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How long ago was it that Repo Men came out? I even remembered I had posted about it. I can't believe it was earlier this year. Feels much longer, but it's out on DVD and was in redbox.

So. I rented it tonight with Andrew and Adam. Have to say, a few places in there amused the hell out of me. One time, near the beginning, when they're turning in their catches for the day and Forest Whitaker comes up behind Jude Law like, 'What's the magic word?!' And Jude's like, 'Get off you bastard D:' and then 'Wrong answer! =D *tases* and Jude law collapses like '@$%@'. Oh God. I laughed. Then *tussle with one another* Wait wait. *holds on* 8D *tases*


Anyway. It was around the time Jude pulls a tube out of his chest that Adam ran away because. Big squick. He passed out when he got upstairs. \o

It was really the last scene where they're... well. Spoilers. But the last scenes in the big white room. Really? All of that? The movie was fun until then. Theeeen. >_> I watched that scene in the unrated version and the theatrical version. Not much difference. Yeeaah. They should have cut some of that out. 8| That was a HELL of a lot gorier than it needed to be, and I LOVE violence.

But anyway. Liev was a deliciously hilarious asshole!bad guy.

Jude and Chick: *pops up in the back of his car*
Liev: Come on. Again? *tased*

Aaa, so funny. But google 'tased' or 'tases' and there are a shitload of stories of cops tasing the most random of people, like 64 year old men and pregnant women. My mind. It boggles.
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Yes. This is what movies have become.

On a different note, I watched Donnie Darko last night. What stuck with me wasn't so much the movie itself [which was good, and eerie], but the special feature with people in the U.K. saying Americans didn't get the movie and calling us daft. *snooorts* I kinda laugh, because a movie about a plane engine falling out of the sky post 9/11 [one month after, in fact] is not going to be a movie that warms the cockles of the American people. I liked the movie and all, but I just have this thing about being labeled stupid just because I'm American. It's like saying all French people are snooty when you haven't ever met one. Dunno. But the movie itself was awesome, but I had to wraaaap my mind around it at the end. So if you get a chance, watch it. =D

Oh, sigh-

Mar. 2nd, 2010 01:42 am
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...oh my. Has anyone seen Repo: The Genetic Opera? I really liked it, even if I didn't enjoy all of the music.

But I saw this commercial the other day:

Holy crap. Really? Isn't this the same thing, except... made hip and cool with a bigger budget? I cry.

but it does have Liev in it... mmm, Liev Schreiber.
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Eastern Promises. I finally got to see it. Mmm, Viggo. And tattoos. I like how it didn't end with them together. I'm tired of those stupid half-asses romance stories thrown in for... whatever reason they have. They did have that attraction thing going on, but hay. He had the bad boy thing going. *shrugs*

Aaaand, my hours at work have been cuuuuutttt. *sobs into my hands* And I have to find new car insurance by June. AND just, another job in general. Don't even know what to do for that, but I need to seriously start searching, right?

My comp decided to be an ass, so I'm on chibi's netbook at mother's. If I'm lucky, my desktop will start up properly when I go home tonight and it was just overheating... even though the green light wasn't on when I started it last time. Srsly, that would suck if it was dead. Bad enough my paid account expired.

And RP!S today? Seriously, too much spare time. Find a better hobby. Please. That whole 'verified comm stealers' part RIGHT before using my post that just said it was all a communication fail? Reading comprehension. Someone lacks it.

Oh, and Reid's slip up? Hilarious. Why? Because it's true. Jump on him all you like, cus someone had to say SOMETHING and be offended, but we all know it's the truth. This political correctness is going to choke the hell out of us.

Note: Why do they always wait until the last minute to send out your W-2? Just because it's DUE on the 31st of January doesn't mean WAIT that long. Same for doing your taxes. Don't wait until the 15th. GD we're a procrastinating country.
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I never saw HP: HPB in iMAX like I wanted to. Chalk it up to ten dollars for one movie just not being fiscally responsible. And now it's out on DVD. ~___~

And why do people keep calling it.... 'climate-gate'. What do gates have to do with it. I never knew why it was called watergate, either. Obviously I need to research more.

