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Because I won't be near the computer, most likely, tomorrow, and I won't remember to post at midnight,

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Total Lunar Eclipse.


Bet you this freaked people the hell out in the 1500s =D
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I am currently eating a *Snack Size* McFlurry. Oreo.


DAMN YOU MANDA for destroying the only reason why I don't get these more often. B|
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Tanjoubi Omedetou [livejournal.com profile] burple_nurples~!

And because I don't want to spam and post that THEN post this, too. I GOT THE CENSUS JOB. I'm disappointed that I didn't get the supervisor position, but still. Eight weeks at 16.25 an hour with mileage. At LEAST eight weeks, I hope. Maybe more. I wouldn't be upset at more. >_> Starts the end of April. That's lucky, as all of my student loans come due in May. *sob* Then I need to find another job to replace it in two months time. Fuuuu. Ganbare! Or something.
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I.. was so so so bored. I didn't know what I wanted to do tonight, except I know I didn't feel like RPing. I have so many manga I'm currently reading and waiting for updates for, it's pathetic I have nothing to read.

So I did the second [and now third] episode of Durarara. Thank kami it got better. BUT.

Rikudo: Oh, yeah...
Izaya: I already met with them.
::insert flying trashcan::
Izaya: *hit with said flying trashcan*
Me: ............l-lol

[same scene; later on]

Random thug: *hits Shizuo in head with stick*
Shizuo: You know hitting someone in the head can kill them and so when you hit me in the head that means you were trying to kill me so that means that I can do whatever I want with yooouuu *punches in the face*
Random thug: *flies through the air and somehow loses all of his clothes but his underwear*

*Names subjected to my horrible butchering

So. Yes. More Durarara. Sheerly for l-lol wat factor.

ALSO. MY COMIC READING F-LIST. Where's a good place to start for American comics? I have no idea where to start, what to read, and have no connections on how to get said material aside from a bookstore. And I don't want to sit there all day reading manga, much less US comics. So. Uh...

8D;; \o
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A new mood theme.

RED. To match my layout... which is funny because I'm thinking about changing it again, BUT

It's Shinsengumi Imon Peacemaker. It took me forever to find a theme to replace my DOGS one.

I shall use Shinpatsu-san to celebrate.
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I finally... FINALLY updated my Firefox. I mean, I've been on the last version of 2.9.8 or whatever since it came out... and refused to update the damn thing to 3.0 since I hate losing my add-on compatibility.

First, I lost all my bookmarks. (屮ಥДಥ)屮 彡 ┻━┻

Then I went to FF Help and followed the handy dandy notebook instructions and got them back. Thank kami, because I don't even remember what most of those damn things are until I need them.

LJ Login, IE tabs, AdBlock, Flashblock, and LJ hook work. But my Black JapanMAX theme and Snap Links don't. I cry over the loss of my theme. It was the best black theme out there, and this new FoxDie doesn't compare for me, but I'll just... have to get used to it since JapanMAX hasn't even been updated to 3.0, much less 3.5.7 [which is what I got], and the default skin is FUGLY.

LJlogin ate all my screennames, but I don't really care since I have a list of those and will only add the ones I'm using. But anway. Huzzah for updating. FF is definitely faster now. Now I need to back-up all my files. If there's one thing I learned from my comps random semi!death it's that I don't backup nearly enough, which makes me wonder what the 1TB External HD I got was for. *watches it gather dust*

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Ffff. Did they actually pass that health care monster thing? *waits for it*

More importantly [to me right now] my windshield wipers weren't working on Tuesday. And it was raining... I was so pissed because I had to get that shit fixed in May and it hasn't even been 6 months yet. If it had broken, the SAME piece, I was going to be even MORE pissed if there was no warranty and I had to pay full price for it. That's 150 bucks that is going towards car insurance.

