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Drabble + One-liner Prompts

Ummm... I probably dug my own grave... and Jillian is piling on the dirt by giving me actual prompts. This table is for a series of Itanko drabbles and one-liners that I'll be completing in no particular order over the course of however-the-hell long it takes me to finish them. All of these are from Itachi's viewpoint and will be linked as I complete them.

1. Not Forgotten2. Running Away3. Simple Pleasures4. Awkward Moments5. Hands
6. Games7. Defeat8. Stolen Kisses9. No Time10. First Time
11. Vision12. Rush13. Underneath14. Teacher Teacher
15. Sin
16. Love17. Resurrection 18. Sacrifice19. History Repeats Itself 20. Last Chances
21. Make Believe 22. Demons23. Battle Scars 24. Proving Something 25. Accidental
26. Last Stand 27. Fire 28. Drunken Antics 29. Behind Another's Eyes 30. The Impossible
31. Cruelty 32. Death33. Heat 34. Give Me A Past 35. Goodbye
36. Dreams 37. Missing 38. Repetition 39. Blood 40. Sweet
41. Suicide 42. Jealousy 43. Point of No Return 44. Forgiveness 45. Memories
46. Shouldn't Be Like This47. In Search of Something 48. Laughter
49. The Morning After 50. Can't Get What You Want 51. Hidden Meanings

Update April 9th : #'s 23, 29, 35, 46
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23. Battle Scars )

29. Behind Another's Eyes )

35. Goodbye )

46. Shouldn’t Be Like This )
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33. Heat )
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19. History Repeats Itself )

26. Last Stand )

31. Cruelty  )
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• She had a body made for bearing children, but her mind was only intent on nurturing herself, and his was only capable of conceiving hate.

• She submitted to him as was right, but on the occasion that she bared her teeth and fought him, a shiver went though his body and he could not bring himself to mind it at all.

• After his memory returned, he was disturbed by the look he had caused to flit across her face; he never wanted to see it again.

• The idea of touching and being touched implied an intimacy that he allowed to very few people; the way her fingers casually walked up his arm was anything but casual to him.

• He enjoyed the peaceful times when she would simply lay on him and relax, but it never lasted more than 5 minutes because her hands had a habit of straying to what her mind was thinking of, and she was a pervert.

• Sometimes, when he was floating between sleep and wakefulness, his mind would get into arguments with itself over how something like this could have happened, but then she would bury into his side and say something completely nonsensical and he would sigh thinking. 'That is enough.'


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