On the issue though, I've been of two minds about it. There's one: Humans like to fuck up things and have been doing so for millenia. It's not that inconceivable that we ruined the atmosphere by being douches and not curbing how much poison we put into the place we live, whether ignorantly or purposefully for greed purposes. [Whatever happened to that hole in the o-zone layer?] And then there's two: we're one species, and while we've done a lot to change our environment to suit us, are we so bigheaded to think we changed the world on our own? That the earth isn't going on spinning around as usual and we have nothing to do with what happens as far as climate?

Eh. *shrugs* Though a lot of people pointing fingers at Al Gore for getting the hype up about global warming and us being the blame, did he know it wasn't real? You'd think, 'presidential candidate should know what for, eh?' but he might not have known about the lies either. I haven't seen any proof in those e-mails that he knew -though someone feel free to correct me- so he might have more egg on his face than the rest of us anyhow. How many of those scientists didn't want it to be known that nothing was really wrong because they might lose funding? Hrmmm.

Oh well.

Another thing that amuses me isn't Tiger Wood's situation, but the fact all of these 'experts' and people 'in the know' come out of nowhere to try and give him advice. Leave the man alone. He doesn't owe any of us an explanation. Good lord, he has enough shit to deal with without completely uninvolved people breathing down his neck for facts that aren't any of their business.

My real question is, are police reports, mugshots, ect, SUPPOSED to be on public record? How do reporters and such get that information? Informants? Do they just go to the station/library and browse through mugshots? Do they get sold to the highest bidder? What is it? Seems like an invasion of privacy to me, especially if it happened on your own private property.
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I have a headache... I've been getting them more recently. I don't really know why... BUT the real reason why I posted instead of going to bed:

I finally watched Star Trek. You know, the new movie. I liked it. 8D It was shiny. Yeah, the plot's been done a bajillliiion times, but revenge is revenge is revenge. I liked the shiny. I was more amused than I should have been at the repeated injections to the neck. Scottish accents |D and yay explosions \o

Then I watched Blood Diamond. Which is about... Diamonds that have been mined and sold illegally that -as a biproduct- fund civil wars that kills hundreds of thousands of Africans a year. It talks about how diamonds aren't really that rare [which amuses me, because when you think of all the oil and coal we use every day and how that is made from the same stuff diamonds are made of, it makes sense >_>] and that companies use supply and demand, locking up most of the supply to create more demand. Then about child soldiers. Smuggling. It was a good movie and I enjoyed it... well. In that 'Wow, that was a good ending but only because it's a movie' type of good. Makes me happy I don't give a rat's ass about jewelry, but diamonds are used in all sorts of things now. Who knows.

I still want to see Eastern Promises.

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Nov. 26th, 2009 02:11 am
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I just watched 'The Spirit' since my roommate took Star Trek.... somewhere, and I couldn't find it. =_= I really wanted to watch it tonight, too, but alas.

But anyway. I liked the art direction. Otherwise, the movie was meh. I wouldn't watch it again, unlike Sin City. Much less pay money to see it in theaters.

What I really want to watch right now is Eastern Promises. Mmm. Viggo~


Jun. 19th, 2009 03:30 am
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Okay, so, I have my booklist that I'm slowly working on. I finished Call of the Wild and now I'm on White Fang. Jay has been giving me comics to read and I've been giving him some manga he might like. I'm reading Legendary right now, and I gave him Death Note, Blade of the Immortal, and Genshiken. He didn't like DN, which I find amusing, because I was kind of experimenting on him when I gave that to him XD; But he likes BotI and Genshiken, so that's something.

I have my movie list, too. I watched 'Once Upon A Time in Mexico', actually not on my list, but having RPed with Sands really made me want to see it. Andrew/Adam have a mad movie collection, so I'm going to raid theirs before I actually resort to Netflix. It's not like we have cable, so if I'm tired of the comp and want TV. *pops a movie in*

Oh. I think I forgot to mention this on here. I moved out. I now share a house with several other roommates. Smells like freedom. *breathes in*

Also. Click these damn eggs.

