Feb. 18th, 2010 12:03 am
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] sannask, I checked out the Census 2010 site and got the information to try out for the job. I wrote down the info last night so I could call today. Thank Kami I did. I called at 12:40, and they had a time at 1:30, so I was like HELLZ YEAH. This is the last week, so they told me, so my normal procrastination could have lost me a good paying [if only temporary] job. This pays 16.25 an hour PLUS mileage. *so happy* Filled out the paper work, took the test, got a PERFECT score [Mmmhmmmm ] and am now waiting to see if they'll call me to hire. *sobs and pleads to be hired*

Either way, we can do it! *fist bump with Sanna*

I haven't told my mother of this. And I don't plan on it until I either get it or don't. She'll start talking about how dangerous it is, yadda yadda, which is why a lot of jobs I haven't applied for to soothe her paranoia, but screw that. 8|

Oh, and Naruto? B| Try harder Sakura.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Okay. First of all? Bleach? YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY. That last panel, FINALLY we got to see them all. My fannish heart palpitated with glee. GLEE I tell you.

Naruto? WHAT. Just. DON'T EVEN GO THERE. How the FU- *throws up hands and just cries*

Soouuul Eaaatter~! Kid was looking mighty fiiine in that one panel. :< Unfortunately the only person I know of who'd truly appreciate the sexy doesn't want to be spoiled on future events. And she's reading slower than molasses flows downhill in below freezing temperatures.

TOP 10 LIST OF EVERYTHING. You thought cracked.com or any of those other places was a time suck, right? Well. TIME.COM just destroyed my whole afternoon. My recommendations are the Top 10 Quotes, Top 10 Oddball Stories, and Top 10 Underreported Stories.

I know everyone [who's going with me] is clamoring for my Otakon charts for prices. They're coming, you bints. I know it's getting very close to the last minute, but you guys really annoy the hell out of me and make me so reluctant to do it. ~_~ Srsly. APPRECIATE MY MATH SKILLS.

People going: [14 at my count] 9 in cars
Rose <-- are you going?
Kevin's Friend 1
Kevin's Friend 2
Kevin's Friend 3
Driving Up With Meeting Us There

# PeopleOne RoomTwo Rooms
13 78
14 72
15 68
16 63

As for the cars, I'm only doing it for the three. I don't know what the other guy drives, have no idea how big his tank is or anything. So him and his two friends [It is just the three right? >_>;] Need to deal with it on their own. :| They can even use my charts... since it should apply to them as well. If there are three people in one car and we're staying for 3 nights, they basically each pay for a night of parking, and a night of parking is 21 bucks. And if we drop down to 8 people, we're dropping down to two cars. Four people in a car, so pack light bitches~!

Parking | 3 Nights; 21$ a Night


Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Yeah, yeah. Another post >_>

But seriously.

Could this be actual politics and plot? In MY Naruto?

Oh shi-

Well, just have to wait for Bleach SINCE EYESHIELD 21 IS OVER NOW.

Gah. Where am I going to get my speedline fix... Air Gear just isn't cutting it... Need spooorts

*really goes to bed now*
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Bleach. AAARRRRGGGGG! DAMN you Kubo-sensei T^T

Naruto... Hmmmmm...

Fairy Tail [that I read yesterday] OH SNAP

Skip Beat [that I read yesterday] OH. SNAP. AHAHHA.

I don't feel like being more coherent.

And look! It's a pretty picture!

I don't think I ever THANK YOU PROPERLY JEN. *bum rushes and gropes* Tablets are AMAZING T^T

Though the picture isn't done yet, color aside. I still have a few seams to finish AND finish his 'gay looking shoes'... or so [livejournal.com profile] astrobright68 told me ~_~
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Bleach. =_= Man. Nothing happened. *kicks it*

Naruto. AHAHA did Naruto just make a spirit bomb? *laughing forever*

Fairy Tail? Go go Mira! Kickin' some aaassss~! Then the shounen!cry~ And everything is okay |D DAMN it's so cheesy, but I don't mind. T^T And the special? So cute XD

WTFFFFFFFFF Happy came out of an EGG. WTS XD
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Naruto 430 is out already! And with a color spread for the first few pages?!

Well hot damn! Bleach the week before, and now Naruto. I'll be damned.

Tohoho, Naruto's funny eyes~

Conclusion: Nothing happened. I need to stop and just wait for 2 months and read in bulk. Except I would get spoiled by someone. Fail.

Ironic. Listening to the Code Geass OST while reading Naruto. It fits well sometimes.

Seven chapters of Gokusen were updated today, too. I'll read them tomorrow. Shinshi Doumei Special Chapter is soooo tempting, but it's probably after the series is over and I don't want to spoil anything. ~_~

Air Gear! Two chapters! It made me happy. 8D Oh Great! draws such beautiful bodies in motion. T^T *so jealous*

Ahah~ Buccha. I was wondering WTF he was XDDDD And oh snap! Guess who's back! *fidgets around* It's like his fangs grew D8

[/nonsensical post]
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Alrighty... So, Bleach went by too fucking fast. Seriously. I need MORE than that. The battles just begins and ajsklfdja;.

Naruto. That bastard Kishimoto-sensei DX He shows us ALL of the tailed beasts. I'm not sure the point as MOST of them are all DEAD. Son of a bitch. I wanna spout stuff, but just read it. =o=

New Amatsuki chapters. I haven't read them yet.

My e-mail is down AGAIN at work. This is really annoying the SHIT out of me, srsly.

