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Oh, many failures abound. I believe that most of them do not belong to me, but effect me a lot. This is going to be about school and a new job.

First: School.

I have registered for classes, but I need to change two of them. I need 12 credits to make full time and not lose my grant money. Also so that I can defer my loans for school. I have to figure out WHICH to take though. So far I have 8 credits that I KNOW I'm going to take. And then I have to find a 4 credit so it's an even twelve so I have enough money without paying out. If I would do a 3 credit and then find a 1 credit diddly class just for shits and giggles I would, but gdi. Can't find them and I don't want to scour the whole catelog, and I can't search the database by how many credits the classes are. Bollocks.

Then I still have to make sure financial aid goes through, and I put in my transfers from my two colleges so I'm waiting to see what they're going to accept as credits. Hopefully at least the basics and the basic computer class. I refuse to take that shit again for 20 bucks only to fail because the tests are stupid. There are 5 different ways to do EVERYTHING in microsoft products, yet they only want you to do everything ONE way, and if you click wrong, penalized. I click all over the place when doing stuff, I'm not wasting 20 bucks to take a test I know I'll fail.

AND NOW WORK: Oh. LOL. The USPS is a piece of work. I knew this was going to happen. I put in for the job, and they called me back this past Tuesday? She asked how soon I could start, and I said I had to give two weeks to my current job and she said, no joke, verbatim, "We don't got that amount of time. We need people now." Holy shit. You want people to drop EVERYTHING and burn bridges for you. Okaaay. Long story short, she was R U D E. She said she'd call back that day or the next day. She didn't. Instead, my mother called me this morning telling me to get there before 10:30 so I can do medical stuff and all. I'm like ajskfja because not so much sleep, going to bed at 3 am and mother calls at 9am. Mostly because I was venting to Kris about the rude lady.

So I go up there, annoyed because there's a chance that Orientation is going to be Saturday and Monday. Really. WTF. How do you call people in on Thursday and then turn around to start them working Saturday? Even if it's orientation. That's why they have shitty people. Because the only ones who can get a job are a. people who have no job right now [for varying reasons, not all bad]; and, b. people willing to drop their other job with no notice; otherwise known as discourteous bastards.

It was only supposed to take ten minutes, but APPARENTLY I had to do the interview and such too because the medical stuff wasn't supposed to happen until after I got the interview and was going to be hired e___e WELP. So I did the med stuff and took my interview. But LOL I had work at 12:30 and had no idea I was going to be there from 10:20 until 12. They don't seem to realize I have other obligations. They want you to drop everything RIGHT THEN and bend over backwards. If you don't, they skip right over you and just take someone else. It's such bull.

But now, at least orientation isn't Saturday~ But it's still Mon-Wed, 8-12. Oh, joy! Still less than a week's notice. And the new schedule hasn't even been posted for next week. So I have to go in tomorrow and fucking scramble around to try and GIVE people my shifts or change shifts so I can make orientation, because if I don't, *skips right over* and then I'll be shit out of luck. The other job that I really want that's paid more is still calling people, and my score was shitty, so I'm way down on the list. I'm hoping already being in the system will give me a leg up.

Even if it doesn't, if I can hack this 40+ hour a week job AND school I'll be able to get ahead on bills and have a nice nest egg. But I'm still kinda mad, because the way they're talking, I'm going to have orientation Mon-Wed, and they might ask me to go in to work WEDNESDAY NIGHT. I'm so pissed! It's bad enough that I can't go to Otakon now. But I can't even spend that night with everyone to joke around before they all head up. And then Cheza is still going to be in town until Wednesday, so I have to spend time with her, but I just. Don't know how I'm going to work this and still sleep. *cries*

My life. Full of fail. But at least I'll be able to pay Pan back for registering for me for the past two years >_>
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OTAKON. Who on my f-list [lj only people] are coming and going to be in my room? My calculations are 7 people right now, but a few maybes.


SCHOOL. I have applied, spoke with my counselor. I skipped... a few steps I think. .__. I have to speak with the transfer specialist, and then probably financial aid. I have grant money to use, but I don't know how the hell all of this stuff works. I know I need the money to pay for classes and the books and all, but I'm hoping I'll have some left over. I'm kind of doubting it. BUT going back into school on a full time basis WOULD delay my student loans. Which is a major part of why I can't ever catch up. 200 bucks going towards that every month.

