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Watched Doctor Who today. I was at my mother's so my sister [who complained that I took the TV] watched it with me. Oh ho ho ho, she liked it. The part where the monster in the closet was trying to get out scared her to death [I was silently laughing at her terror] but I'm sure I could con her into watching it with me again. =D Then I went home and watched Dragon Ball Z Kai. The fact they boiled down the series to 99 episodes has made me fall in love with it all over again. The fights, with considerably less stalling; the OP, even in English, is fun to belt out ridiculously loud and cheesily because it's DBZ and my childhood; Piccolo; Vegeta's sudden British accent. Aaaa. If there was ever a time to get it, now would be the time. Especially if they have an uncut version...

Next, it turns out that I can still get a copy of my story from NaNo printed out for me for free. Awesome. The offer expires June 30th, so that's plenty of time to procrastinate like a mofo in doing the obvious edits. And thinking about edits, and NaNo in general, has made me come to the realization that, aside from my general writing ability getting better with age, I've felt for the longest time that my writing has gotten worse instead of better.

blah blah blah )

Gah, I rambled. But my writing ability isn't up to par with my ideas. That frustrates me. More than my inability to always draw the dynamic things I want, because I'm sure that with time, I could do that, but with my writing, I'm not at all sure...
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Okay, so I basically just vented this out at Ari, but I'm going to say it all again here anyway, Because it really annoys and frustrates the hell out of me.

I love my grandmother, but I hate going shopping with her. She always buys me stuff I don't want/need. I don't say 'No, I don't want any' for my health. I say it because I don't fucking want it.

Now I have an entire chicken. A box of crackers. And a box of poptarts I don't want. Not little boxes. But Sam's Club size. 36 poptarts. 32 packs of crackers. And a chicken that was probably given hormone suppositories because there's no way it can get that big naturally at the age they slaughter those bad boys. She said 'I'll give you half =D' and I was like 'No. I don't want any chicken. I'm tired of chicken.' And so she buys it, and then leaves the WHOLE THING here at the house.

I didn't want half. Much less the whole goddamn thing.

Just. So frustrating when people don't listen to you. Just because I like it doesn't mean I want any. When I say No I fuckin mean No. Not 'Yes, I want some, but I'm saying No because I don't want you to buy it for me'. It's 'No, I don't want any. And I definitely don't want you to buy it for me because I don't fucking want any.'

I know she loves me, and she wants me to eat, but I eat. I'm not going hungry. I'm just eating better because I can't splurge on useless shit. If she really wanted to help me, she should have bought a giant bag of vegetables instead of diabetes covered in frosting.
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The funny thing about me and social networking sites [which DW and LJ both are, though not to the extremes that make me cringe at the idea of facebook/myspace/twitter and the like] is that they all seem to do things that irritates their members. Things that, through a simple poll, could have been avoided. Interestingly, the latest spat on LJ about hooking it up to facebook and twitter [and probably more, soon enough] isn't that it's hooked up to it. People might go uggghhh at the idea, but it's that there is no option to censor things in what should be your own domain from getting out. Yes, if your journal is public, such as mine mostly is, it MIGHT get found and you run the risk. But if your journal is private, all information on there -unless it breaks the law- is yours and shouldn't be posted elsewhere without your permission. Yes, there is always going to be copy pasta, but having such a direct link to two opposing views of how social media should work -and their implementation- where one doesn't want it alienates it's users.

I, personally, have neither a facebook, myspace, twitter, or even plurk. The twitch response to tell everyone your business has been bred out of me through the paranoia of my mother and grandmother. They have an exceedingly cautious view of the interwebz, and while I am more forthcoming with things, personal information is hard to come by for me until you meet me iRL. The idea of people looking up my name and getting my life story doesn't sit well with me, even if the information age makes my objections a moot point. I'm sure I will eventually have to get a facebook or some such for work purposes. I do have LinkedIn, but I want to keep both of those far, FAR away from LJ. It's like my land away from home. I can chew the fat, say what I mean, and make no apologies. Now-a-days, it seems like those luxuries come too far inbetween one another.
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I actually wrote this comment out in response to someone's post, but hell. Why spam them when I can just put it in my own LJ:

I don't have a facebook or a twitter. I don't have plurk. If I didn't have g-mail, I wouldn't even have a youtube account. Don't want to have anything to do with those twitch-reflex sites. LJ is bad enough sometimes. I don't even like taking pictures, much less posting them up on the internet. I tell my friends where I'm going or where I am because I trust they aren't going to break into my house when I leave for a few hours/days. But I don't make this public to the internet at large.

I can't stand this whole 'inter-connectivity' thing going on. It's the major downside for me in technology growing so fast. I don't want everyone to find me via my e-mail, AIM, or any other shit like that. I want my online stuff separate from RL. The fact employers look online to snoop around your business before they even hire you is invasive. You can't even chew the fat or make mistakes anymore. Youthful indiscretions that weren't even THAT serious 10 years ago, no FIVE years ago, aren't ever going to go away and you have to pay for it for the rest of your life every time someone Googles your name. It's like 'anon never forgets' jumped into the real world. I just don't see why people my age and younger [and some older] don't see why putting every. little. thing out there is harmful. Not until their house gets broken into anyway.

It used to take effort to stalk people. B| I miss those days.
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I hate this stupid Unicorn game. Because. I just. Can't stop playing. And it doesn't have a MUTE button on it. I want to listen to my OTHER music, but I can't because THAT is playing and if I hear it one more time I'm going to BUST.

