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\o\ \o/ /o/
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Okay. 43,062 words.

Work at 6am.

Get off at 2:30.

Last minutes rush for the finish line?

Procrastination for the win!

I'm just really hoping that my plot doesn't wrap up before then, but I'm expecting it to wrap up around 47k-48k words. If it does, I'm drabbling from other POVs for the finish, since I haven't ever written an entire novel from one characters POV before. It was interesting.

I'm really just marveling at how, for the past month [maybe even two months or more, I can't remember worth shit] I've had at least one day off on the weekend [F, Sat, Sun] and if not, Monday or Tuesday, and yet the ONE time that I need one of those days off, really need it, I don't have it. I've worked from this past Thursday [Thanksgiving] and have no day off until this upcoming Thursday. Normally, I'd just cringe and go 'Oh well', now I cringe in frustration and wonder if something has conspired against me. Besides myself. *see procrastination*
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Because these images are large, and yet hilarious to me for a variety of not so nice reasons:

Cutting like a boss )

And I have to say, iTunes international radio stations are boss. I should stop forgetting they're there.

A flashback:

And something new! I quite like this song.

This'll teach me to listen to the Bollywood Music Station.

And I just wrote the part I've been dying to get to since I started. NOW I get to blow lots of stuff up. Awesome.
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Hmmm. I'm trying to figure out if there's any significance in the little FSTs I'm making for my characters... in the fact all of Renee's songs have male vocals, and just about all the other male character's songs have female vocals.


Anyway. If I finish 1400 words tonight, I'll be caught up on NaNo. Getting to the stage where shit blows up ALWAYS helps up the word count. I love making things explode |D

Still haven't found that book. I've got 7 days to dredge it up or pay money I don't have for a new one.

Still purging my anime/manga that I don't want. Take it, please. 8|

Resisting the urge to draw. Resisting the desire to drabble. I shall funnel these creative urges into NaNo. *fist pump*

And a lady came in to work today and had a British accent. Doctor Who popped into my head, and I did a mental squiggle. I'm a dork.

Found two comics that I'll be stalking: Sfeer Theory, for which I like the art very much. And Teahouse. That I love because Axis [who I keep trying to call Axel] is an obnoxious, loud, red head. And I still have a red-head fetish. \o/ I want more online comics like Sinfest, because they've been going on for years and I can glutton myself on it for hours and still have years left to read =D
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Oh man, epic failure on productivity the past, eh, 3 days. I haven't written since... whenever the last time was. So I am, 3 days behind? It stems from my lack of desire to get on the computer. Happens once a week, just about. Ranges from a day to... uh, 3 days? A week? Dunno. Bad timing. BUT.


Military channel and now the BBC ate my life up today. I am proud to have gotten [most of] the dishes done and gotten almost all my clothes washed. Then, the irony of there being a Doctor Who marathon of the 11th Doctor on and I GOT TRAPPED. AGAIN. My full day of writing vanished into the mist. The last eh, 3-4 episodes of the season of Doctor Who was worth it though. Yes. Yes, it was. I'm finding myself enjoying this Doctor as much as the last. Quirky. And dances like an epileptic at a Rave.

Protip: If you have something to do, don't turn on the TV. Just. Don't.

Good news? I at least have the headlines for the last part of my outline. Details are easy once I have the overarching direction done. More good news. I drew another picture. I suppose I'm averaging one decent one a week now. That's actually quite amazing to me. One day, when I can afford a scanner that doesn't suck, and/or go commandeer someone elses' for a hour or so, I'll scan them and pop them up on DA or LJ.

Bad news? I have a fucking headache. Time to pop an Excedrin and try to crank out some words before the whole weekend is a wash. More bad news? I am now mentally talking in a British accent. Just horrid.

EDIT: I still can't find that library book, and every time I think about it and how the Dresden book ended, I throw up my hands and scream. Literally.
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Oh, God, I have work at 6 and yet I am not sleepy... despite having gotten up at 7 this morning.

Steaming along with NaNo, 16069 words strong. I am resisting all of my urges to go back and read the things I've written. Further resisting going back to take out the ricockulous amounts of exposition that's in this thing. As the only story I have planned from Blake's point of view, I am succumbing to the temptation to include his thoughts on everything and everyone around him to a fanatical extent since I realize that this is a novel in 30 days and will need to be marked to bits before I'm anywhere near happy with it. And I have a word count to fluff. Only exception to my going back rule? Adding details about items I forget he needs. I will not have magically transporting items in my story. At least not this one.