Even if I only go full time one semester [fall] I would still have 6 months after that before they start again. And by that time, I'll have paid off one of my loans, and if I do it right, possibly my car, too. That would be such a load off. But then all the money would just go to my mother, who I... haven't really been paying all of my rent to since I moved in. ⌐_⌐ I have a roommate now, finally, a co-worker who's nice |D and it's amazingly helpful for my mother to have someone who is actually PAYING to stay in the house. But then the AC blew up. So she's still in the hole paying for that. It's like Murphy's Law decided to target us specifically.

And, of course, I don't know which courses I want to take. I have been looking at the Networking Fundamentals, because I thought to myself that maybe that's what I should have done. It has more hands on work and not just staring at the computer all day. Probably. It's a certificate and not a degree, but based on it I can get my A+ cert later, which I should have had ages ago, and yet 8|a

But then there's WELDING. I don't know why that's stuck in my head, but I kind of want to go for it. It's also just a certificate, but I figure I could get it in two semesters as extra classes to take. Problem is, it's at another campus. It's a good clip away, but I believe some classes are at the campus closest to me. If I'm lucky, it's the ones that are the fundamentals that I need to take first that are over here, so I can figure out whether to power on or just drop it. At least with the networking stuff it's all over here. If I like the classes, I can jump right into the associates while trying to find a service desk job or something. I thought about a bachelors, but computer science is a lot of math and programming and that's why I didn't want to do web design. The programming part that is. Eventually I will probably have to get a bachelors in SOMETHING so that I can get higher paying jobs, but I'm just happy to have some kind of plan.

I haven't told my mother anything either, because then she'll act all happy and if I drop the ball her disappointment will crush me. ;__;


Work. Not getting enough pay, as usual. Not enough hours, but I don't really want more. I'm hoping to get a call for that post office job at the end of this month, but who knows. If I do, then I'll have that, my current job, and school. I don't know how that'll work, but I have to give it a shot. If all else fails, I'll have to drop down from my current job to one day a week or something. I just need to keep it because I DEMAND to get my vacation week. I would also like to keep my insurance, but pft. Who knows.
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Long time no see personal LJ. I blame it solely on Plurk. There were a lot of things that I was supposed to continue ranting about, but my back hurts and I feel a little queasy.

I really need to get on the Otakon stuff, but I have no idea how many are coming. Really, I just want a firm number. Don't tell me who thinks they're going, or plan on going or aren't sure or whatever. I just want a nice solid number. e__e Creating the table isn't that hard, but I'm just... kinda over having to plan all this shit and dealing with the stress of some -what should be patented- stupid. If I didn't hate so passionately the idea of giving my money to someone else I'd let someone else do it. Last time I went to a con someone else planned the money out for I cringed because I felt like they were getting ripped off, and I didn't even PAY for a spot in the hotel room because I was broke and they needed my car to get there anyway. e__e

Otherwise, I should be going back to school for a few classes, but I need to get off my ass and register for classes and figure out what I'm going to take. It may be grant money [ie 'free'] but I don't want to waste it. I need to go by the school and pick up a catalog. I hate PDFs and I still like having a book in my hand that I can physically sit down with and flip through. Being on the computer is just a giant distraction to me. I want to take a sewing class and do patterns and... MAKE STUFF. I liked it when I took home ec in middle school, but my schedule in high school was just a clusterfuck of classes and I didn't/couldn't follow up on it.

That and I have an aversion to making things that just sit around the house and gather dust. It's another reason why I don't get canvas and do chalk pastels. I hate things lying around with nowhere to put them. Feels like a waste.

So yeah. And I applied for two USPS jobs. Both pay more than what I get now. I'm just... really hoping my not so great test score won't put me too low on the list to get hired. I have two bills that have only a year left before they're paid off, and if I get this job, I can pay them both off and just have a few less things to have to pay every damn month. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers*
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I should be going to my mother's house, but gaaaaaaaah I don't want to. I want to sit on my ass at home and tag all day. e__e

Borders Bookstore is closing near my house! That makes me sad. :[ I always preferred them over B&N and Books-A-Million. Walden's closed a couple years ago, so now we don't have any Borders or Walden's nearby. OTL Everything was 20-40% off though. Since I got my tax return back and I hadn't bought books for myself in a long time, I decided to splurge. I got Dogs 3 and 4, Ooku 4, the last two Allie Beckstrom novels, and Tim Butcher's Small Favors in hard back! Yes, it's like, number 8, but it was HARDBACK and only 7 dollars before the discount! I want all of them in hardback, so I couldn't pass that up, really! I've read them all, so the order doesn't matter too much.

