid off and scramble around trying to cling on to something. I don't want a two-bit job just to scrape by. Even a help desk job would be more in my field than what I'm doing now. Having two weeks off in the middle would be nice, too. Just to relax, get some shit down. Be lazy, etc.

I'm assuming I have to start from scratch for A+ cert, since I don't know much on the technical side. Is two months long enough to study? Hrm... We'll see, won't we? I have a web development degree but don't even like programming past C+. OTL My photoshop skills are random and need work. I need to brush up on CSS. I don't script either. Wooo how useless am I? Time to pull out the old text books and fucking hit 'em son.

. , - ' * ○ ♠ ○ * ' - , .

Yay. These bastards are finally cracking~ Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Alrighty... So, Bleach went by too fucking fast. Seriously. I need MORE than that. The battles just begins and ajsklfdja;.

Naruto. That bastard Kishimoto-sensei DX He shows us ALL of the tailed beasts. I'm not sure the point as MOST of them are all DEAD. Son of a bitch. I wanna spout stuff, but just read it. =o=

New Amatsuki chapters. I haven't read them yet.

My e-mail is down AGAIN at work. This is really annoying the SHIT out of me, srsly.

Aaaaaand it isn't time yet, but I'm seriously thinking about actually trying NaNoWriteMOAR this year. I never do, just watch the progress of others. It would mean a semi-hiatus from my comms, but... I really want to get this story done one day, and I lack motivation. I'll have to FORCE this shit if I want it, and even if it comes out shitty as a 90 year old titty, revising is so much easier when you have a base. the more firm the base, the better, but hey. I'll take what I can do in a month. I don't think I'll actually finish, but I can at least get halfway done? SOMETHING done? I should start on my outline now, so I can have a concrete plan.
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I wish I could put this in a table, cus it's getting long... =_= ::laughs:: Maybe I should lj-cut it and only show the ones that have been updated or are new? ::nods:: 's a good idea...

Character Peronalities New!

Public Story Links )

In Progress Story Links )

::whistles:: I seriously ponder getting a writing journal, but it's so much easier to just visit this one...
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Lots of stuff I'm going to rant about randomly...

My flist... has grown a lot... )

While on the fandom subject... Fanfiction quality )

I want to draw! I want to write... So bad! )

Complete bitch and moaning about cutting the grass... )

Imouto sucks up the battery of Akira-kun... )

Yeah. Yeah. I've been building this long post up for a week, I think. I'm trying to cut down on my posts... but being at a computer all day at school makes it near impossible. And I post up my fics Wednesday or Thursday, so yeah... impossible.
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Aa! ::runs around:: Bleach Cast Announcements have been made! Score!

A lot of people are wondering about Ichigo and Ishida's voices... I can't say I'm concerned, cus even if they really suck, I'll still watch some of them just to laugh my ass off. And ooooo.... I can't wait though I'm terrified to see who's cast as Renji and Byakuya! :cheers:: Sixth division is the best!

They also said something about Wendee Lee being better off as Matsumoto, which may be better than Tatsuki, but come on. It isn't as if once Tatsuki disappears [which she does in the Soul Society Arc] she won't reappear as Matsumoto later on. It's happened in Naruto. Hello? Steven Blum was Zabuza, but he came back as Orochimaru [and sounded so different I had to check to see if it was really him]. In fact, I hope that's the case with Tatsuki and Matsumoto. ::chuckles:: Should be fun to find out!

Carol Berg, you stole a chunk of my soul. I add you to my list under Robin Hobb and Melanie Rawn... )
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The true reality is that the world, life and death, is governed by Apollos. They live in what is refered to as Platinum. Platinum has two parts, a lower and higher layer. The Gates that lead in and out of the Platinum are referred to as the Silk[en] Gates and are guarded by a pair of guardians which revolve duties once a year. They are the only entrance and exit to the Platinum. Orions cannot get past the gates because of the cleansing light of the Platinum, or so it has been said. No one really knows why this is.

Though the entire place in the heavens is called Platinum, the top layer is referred to as the Gold. This is where True Apollos live. The lower level that is just inside the Silken Gates is called the Silver Rough. S'chru live on this level and are unable to rise to the Gold.

Note: The dictionry/thesaurus is my friend. But, doesn't it sound like I should be talking about jewelry?
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The Ring of Seven consists of 7 Apollos who govern over the Platinum. It mostly resembles a democracy, but there are certain times where The Master of Angels word is taken above all others without question, but they are few and far inbetween.

The Master of Angels or Head of Council is in charge of all the Platinum. This person, for all intensive purposes, is God. He/She makes the last call on all decisions but does not have the right to veto things that other Council members are going for.

The Assistant Head of Council is like a vice-president. He or she assists the Master of Angels in daily tasks and decision making where the other five councel members aren't required to give their vote.