But right now, I'm happy to be writing it, and to have avoided the 'Terror' and 'Despair' portions of the Five Stages of NaNoWriMo so far. Happier still to not have reached a part where I was bored with it. Today was the hardest day, simply because I couldn't figure out how to connect my thoughts to move the story forward. Then I just bulldozed it and thought 'I'll smooth it out later.'

Imma have a lot of smoothing. Going back even a page ago I see the most horrible of word switches and misspellings. But I'm not changing a thing unless it'll confuse me on what I meant later on. Assuming I catch it before then since I don't re-read a lot of what I write when I do 2-3 rambling 8 sentence long paragraphs at a time. Which happens a lot.

Considering I haven't finished my outline yet [got stuck lol] and it is the scantest bit short of 2/3rds of a page with two out of the 4 major bulleted sections already completed, I am doing well. Perhaps better than 08 when I took it on the first time. Take THAT preparation!

Here's to hoping I can get a printed copy of this story for free like I could the year before last. Since this is a full, stand-alone story, I feel like it wouldn't be a waste of paper to print it out for me take to the book store with me to mark all over and stick post-it's on and scribble notes all over it. As long as I can give it one good read through and fix as many spelling and word switcharoos beforehand. Those easy mistakes I don't want to have to mark all over the copy for.

And let me finish my word count of the day before diving into scenes from other books entirely.
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Random tidbits from work:

Me: The schedule isn't done yet. B|
Kitchen Manager: Actually it is.
Me: No it's not. It isn't posted.
Kitchen Manager: That doesn't mean it's not done.
Me: Yes it does. It isn't done until it's posted, we've looked at it, and complained about it.
Kitchen Manager: *laughs* That was a good one.
Me: I've gotta get one in every day.

And the BEST one EVER. We have a fire station right around the corner, and recently, they've been coming in and getting sandwich meat for lunch. This saturday, I was rolling.

T: So, you're not supposed to soak wood in gasoline and put it in your fireplace, are you?
Fireman: .......WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?
T: I didn't. My step dad/father-in-law [something I forgot] did. Told him it was stupid.
Fireman: Yeah, you shouldn't ever do that. Gasoline is dangerous and highly flammable.
T: Told him. And Imma report him, too. :[ It was wet, and he soak it in gas then put it int he fireplace.
Fireman: Is he in ____ County?
T: No, he's in the city.
Fireman: Oh good \o

Me: *laughing forever*

His face. Oh, man, it was PRICELESS. It reminded me of all of those interwebz motivation and memes. The look of 'ARE YOU STUPID' on his face, even if it wasn't her. Aaa, humanity sometimes isn't fit for life.

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Figures. Had two library books. Mother and Uncle come into the house to start trying to clean it up. One of the books disappears. I shrug, since I have 2 weeks on one [lease book] and 4 weeks on the other. the one I have I return, thinking it's the lease book.

Non non mi ami or whatever it is in French. It was the 4 week book I returned [to the wrong library], and the other is still nowhere to be found. I'm racking up horrible late fees as we speak.


A few bits of non-monetary good news:
• NaNo is going well. I haven't really hit any hitches or had any loss of where to go next. No part that is boring and hard to trudge through. Only concern is that my outline isn't finished, so I have to fill that out before I catch up and start wandering without a plan. Luckily, every time I've stopped so far it's been at a part that I can easily start up again from. Maybe I could even keep writing from, if I got ambitious, but by the time I finish my 1667 words [and frequently more than if I'm on a roll and don't want to lose the image in my head] I'm tired and decide to quit while I'm ahead. Having a good stopping point is better for me than hammering it out to the next point, where I have to, basically, start fresh.

• Been drawing a lot more. I'm enjoying it. Sitting on the couch with TV in the background for white noise has led to many a productive and not-so-shitty session. Maybe my skills haven't atrophied so much after all \o/
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I am so tired, but if I got downstairs and watch TV, I WILL fall asleep. And then I have to get up at 5 again for work in the morning. Woe.

5109 Words:

I had one of those McRib sandwiches from Mcdonalds. Amazingly, my first time eating one. I love processed pork patties covered in BBQ sauce just like everyone else, but I think those banquet meals taste better. And that's sad. BUT at least it was big for less than 3 dollars!

I should take bets on how long it'll last this time before it goes away again.
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The Rally to Restore Sanity And/Or Fear was fun. I've gotta write up a little something about it before I forgot most of the more amusing things.