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May. 30th, 2009 02:57 pm
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This trailer has been out for a while, but I hadn't seen it yet.

Who's going to see that at the iMAX?


This'll distract me from having to cut the grass.
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...Eggs. Yes. They're back. Simply because Pan got me four of the new ones and may shank me when I probably if I kill them.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

I left my list of manga that I'm currently reading at work. ~_~ It has 29 manga on it. That is sad. I'll just have to recreate it.

Last night, because I took an afternoon nap and couldn't fucking sleep, I watched 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days'. That movie. Was EVIL. And HILARIOUS. All of the things she did to that guy were so. very. horrible. It killed me with funny. I also was happy that unless I went stark raving mad, I wouldn't ever do that to someone.

*flops around*
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Bah. You guys suck. :< Give me movies for my MOVIE LIST damnit! I don't know what to watch on my own DX!! Not the classics anyway, that others enjoyed. You guys do more than READ, surely!

Speaking of, any manga anyone wants to recommend for me to read? Anyone? I need things to do at work during my break so my head doesn't implode... since I just got a huge new project piled onto my plate. At least that... 3.5 hour meeting wasn't a waste of time... and while it means that they think they can use me and it may provide... *some* job security. I think it was just because my co-worker already has enough on her plate and can't handle anymore, so they had to use me. I wish I was joking.

Paid account + 100 icons \o/ Hurray~ Kid's and Grimmjow's accounts are running out this month. *strokes chin* I'm definitely getting myself one, but who else? I think I orchestrated it so almost all my accounts expire in December, but I don't want to pay for time for accounts I hardly use. To be honest, I hardly RP at all anymore, despite random floods of tags I get. I feel so slack. My attention is wandering... but what ELSE would I do on LJ if not RP? Spam the hell out of my f-list with random shit? I find concentrating on writing at work to be....... very hard. And I don't have my materials for A+ cert yet [wait, yes I do]... Okay, procrastinating again, but I WILL do it. Might start at the new year... Maybe... ~_~


◘ Pulp Fiction
◘ Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
◘ A History of Violence
◘ Eastern Promises
◘ Cruel Intentions [Again; this movie lawled me, sorry]
◘ Saved!
◘ Clerks (Any Kevin Smith really... DOGMA!)
◘ Boondock Saints
◘ GATTACCA (or some such spelling, it's DNA sequence... Uma Thurman.)
◘ 80s and 90s:
◘ Pretty in Pink
◘ Breakfast Club
◘ Dead Poet's Society
◘ The Princess Bride
◘ Shakespeare in Love
◘ Emma (with Gwyneth Paltrow)
◘ Four Weddings and a Funeral
◘ Jerry McGuire
◘ Notting Hill
◘ Bounce
◘ Good Will Hunting
◘ The Crow
◘ Breakfast at Tiffany's
◘ Sabrina
◘ Roman Holiday
◘ Funny Face
◘ All About Eve
◘ Bringing up Baby
◘ Lawrence of Arabia
◘ Citizen Kane
◘ Gone with the Wind
◘ Miracle on 34th Street
◘ Blade Runner (it pains me to call this a classic)
◘ National Velvet
◘ The Magnificent Seven
◘ Unforgiven (pains me to call this one too)
◘ Dial M for Murder
◘ The Asphalt Jungle
◘ Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (the one with Katherine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier)
◘ Rear Window
◘ Rebecca
◘ The Usual Suspects (oi, now I feel old)
◘ The Manchurian Candidate (not the recent one, the original)
◘ The Thin Man
◘ The Maltese Falcon
◘ Adam's Rib
◘ The Philadelphia Story
◘ Twelve Angry Men
◘ Ben-Hur
◘ Spartacus
◘ Schindler's List
◘ A Beautiful Mind
◘ Casablanca
◘ Gentlemen prefer blondes
◘ The Day the Earth Stood Still (the original, "Klaatu barata nikto")
◘ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
◘ An Affair to Remember
◘ Alien
◘ Vertigo
◘ North by Northwest
◘ Basically, anything by Hitchcock.
◘ Secretary
◘ Eyes Wide Shut
◘ Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
◘ The Ninth Gate
◘ American Psycho
◘ A Clockwork Orange
◘ Peeping Tom
◘ The Company of Wolves
◘ Igby Goes Down
◘ Lucky Number Slevin
◘ Panic Room
◘ The Usual Suspects
◘ The Way of the Gun
◘ Jackie Brown
◘ Saving Private Ryan
◘ Pitch Black
◘ Predator
◘ Pan's Labyrinth
◘ Dawn of the Dead