The Council Aid is a secretary. More often than not, the position is filled by a woman who can be cool in some of the most stressful situations. She gives her opinion on subjects that might need another look. When any of the Apollo are unavailable or there is a time that a position is empty, the Council Aid will take that place until the position is filled.

The Military General is in charge of all of the military and their operations. Usually filled by a man, they do all the things a normal general does, and that includes going into battle if necessary. They rarely gets along with the Apollo Representative, S'chru Representative, and the Council Judge.

The Council Judge oversees all legal matters. Those include punishments for crimes and the throwing out of old rules that no longer seem to have a purpose.

The Apollo Representative is like a House of Representatives/Senate for apollos, except it's only one person. They bring to the Ring of Seven the suggestions and desires of the apollo population. They also make sure that no decisions made by the Master of Angels hinders the rights of apollos.

The S'chru Representative is the exact same thing as the Apollo Representative except for s'chru. His or her main duty is to make sure that the Apollo Representative doesn't convince the Master of Angels and the Council Judge to pass a law that is biased against s'chru. This representative is the only s'chru allowed in the upper level of Platinum.

The Council holds elections every 25-50 years, depending on the satisfaction of the 'citizens' of the Platinum. The ones most likely to be changed are the representatives of each of the two groups, however all positions are up for election. The years are counted normally [24 Hours in a day, 365 Days in a year]. Their calendar starts at the year 0, which is the last day of The Great War, and they are currently in year 3975 and the 188th election. Sometimes elections are held just because they can have them and the members of the council run unopposed. There have been 16 elections that have a 50 years span between, and 127 with only 25 years between elections. The 25 year elections are concentrated towards the beginning of the new era when the most change was made to the system.


Matthew is the current Master of Angels. He has been the only Master of Angels that anyone ever remembers and there are very few apollos who are older than he is. It is rumored, but never stated aloud, that all records from before he took power were destroyed, not by the rebelling Apollos soon to be Orions, but by Matthew himself. The left over title of Angel has never been explained and it's believed that they were once referred to as Angels, but sometime after the Great War, he renamed them all to try and help heal the pain of loss of their brethren. Some believe it was just his way of forcing people to forget the past and follow him without question. He has been Master for at least 3500 years, but no one can pin down his election year due to faulty records.

Andrew is the Assistant Head of Council. He's been in office for over 600 years. He came into office because the previous Assitant Head stepped down for unknown reasons. Most think it was because it grew bored with it. He's a calm and reasonable guy, easy to get along with, but has a firm stance which sometimes clashes with Matthew. He's good friends with The Apollo Representative, Christopher, and the Coucil Judge, Aaron.

Gabriel acts as the Council Aid. She takes notes during meetings and keeps maticulous records. She plays the devil's advocate to most ideas, regardless of how she feels about the topic to try and get the best results for everyone. She hates cursing, but is tolerant of almost everything else. She and Augustus, the Military General, are also bickering.

Augustus is the Military General. Since it has been peaceful for a millenia, Augustus hasn't had to do much, so there's no reason to replace him, which is why he has been in office for 1325 years. He's a bit of a hard ass and is always trying to convince the Judge and Master of Angels to hand down ridiculously strict punishments for crimes. No one remembers if he was always like that, but from sheer boredom it seems to have gotten worse. He also has a bit of a potty mouth, as much as a holy being can have, and it puts him at odds with Gabriel, the Council Aid.

Aaron is Council Judge. He's been on the council for 875 years. He gives light sentances for most crimes the first time around, but after the second offense, he turns into a toned down version of Augustus. He believes in justice and his ability to see the truth, but it doesn't go to his head [most of the time] and is quite sociable. He is often seen with Andrew, the Assistand Head, and Christopher, the Apollo Reprsentative.

Christopher is Apollo Representative. He was elected 325 years ago. Whenever the Apollos have a problem, they come running to him and he tries to solve the problems without having to create new laws. He's sarcastic, and it often gets him in trouble, but he manages to slide out of any trouble he gets into. He isn't afraid to pull a favor from the Council Judge of Assistant Head if need be. He's the last member of the close Trio of council memebers including Aaron and Andrew.

Delilah, the S'chru Representative, is loud and overly-friendly. She's been in office for 400 years and is loved by just about everyone, especially the S'chru. She loves making fun of Augustus and gets along especially well with Gabriel, being the only other female on the council. They both tend to gang up on the Military General, but hide their pleasure from it well.


The Council Judge is the primary giver of punishments, but if an overwhelming number of the population feels this judgement was incorrect, they draw lots to create a jury and hold a trial. Sometimes, the Master of Angels will take over the proceedings in a controversial case, but that is a very, very rare occurence.
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Dragon's lace is not always a piece of lace, though it could be. It is used to subdue unruly dragons by their elders who wish not to use force. When applied to the skin, or held anywhere in the immediate vicinity of a dragon, it siphons off chi, magic, and physical strength, leaving the dragon(s) as weak as or weaker than an average human.