In other news, NaNo has started. I'm off to a slow start [1390], but it's 2am and I'm tired and I should have taken that nap earlier. :[

AND in other other news, Make sure to vote tomorrow! Assuming you have an election tomorrow B| I'm kind of hoping Chick-fil-A has a free sandwhich for me for voting, because that would be a delicious reward for a poor person.
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Doo doo doo-

Ignore this to-do list )
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I have about... fifteen days to figure out if I'm doing NaNo or not? I wanted to. Was really gung-ho-guns about it. Then. I dunno. A whole month slipped by without me thinking about it at all and I got a NaNo e-mail about a meeting at Capital Ale. I know I can pump out an outline, maybe do a few personality sections for characters that I have no standard profile on, but... I feel like I need a bit more complexity in my writing, in my plotting, and something more complicated than my original plot.

Goddamnit Dresden Files. Your connecting logic I can't ever truly follow until it's spelled out for me -yet when a mysterious person from previous volumes shows up nameless I can almost always snap my fingers and go 'Oooh, probably that guy/girl from that time' and be right- makes me want to try it myself. But I'm bad at it. :[

Very bad.

*crosses fingers* Either way. The five W's and H will help me \o/ Just gotta get my notebook that I started all of this in during high summer... I actually had a launching point from there.

And I need to back up all my stuff to my external HD sooner rather than later so I can reformat. I told myself I would do it before my new job started, and that's been pushed back to at least mid-November. No telling what's up with that, but if I start NaNo, I won't have time for that shit. B| Like. At all.

And Renee's profile is looming over me. I think I have more trepidation about doing her back story than anyone else. The school keeps changing as I mold my ideas about how everyone meets and making things more realistic. Or as realistic as they can get when you have Mercenary schools that are accredited. >_> Meh.
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Totally not cool [nor expected, but I can be oblivious to overshadowing, seriously] killing him off, Veritas mahwaka... or whatever they're called. I guess... the GOOD thing about a character's canon ending is that you know everything there is to know? EXCEPT NOT.

Totally not cool Rud. B| You were supposed to live!

In other news, I have about a month before NaNo in November. I am debating whether I'll be ready. Mostly because of all the work still pending on character studies for all the major characters, at least.

Still waiting for my background check to go through. I'm realizing I should have applied for all those other jobs, but I hate filling out applications. Same questions over and over except each time you fill it out it's for a specific system and you can't transfer it over. Man, I hate filling out the same stuff over and over again. Lucky I'm not in government work. OH WAIT-

RP has been going good. Very good. Back on track with plots in traction. Happiest I've been on that side of things in a long while. Go Go Go /o/

6am mornings = a real bitch. Time for bed.
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Aaa, so much stuff I wanted to briefly talk about.

Anita Blake )

Coming off of the Flirt book, the mini book, Hamilton starts to talk about how she does a mini story. A scene sticks in her head and sometimes it just won't get out of her head and she does it and everything comes out all the better for it. The little scenes I have in my head for my story that stalled are part of the reason why it's so hard for me to write a full book... that and I don't know how to end them. BUT that's neither here nor there. I think I'm going to do a side story I never would have been able to do in the full story anyway, since neither Blake nor Blaine are the main characters and it's only the results that matter in the main story. Even if I never actually DO include it in the main story, it'll be nice to just.... write and complete a story. It's been ages since I've done that when they weren't PWPs and, hey, the point of those is there IS no plot so there's nothing much to tie up in the first place.

Aaaand moving on to the more distressing news [to me] is that they're wrapping up the Census where I live. My CLA thinks they're collapsing my area into another one and we'll all be out of a job. Now, I knew it would happened eventually, as it was made perfectly clear to us that we're temporary. But since this IS government work, I totally expected it to last longer than it was supposed to, or at least not wrap up EARLY. So now I'm super pissed, because the reason why I wasn't able to make as much money as I should have been is because my current job fucked me over for hours. Those first three weeks turned out to be even more critical. I was hoping I could make it up, but no. I can't. The best I can hope is to transfer to another unit, but I'm doubting that. So, wonderful. I'm out of the hole, the time I had to try and figure out something else is past. I can't afford to not go back on the schedule 6 days a week when I don't have another income to at least balance it out. My life? Fuck it.

Speaking with my CLA has been a great boon for me though. He's the one who's given me all the ideas about an interest inventory to see what most interests me and all the other stuff that will hopefully be of help. Even if it isn't, at least he tried, I tried. Maybe something good'll come from it.

The last 5 days have been filled with 4-5 hour nights of sleep which just IS NOT ENOUGH for me. Since I didn't have a binder to work last night, I stayed out to read, went to the library, and then I got home and went to bed before 10pm. And it was glorious. Now I technically have today off, SO... I'm going to go fucking enjoy it B|
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Wooo failboat. Please set sail without me!