Aaaaaand it isn't time yet, but I'm seriously thinking about actually trying NaNoWriteMOAR this year. I never do, just watch the progress of others. It would mean a semi-hiatus from my comms, but... I really want to get this story done one day, and I lack motivation. I'll have to FORCE this shit if I want it, and even if it comes out shitty as a 90 year old titty, revising is so much easier when you have a base. the more firm the base, the better, but hey. I'll take what I can do in a month. I don't think I'll actually finish, but I can at least get halfway done? SOMETHING done? I should start on my outline now, so I can have a concrete plan.
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Oh, well... FUCK ajsdkflja;kfda

Naruto was fucking SAD. *I want an icon of those scenes though*

Bleach was... Hmmm. We all knew it was going to happen, but NOW WE ARE IN THE PRESENT and guess who all has come back into the story?

OH SNAP! \o7 Kubo-sensei. Have my babies!

Henna's gonna make a GrimmjowHidan banner of friendship for LSG. 8D I'm going to pimp that thing out like whoa in my journals, yes. And the fight we have to plan will be e p i c ~ !

Special Note: I'm reformatting my computer this weekend, hence, until I get my drivers and -most importantly- wireless usb internet connection installed, I won't be online.

I'm sure you'll miss me terribly.
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I wasn't sure if I was going to get online last night. Was going to read, wash clothes, clean my room a little... *shrugs* Normal stuff that's been piling up.

But no. I was tired, so I went to take a little nap at 6pm.

Nap my ass. I didn't wake up until 6:30 AM. And only because my phone vibrated from a work e-mail.

=_= That's some talent, yeah. I'm not even groggy. Shit DX. Oh well. >_>

On a side note:

...Kishimoto is on crack still.


Did you say MIZUKAGE?!

Oh god WHAT?!

*just falls out*

Kubo-sensei is still evil. That bastard got away [of course] and then they have the 'hollowfication' process. How did he find that anyway? And what about Kurotsuchi? I know he has to have something in this, goddamnit...

I still wanna know where Isshin falls in all this.

Not only Isshin, but Ryuuken, too. They both might appear at the end... but if so, why did Isshin leave? He had to get a gigai, so... *asjdklajfs*
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What. The. FUCK.

Kishimoto-sensei!??! What have you been SMOKING?! And good lord don't you DARE share it with Kubo-sensei DX

What the hell Saskay?! How can you start going ;__; then come to a conclusion like THAT?!?!

And speaking Kubo... Hahhahaha Lisa used to read books to little Nanao~! Reading porn to little girls is bad!


OH GOD Kubo have my BABIES!

*dying from the awesome tinged WTFery of it all*
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Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit



Kubo. You are... just... ARG!!!!

ALL of the Vaizard... ALL of them went to investigate and jaksdfljaklsdjf;aklsdj

*cries* You are so awesome. Kensei's still hot with all that shit on >_>


Kishimoto-sensei. Please stop drawing those cute little chipmunk/shock/surprise/wtf faces on Sasuke. It's really killing me with lawl.

But please do make more Itachi faces. Yes plz. As soon as people start iconing them -and I find them- I will totally load 'em on up~!


Apr. 25th, 2008 08:37 am
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So much hate... so, SO much hate DX XD DX
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WTF? Seriously, just... WTF?

But it's TOTALLY fucking hilarious to see how Sasuke reacts to the fact his older brother who he has been wanting to kill for YEARS was taken care of my an EGG... Delicious irony, oh yes...
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Yes. Naruto marathon Sunday. Best way to waste 4-5 hours ever! And Itachi. More sadistic than I remember him. I want to find the coresponding chapters [somewhere around 139] in the manga to make sure he really did all those things... cus he'd messed up... seriously...

You know, I've been reading Naruto, not as feverishly as I have been with Bleach however, but it's still been for a while now. Longer than I've been reading Bleach, and yet we just NOW found out what the true reason behind the Akatsuki is. The Leader wants to corner the market on ninja [which is actually pretty cool] and take over the world. Yes, he wants to take over the world. That... is so lame. I mean, I thought Kishimoto was more creative than that, but come on...

Creating wars and hiring yourself out for cheaper than a Hidden Village and slowly phasing them out of existance is brilliant, really. It isn't the first time nor the last that a person who was in charge of the military will be the one who runs the country and/or takes over that way. But... the way it sounds, 'I will corner the market on ninja and take over the world! ::insert meglomaniac laughter here::' is so lame I can't get over it... ::sighs::

Speaking of which, how exactly are the other members dealing with this? Do they give a rat's ass either way? What are they part of the orginization for? Itachi doesn't seem the type to want to take over the world. He doesn't even kill people when he has the chance to. He seems to enjoy playing with people more than you would guess. Kisame... is Kisame and freaking hilarious. ::snerks:: And rewatching it, he does talk more formally than you would think for a 7ft tall shark-man with a chakra eating sword who talks of chopping off legs to prevent you from running away. The others... Don't seem to be that interested in it either... whether being immortal, money-obsessed, art-obsessed, or just stupidily weird, none of them... ::shrugs:: Aa well... another for the 'WTF? Well, okay' anime books...


Sep. 17th, 2006 10:59 pm
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I was writing a story and trying to figure out what goes good with red hair besides green? I always thought brown was a little weird for the shocking red hair color Traine has, so I saw Pan get on and IMed her. She, too, has become a DA whore, so she shows me a DA picture where the guys has hazel-y eyes. Good for me, so there it is... Then, she sent me another link to The secret behind Hinata's blush. I love Hinata, but this is still hilarious...

Then, cus I click on the favorites and just end up going all sorts of favorites, I end up here... Even though it tells you not to click it... you know you want to...

And this one is by that same person... It scared the bejesus out of me...

I keep adding to this damn post... 0.o Anyway, This man os teh smex. Like, yes. You say calm, I think 'contemplating sexual relations', hello...


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