I turned in my application for the CCC Trails program in California. I want to get away and just do stuff, but not sure if I really want to drop everything at home and go off XD I'm also not sure if I can do the physical portion. I definitely should have started working out before, but it was cold and I'm not shelling out for a gym membership. *sighs* Oh well.

The Orange push-up milkshake at 'Cook-Out' was... DELICIOUS. It was like a creamsicle, that you can suck through a straw. Oh god why so good... WHY.


Feb. 2nd, 2011 04:24 am
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Taxes are done.

Contemplating Captain John Hart.

Let's hope I get up in enough time to go for a walk. Fucking cold.

Reading the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.

Need to work on that job application... Where do they even sell Dickies Brand Long Sleeve Button-Up Work Shirts, Ben Davis Original Brand 50/50 Heavy Weight Twill Pants, and Vasque Summit Boots?

Time for google...


Sep. 14th, 2010 04:09 pm
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They called me back and said they were interested in me for the job \o

The next step is a background check.



Jul. 20th, 2010 12:39 am
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Nfu... fufufuf.... fufufuffu...

Hopefully, this will bode for good things to come /o/

Thanks Chris =DDDDD
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Tanjoubi Omedetou [livejournal.com profile] burple_nurples~!

And because I don't want to spam and post that THEN post this, too. I GOT THE CENSUS JOB. I'm disappointed that I didn't get the supervisor position, but still. Eight weeks at 16.25 an hour with mileage. At LEAST eight weeks, I hope. Maybe more. I wouldn't be upset at more. >_> Starts the end of April. That's lucky, as all of my student loans come due in May. *sob* Then I need to find another job to replace it in two months time. Fuuuu. Ganbare! Or something.
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Okay, when I was mentally writing this post in my head earlier, it was going to be a super happy post. Now, it's just frustrated.

The Census Office called me back today, and I was so stoked. Yes, I said stoked. Unfortunately, I was at work, so I could't call back until my lunch break.

Turns out, they can only accept 3-4 people at a time, and by the time I went on lunch I had just missed the last opening. It is SO frustrating, because the lady told me it was to potentially be the supervisor/team lead and THAT'S WHAT I WANTED. ajksdlja;k

They're thinking the job will only last 8 weeks, which... isn't as long as I was expecting. That makes me missing this opportunity even WORSE because the later it gets, the more likely I'll have LESS than 8 weeks.

*face in my hands*

Then, My co-worker cut herself on the slicer. Snip snip, off with the tip, just like mine. HERS was worse, and that nifty 6 dollar bandage did noooot help her. So she actually had to go to the hospital. B| That means that they only have one person closing, as the other person gets off at 9, and the closing person... doesn't know how to close. 8| So I'm going back in at 8-10 just to do the stuff at night that I don't normally do since someone else beats me to it. >_>

Here's to me not fucking it up \o

Also, here's to getting another call from the census, and me abandoning whatever I'm doing to answer the gd phone OR CALL BACK RIGHT AWAY.
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Otakon's in about a month. I've been pretty fucking lazy about putting up prices and such because I didn't want to post up charts and be asked a bajillion questions about how many people are going and how much is it and the 'I can go' and 'I can't go, but wait maybe I can'. So. My first chart which is more of a list of people who are going.

People Going
Driving Up WithMeeting Us There

I'm sure I forgot someone. And if you're bringing someone along, tell me now. =o= *prepares to adjust chart*

As for my other rooms, Ari has one and is sharing it with her two chibis, Zully, and Athy, as far as I know. That leaves 3 rooms still open at the Holiday Inn. I'll give 'em to someone if they want.

Note: I hate filling out applications. Please die in a fire, electronic application system. Twice.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

List Get

May. 29th, 2009 02:26 am
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Caught up with RP? Check.
Caught up with F-list? Check.

New Naruto. Please stop failing. That logic? It doesn't work. Eyeshield 21 > Others. That's kind of sad, really.

New job? Fail. Try harder.
Anime Boston con report? Not even done Wednesday yet. Fail harder.

I need a new sleep schedule. This staying up until the sun rises is a bad habit unless I truly plan on being nocturnal. Wait until I move out. Theeen we'll see.


I have a long to-do list. *puts making to-do list at the top of my mental to-do list*

Motivation get.