Dragon's lace is made by mixing several spells that suck in the energy of anything around it and casting it onto a piece of cloth or fabric as it is being made. The spells used are intricate and only known by dragon elders who pass on their knowledge only if death is imminent and if a suitable candidate for the knowledge has been chosen.

The spells put on fabric to make dragon's lace are indiscriminate as to whose energy they suck in. It's most effective on dragons, but still works against both elves and beasts, forcibly taking magic from elves and chi and strength from beasts. Because of this, to use dragon's lace, a dragon must put on what is called a 'Dragon Glove' which is also a spelled cloth that cancels the spells of the lace as long as it touches nothing else. As soon as it makes contact with the unwilling target, the dragon glove loses it's effect and the lace begins to feed it's endless hunger.

Despite the dragon's best efforts, there are a few instances of where humans and elves have gotten hold of pieces of dragon's lace. Until recently, humans had no knowledge of what it was they possessed and it changed hands and was cut and used as normal cloth, losing it's ability. Sometime around the time escree was discovered, so was dragon's lace. Now it is actively sought out for nefarious reasons. Elves return it, having no need for something they cannot control, suck away their magic, and cannot get information about since they cannot get close for a long enough period to study it without feeling sick. Beasts, if they have had contact with it, show no signs of ever experiencing the power stealing cloth, but recognize it due to stories they have heard about ir from their dragon kin.


Jun. 12th, 2006 01:20 pm
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Escree is the power over the mind. It is used for the power of suggestion, to sense another living being, and to feel the moods of people. It is possible to read a person's mind, or at least get a general idea of their thinking patterns, but it takes a lot of practice to perfect.

It takes magic to escree. As most humans don't have magic, they cannot escree. Beasts, being something like a magical creature, have the basic power to feel life's presence and sense another's mood by their own powerful 6 senses. Elves have plenty of magic and time to master escree. They also were the ones to develop it to the point of planting notions in people's heads.

Dragons learned the basics of escreeing from elves. After this, they studied it with more of an eye for its use than just because it was interesting. They developed tactics for how to make concrete thoughts in another's mind that they followed out to its completion as if it was their own thought. How to change what a person sees and plant doubts in minds. From this, they began to discern the thoughts of those they were manipulating. When this happened, it made it possible to plant ideas that no one, not the person being puppeted or their close friends and family, could differentiate from their normal behavior and those forced upon them.

Elves followed this closely, but didn't interfere or come up with anything knew on their own. It was hundreds of years after dragon's had toyed with escree and stopped making progress/grew bored with the study of it that elves picked it back up. They started to twist all the harmful things dragons could do with escree to those that were helpful. You could send feelings through escree with just a little more effort than it took to recieve them and could be used to calm down perilous situations. It could also be used to give, recieve, and subsequentially take, strength from others.

Escree had been kept from humans by elves. Within the last 150 years, they have come upon the knowledge. Dragons had no reason to share and kept it to themselves, but elves who wondered frequently into villages tried to keep this seperate from what they taught. It is unknown how the first humans came into this knowledge, but since then, it has spiraled into a way to make a more vicious war. Humans with magic were sought out and taught in the limited knowledge of escree that grew exponentially in the few years of it's knowledge. These people were sent to battlefields and political meetings to change the outcomes of elections and treaties.

They are currently being used in the current war and there is a direct confrontation between the main characters in CoF and a human escree user. It's unknown how many escree users are being employed in the war and which race they belong.


Jun. 7th, 2006 12:51 pm
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Elves are an ancient race that has gained boundless knowledge over the course of their lifetimes. Despite this, they were originally humans that showed an almost unnatural talent at magic. These humans sought other humans with their special talent, married, and had children who also sought out others with their skills. This continued on for generations until a strong line of magic users was created. Just like how magic was bred for, pointy ears seemed to be one of the 'side effects' that magic had on humans and became prominent near the end.

These humans didn't become known as elves until nearly a millenia after this talent became known and bred for. Elves are still known to marry humans that show magical talent on occassion, but it's more for an influx of new blood to prevent inbreeding.

The two types of elves that developed, dark and pale elves, were the result of the above happening in two different locations at relatively the same time.

Pale elves reside mostly in the north while dark elves remained in the south. Upon meeting, most treat each other coordinally but there is always a competetive edge to anything that the two sub-races do with one another. There are quite a few villages and towns that lie in the blurred boundaries of north and south where dark and pale elves mingle freely and intermarry.

Pale elves mostly concentrate on magic in their studies and are the most knowledgable in all types, even the less savory, though they would never admit it. Studies of magic go up to age 25 and even further if one wishes to become a specialist.

