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Total Lunar Eclipse.


Bet you this freaked people the hell out in the 1500s =D
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Old news is moderately fresh, but:

I... CANNOT be the only person who wants to go. щ(°Д°щ)

Someone come with me D8! ROAD TRIP!
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D< You suck snow. Die in a fire. Twice.

I will thank it however, for letting me sleep in because of no work. Wooo \o.

Saa, well. Let's see.

I finished Lolita. Oh what a twisted book. That poor bastard and his evil little nymphet. I don't really feel sorry for her at all. I don't know if I should feel sorry for either of them.

But, I read A Handmaid's Tale. In one night. I could have put it down, but fff. Why? I was avoiding the computer this weekend and WTF WHEN I GOT UP THIS MORNING I HAD 73 E-MAILS GOOD LORD WRY?! But anyway. A Handmaid's Tale. Daaaaaamn that ending! But it was good. I can't really explain it because I'm really lazy, but you all on my f-list should go read it. \o.

Since all of the Henrico Co. buildings and shit are CLOSED today. :| And I think tomorrow, too. Goddamnit. So I'll probably start up with John Sandford Again. I already own Winter Prey, and that's the next one. I'm still waiting for American Pyscho to get off hold. I was 3rd in line DX

Aaaand I think that's it. I don't know what to read after... Hrmmm...

That's right. I'm listening to/watching DtB Logan. :| Again.
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Work. Is killing me.

It's good that I have stuff to do.... buuuut it's a little too much >_>

There are orders I should be placing now... ~_~

Umm, RP stuff. 8| I'm trying.

Anime? I'm behind as hell. So, so far behind in everything. Someone is going to spoil me if I'm not careful. orz

Manga, I'm... mostly up-to-date in? I think. I have to check One Manga.

I need to write up all my responsibilities just to make sure I'm doing it all D8

brb gonna go shoot myself in the foot
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So, yeah... Family is over for the holidays, and yet I'm being the most active I've been in RP for months now. I must be trying to escape.

Besides the joys of us all in one place and joking around, the other benefit is food. Glorious food~

What food you ask? I'll just list all the shit we had for dinner on Saturday.

• Pork Ribs
• Baked Turkey
• Ham
• Green Beans
• Collard Greens
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Deviled Eggs
• Rolls
• Potato Salad
• Pasta Salad
• Rice Pudding
• Candied Yams

• Red Velvet Cake
• Apple Pie
• Lemon Cake
• White Cake
• Egg Nog Icecream

Hellz yeah, I was a bloated tick. Didn't have to eat for the rest of the night... AND I saved enough ribs for lunch today~ *so happy* And it's almost lunch tiiiime~

I feel like I'm forgetting something though... I'm not even going into the drinks. *waves that off*
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Okay, see. THIS is why I suddenly need a 100 icons. [I'll buy one for myself for a year soon anyway.] I shouldn't be allowed to find funny moving icons.


[livejournal.com profile] tennyo

[livejournal.com profile] mooseleenie <-- 8D I wonder who this icon is for?



[livejournal.com profile] aixsponsa

In other news, I have TROJAN.ZLOB on my comp. That mother fucker is a BITCH. I have to go and manually remove it, goddamnit. brb *killing it with fire*

MOAR. That I stole from [livejournal.com profile] chainofironrose


Oct. 24th, 2008 03:57 pm
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For all the pro democratic things I post in, here's some democratic stupid.

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Hay. Hay hay! Baby I got your money pictures doncha worry. I said hay!

Anyway. I stole this link from Kris, since it directly links to her photobucket.