May. 19th, 2009 02:35 pm
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Car is in the shop getting my window transmission fixed. I'll be leaving for NJ tomorrow morning. \o/

I was surprised when they actually gave me a notice saying I'd get unemployment benefits. I hadn't applied earlier because the last time I tried I was denied and I didn't feel like getting my hopes up. A few days later [today], I get a notice saying I might not get employment benefits. Figures. Whatever, job hunting anyway, since I pushed back my move out date to mid-June and I don't plan on budging.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Just to get them out of the way. Pan got me all those eggs and I'm leaving for 5 days. Don't blame me if they die. :|

Packing and shit to do. Clothes to wash. Stuff to charge. Clean the floor. Go to the bank to get an IRA.

Last time I tried to get a banking job, my mother and grandmother gave me the wary eye and told me to shy away from them, since they're dangerous and banks get held up all the time. Or something. Now, I'm not taking anyone's advice anymore. Whatever I decide to do is on me. Whenever I take someone else's advice, it never seems to go as well as I think it would if I'd done what I wanted. I'm 23 years old. Time to stop pandering to others. Even if it's my mother.

Only problem with Bank jobs is getting Bank clothes. Can't wear the same things every 2 weeks.


May. 6th, 2009 05:11 pm
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Okay, so. My windshield wiper blade on the driver's side is DEAD. Yes. Doesn't work. It's supposed to [and has] rained all week. Oh life. You seek to beat me down.

I was hoping that it was because of the accident I had last March so insurance would pay for it, but the dealership licensed bodyshop wanted 85 just to look at it. The place around the corner did it for free. :| He also told me it probably wasn't the accident from a year ago. It just broke. So I'll save my 85 dollars just so they can tell me I have to pay for it all myself and get it done at the shop around the corner.

Part from the dealership = 180. JUST for the PART. Are you shitting me? Guy says he'll look for a used one. Okay, that's good. Finds one for 75 bucks. Then 77 for labor and whatever to fix it. 150. That's cheaper than the damn part from the dealership. Score \o/. Even if it breaks again, it would have been 250 for the new part and the labor vs getting it fixed twice for 300 bucks total. I'd rather give them the money to fix it again than the other place. Screw them. >:

Comcast had a recruitment session today. I went in, probably passed the first part for math and shit. Srsly, that was pretty easy, though I didn't finish all the questions. It's that, 'Ask you the same question 3 different ways part' that probably failed me. I hate those. I answer truthfully, and really, that's my downfall. They don't want the truth. They want you to become a better liar so they can hire you. Srsly. If I know what I'm talking about, I can get any job I apply for, as long as I don't have one of those day psychological tests that's so common now. Making you second guess yourself. Hard to be cynical and get a job when you think most people will lie to save their ass. You KNOW it happens. What are you supposed to say? 'No, I think people will tell the truth even if they get in trouble for it.'?

'cus that's a bold faced lie right there.

Anyway. Eggs: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Now I'm going to eat a nice, big bowl of cereal, watch a little TV, then go visit Pop Pop in the hospital and hope it doesn't rain.

Fucking tornado warnings. :|
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...oh man. Shit might hit the fan at work.... >_>

This is why you don't lie, especially if you aren't adept at it.

I wonder if we'll have truck drivers next week. *cringes*

And man... Birthday's coming up! Must. Get. Presents... orz

And... Oh god XD I'm going to hell for that thread...

Uchiha Madara. Uchiha Itachi. Uchiha Sasuke. Mitarashi Anko. Orochimaru. In that order. On one bed.

What have we dooooooone!?!?!??! *lulz*

I should renamed it from "Opportunity knocked and Crazy opened the door" to "Three Uchiha. Four Cocks. A Woman. and A Baby."

*shot x2*
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… I've been slacking at any real updates to my journal, and since I'm in a very ranty mood, I'm just gonna lump all of these mostly unrelated things into one HUGE ass post. They're all cut, for the most part, cus even I don't want to see how much space this'll take up when I've finished. Three pages 12 pt Times New Roman with 1" margins WHUT

When it comes to fan translations and professional translations, of course there's a difference. )

I put in some thought as to why I'd be staying home... )

Does anyone know or care about those Steps 1/2/3/4 [of Four] Complete I was posting a bit ago? Even if you don't, it was my steps in completing my Grimmjow application for [livejournal.com profile] campfuckudie. You can look at it here if you're curious. Scroll aaaallllllllllllllllllllll the way down to the last one.