So I take it to the shop today before work, go back to mother's place, and doze on the couch until they call/I just go pick it up. They called at 10am and said, 'It was just some screws loose =o= We tightened them, both sides work now. No charge.' *does a happy dance on the couch*

THANK KAMI. I swear, if I went to the dealership, they would have charged me 85 dollars just to LOOK at the car. They probably would have tacked on 20 bucks just to tighten up the fucking screws. Ffffuck that man. :| I love my little auto shop, and I'd recommend them to anyone. \o They even do towing~ *towed my car after my accident, lulz*
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I have a headache... I've been getting them more recently. I don't really know why... BUT the real reason why I posted instead of going to bed:

I finally watched Star Trek. You know, the new movie. I liked it. 8D It was shiny. Yeah, the plot's been done a bajillliiion times, but revenge is revenge is revenge. I liked the shiny. I was more amused than I should have been at the repeated injections to the neck. Scottish accents |D and yay explosions \o

Then I watched Blood Diamond. Which is about... Diamonds that have been mined and sold illegally that -as a biproduct- fund civil wars that kills hundreds of thousands of Africans a year. It talks about how diamonds aren't really that rare [which amuses me, because when you think of all the oil and coal we use every day and how that is made from the same stuff diamonds are made of, it makes sense >_>] and that companies use supply and demand, locking up most of the supply to create more demand. Then about child soldiers. Smuggling. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it... well. In that 'Wow, that was a good ending but only because it's a movie' type of good. Makes me happy I don't give a rat's ass about jewelry, but diamonds are used in all sorts of things now. Who knows.

I still want to see Eastern Promises.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Mommie, mommie! I want this doll for Christmas!

*laughs forever*
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Ahahaha! Holy SHIZNITZ my layout is SO. BRIGHT. But I love it. Why did I stay with that white for so long?

[livejournal.com profile] kageisuke <-- click this

I changed my profile, too, to one I made myself. I knew I'd use that damn Eureka 7 doujin picture I colored one day. AND TODAY IS THAT DAY.

The only thing that prevents this from being a complete overhaul is a NEW MOOD THEME. I've had Dogs for forever. I don't know what else I would get... Maybe the Soul Eater one I've been eyeing for a long while... Either way, I'll take recommendations, but no promises about using them.


May. 30th, 2009 02:57 pm
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This trailer has been out for a while, but I hadn't seen it yet.

Who's going to see that at the iMAX?


This'll distract me from having to cut the grass.
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Ugh, feel like I just can't win. But alas, that is life. Life. Karma. and Murphy's Law. All of them are conspiring against you RIGHT. NOW. and there is no escape, so stop trying. 8D

Didn't feel like getting online yesterday. Feeling disillusioned, SO I went on an impromptu drive. And by impromptu I mean I was trying to use the highway to get to the bookstore, but took the wrong direction. Oh well, I missed the exit so I could go the back way, since I actually hadn't gone out of the way, and got off at the Montpelier exit. Was going to turn around, but got to thinking.... You know, WTF is out here? There's probably some little mom and pop shop I can get food from...

Um. No. None at all. You can tell there isn't shit around when the speed limit is 55 and DOESN'T CHANGE. Twenty minutes later, still 55 and WTF am I?! Nothing but country and random houses along the side. And farms. With cows. And silos. When's the last time I saw a fucking cow and silo? Last night, obviously \o.

Get to a t-bone, meaning I have to take a right or left. Hmmmm. Ashland. I can get home from Ashland, and I haven't seen a damn highway sign since I got off of it. Tohoho.

And what do you know. A fucking Alpaca farm. We have an Alpaca farm? Wat?

Finally, passed through Ashland, that had signs all over it that said 'We're the Center of the World!' and I could only laugh, because you so are not. :|

Then, oh shi- I95! I can get hooooome OH WAIT IS THAT A POPEYES CHICKEN?! Oh yes it is~

Stop. Unhealthy Fried Chicken get. Is that an attached Cinnabun? Yes. Yes it is. *procures cinnabuns for family* And doo doo doo I'm on my way home via 95. Get home, eat my cinnabun that I should not be eating, then go upstairs and climb into bed around 7pm with nice pajamas and watch TV until I fall sleep.

Wake up at 1am. Turn off TV. Go back to sleep. Wake at 8am. Stare at clock. Go back to sleep. Wake up at 9. Stare at clock. Doze until 9:10 when my alarm goes off. Get up and do stuff all day until this post. Was I productive? Sure \o/

Was I relaxed? Yes. |D~

Drive: Successful.

Note: Love this new icon. It epitomizes my expression most of the time. It can mean so many things... Yay adaptability 8D
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Happy Moments. What am I? Four days behind? Let's say these are the last four days, because I didn't bother counting...