And onto more serious matters. I'm not even sure where to begin with this rant, because all the things I want to bring up aren't nearly smooth enough to broach such a 'controversial' topic. I don't think anyone on my f-list is going to rant and rave at me, but I usually like to have a nice little intro. Today I fail.

This is just a huge rant on race. Skip it if you want. )
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More Health Care stuff /o/ *shoots myself*

There's just a lot of things that I wish could/would be changed and things I think shouldn't be changed. Long winded complaining/thinking under here )
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*laughs* You want to pay only four dollars a book [including shipping I assume] and you live in SPAIN.

HA. I'll never sell to you ever. :D Even if I have 21 books on your list. I don't want to sell either of those series anyway, but I haven't re-read them in the past 3 months, so it isn't like I'd lose anything. BUT odds are, I'd lose money. WTF are people so cheap and why do they think 5 dollars a book is expensive? I need to get off LJ if I ever want real money for my shit.


And why do all of my grandfather's appointments take AN HOUR or more longer than what I planned for. Scheduling two hours out of my day for a doctor's appointment SHOULD be enough. But no. We get there at... 10? 10:15. Get called in immediately. SIT FOR AN HOUR at least. Then the doctor comes in and tells us the shit we already know that my grandfather doesn't want to hear [that surgery is a really bad option and he should be happy with what he fucking has] and then leaves. It didn't even take 15 minutes. Maybe not even 10. We left at 11:50.

WTF were we waiting so long? What are doctor's DOING during that hour that you waited? Why do you have an appointment at a certain time if they never see you at the appointed time? And why do they dare to charge you money for BEING LATE when if you're on time, you have to sit.

I hate the words 'customer service' but goddamn they need some better service. I'm not paying 100 dollars just so you can talk to me for 15 minutes. You better sit down and have a glass of wine or something.

I'd planned on being home at 12 -hahaha fml- to take a nap for an hour before work, since I went to bed at 4-5am, and had to wake up at 8:30. Even though I don't leave for work until 1:40. My mother didn't want to go alone, but I really saw no point in my going, even now. I got to the house late [9:30 vs 9:15] and he had just finished getting ready. Ffff. And that's why I wasn't on time, mother.

Fffffffffml. I don't want to go. *runs to work*
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::sighs:: I should do something more constructive, right? But I'm not, so here's another rant. This one is about doctors, malpractice suits, and prescriptions.

They can't just say, you don't need this, but have it anyway- )
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I haven't done a rant in a long time. This wasn't the one I wanted to do, but as I'm very annoyed, here it is anyway:

Why doesn't it compute, damnit, COMPUTE! )
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Seren, I need to catch you on AIM or through e-mail Done and Done.

Aaand, then other Otakon stuff. This is about money, what I'm buying, and random crap. So the first part you can be like 'Holy shit this bastard's greedy!' but after that, blah.

I want the world, but can only afford a stamp-sized plot in the middle of the ocean... It's list time! )

That being said, since I DO get a percent off, and assuming Mike allows me, I can take orders for anyone if they want manga/anime for the 30% off price, as usually they don't go lower than 25% off at most booths. But only the expensive ones or if you only have a few you want. =_= I don't want to get him mad...

And if I do work with Mike a lot, I might end up going 'Full time' and get free hotel and food, and that means I'd be going to a LOT more conventions, even if I have to work. I think he said I still get the credits, too, and my percent off, and that's a winning situation if you ask me, especially since it's like getting paid 10 dollars an hour and that's more than I make at my regular job.

So yeah, paying for this... )

Gah. What a waste of an entry. I really hope no one read this............... and, ahaha, Spell check? What's that?
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Avatar Season Finale~! :D )

In other news, I finished my app for CFUD again. Sent it in. Await my second failure and mull over my two different versions for my other app. ::strokes chin:: Should be interesting, I guess. Won't wait until the last minute so I can get more than 1 out of 3 betas to respond... =_= I plan on getting at least 2 Naruto-mun's to look it over and one person who knows nothing of Naruto to make sure it's still funny without knowing the canon fully. Or so I say I will but procrastination is a disease, I tell you...

Beware : Rant on Religion Below )

Begin Time : 12:42 PM
End Time : 1:44PM
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… I've been slacking at any real updates to my journal, and since I'm in a very ranty mood, I'm just gonna lump all of these mostly unrelated things into one HUGE ass post. They're all cut, for the most part, cus even I don't want to see how much space this'll take up when I've finished. Three pages 12 pt Times New Roman with 1" margins WHUT

When it comes to fan translations and professional translations, of course there's a difference. )

I put in some thought as to why I'd be staying home... )

Does anyone know or care about those Steps 1/2/3/4 [of Four] Complete I was posting a bit ago? Even if you don't, it was my steps in completing my Grimmjow application for [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie. You can look at it here if you're curious. Scroll aaaallllllllllllllllllllll the way down to the last one.

Step One : E-mailing mods to see if Grimmjow was applicable.
Step Two : Completing application.
Step Three : Sending the application out for betaing
Step Four : Sending in the application

You can't just take the good part and leave the bad stuff behind… )

Why do all the pretty boys do other pretty boys? )

Gah, and that's all of it, I swear. I had another one, but I've been working on this post for hours and I give up on the last one… Lucky I even reread this for coherency and spelling errors which are still everywhere so shut up
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Manga Cuts, America Sux, and ranting about anything that has been pissing me off lately... )


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