Step One : E-mailing mods to see if Grimmjow was applicable.
Step Two : Completing application.
Step Three : Sending the application out for betaing
Step Four : Sending in the application

You can't just take the good part and leave the bad stuff behind… )

Why do all the pretty boys do other pretty boys? )

Gah, and that's all of it, I swear. I had another one, but I've been working on this post for hours and I give up on the last one… Lucky I even reread this for coherency and spelling errors which are still everywhere so shut up
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Osu! I finished the DVD of Eyeshield 21 today! ::jumps:: Yay! Now... I want more... go figure... I haven't passed the point where I am in the manga yet, and even though I've read it, I don't remember a lot of the shit that happened. 0.o My memory sucks.

Oh well. I finished it, so now... Honey & Clover! It's in my comptuer *right now* and tomorrow, when I get up [and I get to get up when I FEEL like it cus I already finished my stuff for Programming 113 and can sleep IN! Yatta!] I can watch at least the first 3 eps... about an hour... Then, when I get home from work, at least anough hour or so. ::smiles:: Aa. It's so nice, but I've been slacking off on my reading because of it... but I better finish Honey & Clover first, cus I get distracted easily...

Speaking of distractions... The Huh huh Brothers from E21... I can't find their voice actors... 0.o I'm serious. Or at least not to Jumonji Kazuki's. I looked *everywhere* I could think of and couldn't find it! ANN.com didn't even have it, and if it did, I missed it all of the 3 times I looked. ::cries:: I really like his voice. Who is it~? ::cries::

Mai Hime Spoilers that have nothing to do with anything... )

::cries:: That fact that I'm posting this now so early in the morning means I didn't get to sleep in. ::falls over and cries some more:: My mother forgot this folder, and I had turned the finger off on the phone the day before and forgot to turn it back on, so when she couldn't get in contact with me, she called Nana... And of course, Nana can't just do anything and leave. No. She HAS to wake me up. Every time.

A flashback to not that long ago... and more bitching... )

Oh well. After watching the first 4 minutes of a random Honey and Clover epsidoes, #11, I think it'll be funny. Should cheer me right up and I won't have to resort to Black Guy in Japan! which is good, cus I'm running out of stuff to read.

I'm gonna need humor, too, cus my job trainer is pissing me off )


Apr. 2nd, 2006 04:16 pm
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Aa, oh how I wonder if this good karma will last. I got the job at Wachovia. I put in my two weeks notice at the other job, and I start this Monday. ::sighs:: It'll be three weeks of training. Hopefully, it won't suck as much as I think it will. With my next check, I'm going to have to buy a new CD player so I can give Pan back hers. ::sighs:: I do assume, of course, that this next and final check of my current [or should I call it my past?] job will be enough to cover anything at all. It only has 3 days of work on it. ::snorts:: I find that to be so pathetic. But, lucky for me, I got this job, or I would have been hurting something fierce. Hell, I'll still be hurting because I know I won't get paid for at least two more weeks from Wachovia and this check will be all that sustains me for that time. It will only have 17 1/2 hours on it. ::snorts:: That's barely 120 dollars. It might not even BE that much, but it should pay for gas and such.

Along the lines of work, the post office finally called me back. Could their possibly be timing worse than that? I have an interview on Tuesday, but I have no hopes for getting the job. I would only be able to work 3 days out of the week. ::smiles:: I feel almost blissful right now for not a very good reason. If I did get the job, I'd be working 7 days a week for as long as the post office wants to keep me, which may be as long as 6 months. I'd also have to get up early everyday. No sleeping in for me. The money, though, would be great. I can just imagine how much I'll be able to save. ::sighs happily:: Anyway, I had some stuff to talk about, regarding Asahu-chan, but it'll just have to wait until I go to school tomorrow, if I remember. He's just frustrated and flustered I can't help but think it's cute, but just the thought irritates me that I resort to that damned word... Oh well...

Owari. Kage. And I have even grander plans for my revision of my first truly long original story. Man. It's going to eat me alive...
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I'm really cold. I don't know why they make these classrooms so cold. ::shivers:: Well, I've slowed down on my reading. A lot. I'm still reading, but I've dispersed it throughout the day instead of it being the ONLY thing I do during the day. I'm in class, and we aren't doing anything, but instead of picking up that dreaded book [I actually just put it down again], I've started typing up some future scenes in my story. Honestly, I hate doing it this way, but I've yet to find my notebook with all of what I've written in it. Imouto says she doesn't have it, I vaguely remember picking it up, and putting a black notebook in my bag, but not if it's the one I'm looking for. If it is, it's in my room [hopefully] somewhere. I hope it is, so I can find the damn thing and start typing up my story.