Happy moment. My mother ISN'T being changed to a different shift and keeps her current job. Turns out they were breaking regulations and were stopped. For now. =_=

I found an LJ layout I like that I can use for the images I colored from Eureka. I'll need another image to stretch it out or just do different crops. I'll see.

Vash being slapped in the face with intestines. THAT made me laugh so hard. Ari is so damn cruel. XD

Hrm. WATCHMAN. I saw it last night. It makes me happy. Why?

1. The Comedian. Funny for all the wrong reasons. Why do I like the assholes? ♥ When he jumped out of the helicopter and was like, 'Alright. Move. :| *backhanding and shooting people*
2. Fight Scenes. The scene in the jail? |D Mmmmm.
3. Special effects get! \o/ They always make me happy when they're shiny.

Oo. Event times. Now to get off my lazy ass! Or is that get ON my lazy ass, since I have to sit in front of my computer when I get home instead of wandering around the house? Hrm.

Ahaha. x2

Mar. 9th, 2009 12:45 am
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First lawl:

Second lawl:

Ana (12:40:48 AM): Right. Blaine, Itachi, Genesis, Byakuya. I'm seeing four-way here.
Me (12:41:07 AM): XD
Me (12:41:10 AM): I see playercest XD
Ana (12:41:13 AM): God, that's too many legs.
Me (12:41:15 AM): XD
Me (12:41:20 AM): WTF. Too many legs?
Me (12:41:26 AM): There's only 12
Ana (12:41:33 AM): ...
Me (12:41:35 AM): |D~
Ana (12:41:44 AM): The fuck did you get 12 from.
Me (12:41:51 AM): They have 3 legs.
Ana (12:41:58 AM): /COVERS MOUTH
Ana (12:42:02 AM): You did not just go there.
Me (12:42:03 AM): XD
Me (12:42:07 AM): Oh. I did.
Ana (12:42:10 AM): :x
Me (12:42:11 AM): *went there*
Ana (12:42:15 AM): :x
Me (12:42:22 AM): *dies*
Ana (12:42:23 AM): That was so bad.
Ana (12:42:37 AM): You're so bad. I can't be friends with you anymore.
Ana (12:42:42 AM): Even I'm not that bad.
Me (12:43:36 AM): Hahah
Me (12:43:43 AM): It was just... too good to pass up
Ana (12:43:50 AM): No, I'm disturbed now.
Ana (12:43:56 AM): Even the playercest wasn't that bad.
Ana (12:44:12 AM): /quietly cries
Me (12:44:20 AM): XD
Me (12:44:27 AM): *strokes* It was funny.

AND NOW. TO GO TO SLEEP. [after ignoring my html fail]
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I win THIS round, Photoshop. >8D

Oh god, just look at the fur, waiting to kill me DX
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So, yeah... Family is over for the holidays, and yet I'm being the most active I've been in RP for months now. I must be trying to escape.

Besides the joys of us all in one place and joking around, the other benefit is food. Glorious food~

What food you ask? I'll just list all the shit we had for dinner on Saturday.

• Pork Ribs
• Baked Turkey
• Ham
• Green Beans
• Collard Greens
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Deviled Eggs
• Rolls
• Potato Salad
• Pasta Salad
• Rice Pudding
• Candied Yams

• Red Velvet Cake
• Apple Pie
• Lemon Cake
• White Cake
• Egg Nog Icecream

Hellz yeah, I was a bloated tick. Didn't have to eat for the rest of the night... AND I saved enough ribs for lunch today~ *so happy* And it's almost lunch tiiiime~

I feel like I'm forgetting something though... I'm not even going into the drinks. *waves that off*
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Okay, see. THIS is why I suddenly need a 100 icons. [I'll buy one for myself for a year soon anyway.] I shouldn't be allowed to find funny moving icons.


[livejournal.com profile] tennyo

[livejournal.com profile] mooseleenie <-- 8D I wonder who this icon is for?



[livejournal.com profile] aixsponsa

In other news, I have TROJAN.ZLOB on my comp. That mother fucker is a BITCH. I have to go and manually remove it, goddamnit. brb *killing it with fire*

MOAR. That I stole from [livejournal.com profile] chainofironrose


Oct. 24th, 2008 03:57 pm
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For all the pro democratic things I post in, here's some democratic stupid.


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