Time for me to go off-hiatus from my comms 8D [But I keep forgetting to >_>]

I haven't written for the past three days. I am not sad. Not at all XD This rest is well fucking deserved, damnit. Not to mention I'm thinking of what I need to add. I think I have a stopping place for this book, then I'll go back and add about 20 more pages of detail and fleshing out I had hoped I could skip but realize I can't \o/ ahahah~! *cries*

So. It is December. That means free userpics if I buy paid time for my accounts~ Which ones should I use...? I'm tempted to let both Kid and Grimmjow expire. I don't use them that often, honestly. I just have to re-arrange the icons to figure out which ones I want to keep. I'll buy my personal lj one though, since I would die without the expand feature. DIE.

So. What's going on everybody 8D?

I started MOAR series. Vinland Saga. Yay blood, vikings, and political movement \o/

I had other things to say, but fail. =o= *off to work*


Nov. 29th, 2008 09:26 pm
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Ahaha~ You guys are awesome |D~ Thanks for all the congratulations for passing NaNo! I think that makes my VICTORY OVER FAILURE that much better~!

So, back to my normally scheduled program. Click my babies DX. Yes. Even the TOMBSTONE. CLICK IT. A golden baby is under there waiting to liiiiiive!

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

The autumn eggs are out 8DDDDD

*steals a quiz*

Your rainbow is strongly shaded gray and brown.


What is says about you: You are an elegant person. You appreciate the roughness of nature. You depend on modern technology and may feel uncomfortable without it. You feel closer to people when you understand their imperfections.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.

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Derp derp

Nov. 25th, 2008 12:29 pm
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Mrrr... NaNo is going along. 40,273 is the perfect time for a little bit of a block, obviously. I've had one before and crawled through it. This one is a little different. *sits and thinks*

Nude Pics In Phone Lost At McDonald's End Up Online

Well. What have we learned?

1. Don't put embarrassing stuff on your phone.
2. If you do, don't lose it.


1. Making someone else pay for your lack of common sense. It's the American way, people.

In other news. TRUE BLOOD SEASON FINALE. AAAaaaaaaaaaaa *sobs* I need to watch it. Like now. I want it ;__; But I must wait. I think Thanksgiving would be a grand time for it 8DDD. RP. True Blood. Final words of NaNo. It's like a reward \o/

Man, this RP event couldn't have come at a worst time, honestly. I was on RPS and saw that secret about NaNo. Luuuuulz. I'm guilty, but I think I've been about as active as normal, honestly. Which is BAD cus I'm hardly active XD <--- a loser; I can see why people complain about how NaNo takes away everyone to write some shitty novel they may never want to look at again... but this hasn't really been that stressful for me. I think as this has come to an end it's gotten more pressing because the shininess of yaaaay NaNoooo~ has worn off, but hell. Even if I didn't write another damn word, I feel proud that I finally wrote so much of my story. Even after this, I think I'll try to keep a little schedule. Not much. Maybe a page a day. Maybe switch that out with working on my outline. Fleshing out my other story as I get ideas... and oh, I have ideas that I've not been writing out cus I'd distract myself... >_>

Speaking of, I'm distracting myself right now, woooOOOooo. Back to work. Back to writing. There's a tangent scene I'm working on before heading back to the outline, and the next bullet point is delicious indeed |D
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Okay. How Well Do You Know Kage? quiz.

Have fun with those random as hell questions.

I have a running guess at the people who would get good grades on this, since most of you I've known for a long time.

As usual: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Aaand I'm on schedule again. I have about... 9 days to finish if I want to start trying to validate by the 28th. Go go go!


Nov. 18th, 2008 09:08 am
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Falling behind slowly. Just haven't had a productive day. The weekends are usually fail for me, especially when I can't get on the computer for ph34r of my mother >_> Tonight there's a write-in for Richmond in Short Pump Barnes & Nobles. That place is cold and doesn't have enough chairs. I much prefer the Borders, so I think I'm going to go there instead. It's a good place and I'm faaar behind. Woefully so. I have about 9 days to finish 24,000 words. Hrrrmmm.

No internet for me for a while. >_> Unless I have.

LJ is going down today at 11am. That means hardly any distractions. Oh LJ. Sad, how you go down and all of a sudden the interwebz are a lonely place. -__-

I'm still trying to figure out how my story will end. *makes big watery eyes of woe*

Oh. And before Pan kills me for letting the Gold she got die.: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


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