I've almost caught up on fictionpress.com to where I have typed. It's so ridiculous. I can't update every week it seems, because it takes me 2 weeks to get around to doing anything. Before, my updates used to just come bi-monthly anyway. It just happened like that cus I had no sense of direction. Me and Mr.Outline just never seemed to get along until the end, and when we did, it sped along so stupid fast I didn't even know what to do with myself. With an outline, it's just too constricting and my chapters get short and everything is straight point A to B to C to wherever without anything in between. All the random scenes of fun, unless planned out, get killed by Mr.Outline and he blames Ms.Plot for it. ::sighs::

Oh, but good news. Wachovia called me back. Bad news, I wasn't home. I don't even know when they called. It must have been after 5:05, because that's when I left the house. I'm hoping to all high hell that when they call me back [They better. ;_;]. If they do, I can put my two weeks notice in immediately! ::cheers:: Here's to hoping [again]!
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I've been reading like a crazed mofo for the past 2 or 3 weeks. Not manga, or even fanfiction. Books with just words. No pictures at all [save the cover]. I haven't even really watched TV at all until yesterday. And what did I do when I finally watched TV? I watched VH1's I Love Toys for 4-5 hours and then a random documentary on Discovery Health about Sex. ::laughs:: Yeah, yeah, I shouldn't go without TV for too long or I'll go crazy. I was cracking up so hard it was ridiculous. Michael Ian Black really kills me. that guy is just so funny... That's why I named one of my characters after him, but he won't appear in the story for a long time. =_=

I think the last time I actually watched TV aside from yesterday was last Saturday night/Sunday morning when Gits:SAC 2nd Gig was on. That's all I watched. I got home at 9ish after work. I restarted reading La Cinq on fictionpress.com and stopped at around 10:30 or so to read Royal Assassin by Robin Hobb. I skipped Bobobo-bo-bobobo because it makes my brain ooze out of my ear. Hagaren is over, so I had nothing to watch at 12, and then Gits came on, so I watched it. Then, I went to bed. ::shrugs::

Then, I found out I don't work again until this Saturday! I mean, holy hell! I only have ONE day of work this week. ONE. It makes me so happy and yet fills me with dread at the same time. It's like 'I'm free!' but when I go back to work I feel like I don't belong. =_= That and when I get my check in 2 weeks, I'll cry. Cry a river of tears. If I don't get this job, I'll be so screwed it'll be ridiculous. ::laughs nervously:: Here's to hoping...!
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::stretches:: It's been a while since I updated. But, money troubles ahoy! Actually, they're already here. I think I've been searching for a new job off and on for about 3 months now. Every time I get my foot partially in the door, or at least think I have a chance of getting out of the place I'm at, it gets slammed in my face or doesn't open at all. ::sighs:: Even if I was working full time there, I wouldn't be making enough to save up 7,000 in 6 months. Hell, could I even save up 2,000 dollars? With a maximum of 560 a week, taking out 20 for gas, 25 for food, and 60 for con expenses, that's 455 dollars. I'm not going to stop buying manga, and at least 3 come out a month, and on the heavy months [like April and July] I have 9-11 books coming out in one month. So, saying I take 25 per check, I have 430 left that I should be able to supposably save, assuming I don't eat any good food and KYO-HAN doesn't break down somewhere AGAIN. So, there's 3 months left before I have to get another loan... either by myself or none at freaking all. That's 3 months and at most, 2580 dollars. That's not enough. ::groans:: It'd be okay, if I could pay it every month, the difference, but I can't. I also have 100 dollars every month going for college because they want us to pay it down while we're in school, too, before the interest kills us. That's 100 less that I planned already. =_=

Me + Money + School = Emo )

::sighs again:: This whole post has been a bitching session, hasn't it? Oh well, typing it up really does form the thoughts in my mind, so I feel better about it at least, but goddamn do I have a lot of complaints... I guess that's something else to be working on...

Owari. Kage. I usually have spelling errors, but there'll be more in this than usual 'cus I didn't give it a last edit...


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