OH GOD SHOULD I HAVE ASKED?! Kidding... mostly... >_>
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I've kinda gotten used to the profile page. I still think it's ugly. *shrugs* And stuff seems to load slower. I'm not sure if it's me looking for more faults in it, but it just does. Pictures take a while to load now when they used to just *POP* and be there.

Hrm. Work started off interesting. My supervisor came over to say that an order was going to be late and we shouldn't look at the requested date and look only at blah blah insert work related things here and I was like... but the date I put IS the 5 day ship time. D8 *confused* She went... "What? The way we were talking over the phone made it look like two weeks..." I'm like... "Eh? *counts on mental fingers* No... just 5..." "Oh... Nevermind then. 8D; Sorry about that."

Me: *facepalms* *mental sigh of relief*

I don't care if she gets things wrong. I only care if *I* get things wrong. I've been being careful. >: Veeery careful.


My seasonals are being difficult little bastards. =_= Help them grow please. Adopt one today!Adopt one today!


Yes, it's the that time again. I feel I should be productive, so between reading, studying for A+ Certification [which I'm going to start soon], writing [I've been moving details around in my head and filling out sheets and thinking of the things I need to add for the last part of this book], going to the gym [M,W,F], and contemplating how I can make healthy meals in my crockpot so I might actually LOSE weight/inches [cus I'm not, just gaining weight by making muscle out of fat and still not eating properly]. Anyone have any healthy meal recipes they'd like to share? 8D?

BUT I will get to watching movies soon. I'm tired of people asking, "Have you seen ------" and me going "8DDDD Remember who you just asked." which means no. =_=; SO, my f-list. It is time!


◘ Pulp Fiction
◘ Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
◘ A History of Violence
◘ Eastern Promises
◘ Cruel Intentions [Again; this movie lawled me, sorry]

Oh look how short and blank and empty it looks! You know what this means! Recommendations GET! 8D


Note: I should stop laying down to read when I 1. Know I'm tired; 2. Know my nap will not be a nap; 3. haven't gotten my stuff for work/gym ready yet;

Estimate Time Reading Began: 7:15pm
Estimated Time Nap Began: 8:30
Wake up Time #1: 9:15
Wake up Time #2: 10:30
Wake up time #3: 3:15am
*shuffles around to put some shit in order and change out of clothes in pajamas*
Wake up Time #4: 7:05am *gets ready for work and BAM hay thar*

Oh Hay!

Dec. 29th, 2007 06:03 am
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I've been meaning to do a post like this, because I am woefully unread. The classics like Hamlet? Never read it. Macbeth? Forgot everything except "Out! Out damn spot" which I'm pretty sure isn't even quoted correctly. I don't even remember who she killed. I could even have the wrong play, seriously. So this is my 'I HAD MY EDUMACATION' post.

Recommend books or movies that I should read/watch because THEY ARE MORE AWESOME THAN THE SUN or because I'm stupid to not have been forced to read them in Highschool. Though I did like Lord of the Flies. I'm pretty much interested in anything, and because I'm a major pervert/weirdo, nothing is off-limits. I may have even read it before but my memory span is about as long as a gnat's.

So yeah. GO! GO! GO‼


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