Here. Those are picture from Otakon from Kris' camera... I'm going to eventually upload Cheza's pictures. =D Eventually. Ahahah~

Anyway. Should be doing something. Cannot remember. Aa yes. Checking my comms. Activity Check is nigh! Stuff for work. But instead of that, have a retarded conversation instead.

me: . . . rapes you gently
Kris: D< BITCH I'MMA KILLLL YOU ...And now I want bacon. :|
me: HAHAH! Rape = bacon. Now I know.
Kris: NO. chocolate covered bacon = bacon
me: Is that what people want? Instead of pizza? Sex = pizza. Rape = bacon. Not just any bacon. CHOCOLATE covered bacon, to console themselves.
Kris: I'm leaving you. :| And taking our child Jebediah with me.
me: Hahhahaha! SO YOU ADMIT IT! YESH
Kris: Well, you think it's 'our' child, so I guess that's what counts.
me: D8 Jezebel!
Kris: What can I say~? =o=

I'm still hurt Kris. I'm still hurt. ;__;

And I have to take kaa-sama home after she gets her teeth pulled. =D Fun stuff!
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Don't ask me why I was... but I was google!stalking myself. I was going to my lj and just googled my name to get to it. I was like 'Holy shit man do I have a lot of accounts' and then after those were... random posts in forums I don't have an account for or never posted in the forums of. Bleach Asylum... Narutoforums... Talking about the GrimmHime fics I did like.... a year and a half ago.

Freeaaky. >_> I didn't know they were popular enough to comment on in a forum. I wish they'd at least commented if that was the case. =_=; Oh well. Other than that bit of freakyness... I should stop being a loser and get on my RP comms this weekend.

Seeing Rose was nice. Even if it was only for an hour before they had to keep going to Florida. I guess after I leave Pan's, I can go home and catch up. I know I've got at least 22 e-mails in my box. *sighs* Lazy Kage is lazy.

I kinda wanna write fanfics again, but I just don't have th emotivation nor the muses. I blame RP for that. Fanfiction muses are different than RP muses, but now they've kinda meshed. Damn you RP. Damn you.
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Yes. This is my second post in less than 15 minutes. Shush. No cut for you:

I just want to post that because, for some reason, I'm rather proud of it. If my scanner wasn't a douche, I'd properly scan it, but luckily this is all I need to at least ink it in photoshop. =o=

...then color it with my NEW TABLET~!

8DDDD *rapes Jen* Mmm... Nothing better than a 'Thank you' rape |D

Now I'm going to sleep. ⌐_⌐
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Kinda late. I usually have this stuff done months ahead, even without all of the concrete information. Saaa... I've been slow on all regards recently.

Anyway, my list of people who are probably going AND staying in my rooms:

♦Imouto [P]Hichi
♦Jessie ?
♦JaySlot 1 [Cheza]
AshleySlot 2 [Cheza]

♦ is for people who are driving up and will have to pay for gas. ♥ is for people whose transportation I'm not responsible for aside from a possible pick up from some random place.

If we have the 14 people I think we’re having for the drive up. We need 4 cars. =_= I’m driving. Kevin’s driving. No idea if Jessie’s able, but we might nab her car. If Ashley goes with us, we’ll use her car as well. If you drive up Rose, I may commandeer your car and shove someone in with you.

With all of that, here we have prices, but parking and gas is only for 3 cars as I don’t know where the 4th is coming from. Also, it’s only for the 14 people. If there ends up being less, I’ll add a row.

# People




















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I haven't properly exercised in... years, I dare say. I just finished playing two games of soccer. [thank god for subbing]

I am sore as a BITCH on BITCH!JUICE. My hips hurt.

I'm old. .__.

I need to exercise more. I'm so out of shape. *stretches* Tomorrow is going to SUCK. Tuesday is going to SUCK.

I'm drinking water for the next 3 days and hoping for the best. And I STILL have to rinse and dry my hair. WRRRY?!
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...oh man. Shit might hit the fan at work.... >_>

This is why you don't lie, especially if you aren't adept at it.

I wonder if we'll have truck drivers next week. *cringes*

And man... Birthday's coming up! Must. Get. Presents... orz

And... Oh god XD I'm going to hell for that thread...

Uchiha Madara. Uchiha Itachi. Uchiha Sasuke. Mitarashi Anko. Orochimaru. In that order. On one bed.

What have we dooooooone!?!?!??! *lulz*

I should renamed it from "Opportunity knocked and Crazy opened the door" to "Three Uchiha. Four Cocks. A Woman. and A Baby."

*shot x2*


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