Dark elves concentrate on both the physical and mental aspects of learning. They believe that a fit physical body will harbor magic better, prevent fatigue, and over all build a healthier life. As a result, their schooling is 2 years longer.

Both pale and dark elves live much longer than any human naturally would. Magic lengthens their livespans hundreds of times longer than it would normally, and as a result, they age incredibly slowly just before puberty hits. So, it isn't unusual for a adolescent to hit puberty at 23.

This makes marriages with humans somewhat awkward and painful for elves, who will almost certainly outlive their partners. It isn't unusual for a human to be 16 and the elf be 50, not that they look it.
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Don't even ask... I've lost my mind... =_= I said earlier that I was reading two books at once. Well, now I'm not. I just can't do it... and someone else's book takes precedence over one I own myself. =_= So, once again, Exiles is on hold. I'm surprised I haven't forgotten everything that's going on. That and the fact I STILL can't get the factions and names and stuff right. I don't know what it is... =_=
Random Amusement from Fool's Errand )

Yeah, and I'm still working on my story. I think I need to write the whole thing, or at least a good 100 page chunk of it before I I can fully figure out everything. Hmmm... I'll have to start on that... as soon as I do some writings on the Ring of Seven...

Story Time

May. 24th, 2006 12:08 pm
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Holy crap. I was just scrolling over the 3 realms and just boggled. All that information, and I don't really know what I'm supposed to read. The background stuff I glossed over... because my eyes started to unfocus and my mind wondered into some of the details in my own story... But either way. Holy crap.

I've been adding, slowly, to a private post in my journal details to my story, but I have such a long way to go. You never knew how much you take your government, social system, class, how money transfers, business relations, culture, and transportation for granted until you have to plan the whole damn thing out yourself. 0.o ::breathes:: Kami help me... I even have to create a religion... Hell, religion(S)! There has to be two at least. Oh the conflict...
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Story time! Ah ha ha ha! ::blinks:: That laugh definitely came from Morita-senpai... Honey & Clover has taken yet another small part of my soul. Apparently, I have lot of them to give away... >_>

Anyway, I've been really thinking about my story recently. Not the Caster one, that's on hiatus now, officially. If I don't find my black notebook soon, I'm going to have to resign myself to rewriting what was lost... and I don't even know what half of that was. I mean, seiously, I have no idea. What did I write in there? It'd be funny if it was in my car... ::laughs::

Too much to do on my story. Lots of time to do it. Too little focus. )

Aa! Eureka 7! 0.o I forgot that was supposed to come one today. I'm glad I turned the TV on to make sure GitS:SAC didn't come on earlier... They cut the OP, but at least it was tasteful. And that kid, Renton, his life really can't suck that much... I don't care what he says... And then, the end. He drives his motorcycle thing OFF A CLIFF then thinks AM I GONNA BE ALRIGHT? This is kinda high. AM I GONNA BE ALRIGHT? Yes. STUPID. You are a complete idiot, but because you are the MAIN CHARACTER, you will LIVE, if for no other reason.
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I'm really cold. I don't know why they make these classrooms so cold. ::shivers:: Well, I've slowed down on my reading. A lot. I'm still reading, but I've dispersed it throughout the day instead of it being the ONLY thing I do during the day. I'm in class, and we aren't doing anything, but instead of picking up that dreaded book [I actually just put it down again], I've started typing up some future scenes in my story. Honestly, I hate doing it this way, but I've yet to find my notebook with all of what I've written in it. Imouto says she doesn't have it, I vaguely remember picking it up, and putting a black notebook in my bag, but not if it's the one I'm looking for. If it is, it's in my room [hopefully] somewhere. I hope it is, so I can find the damn thing and start typing up my story.

I've almost caught up on fictionpress.com to where I have typed. It's so ridiculous. I can't update every week it seems, because it takes me 2 weeks to get around to doing anything. Before, my updates used to just come bi-monthly anyway. It just happened like that cus I had no sense of direction. Me and Mr.Outline just never seemed to get along until the end, and when we did, it sped along so stupid fast I didn't even know what to do with myself. With an outline, it's just too constricting and my chapters get short and everything is straight point A to B to C to wherever without anything in between. All the random scenes of fun, unless planned out, get killed by Mr.Outline and he blames Ms.Plot for it. ::sighs::

Oh, but good news. Wachovia called me back. Bad news, I wasn't home. I don't even know when they called. It must have been after 5:05, because that's when I left the house. I'm hoping to all high hell that when they call me back [They better. ;_;]. If they do, I can put my two weeks notice in immediately! ::cheers:: Here's to hoping [again]!
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Series Title : Caster College
Series Rating : PG-13 - NC-17
Word Count : 3,729

Have we gotten to the smut yet? Chapter 7 ahoy! )
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Series Title : Caster College
Series Rating : PG-13 - NC-17
Word Count : 6,231

Because all of my characters have less than normal relationships... )


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