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Apr. 24th, 2009 09:35 pm
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...maybe I shouldn't have? But then again, yes. I just should have stopped while I was ahead. Always knew I talked too much =o=

...and fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck VINALAND SAGA. I'm so mad he's DEAD. I thought he would get out of it somehow! God DAMN. And dude. Thorfinn is just whacked the fuck out. Doesn't even know what to do with himself anymore. Poor bastard. I'd like to see him as Canute's man. Even though getting him out of those traveler's clothes into something more suitable for a King's Man would probably only happen if you set him on fire. Maybe.

Reborn... Mmm, suits. But wtf is Yamamoto?

Eyeshield 21. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Why do I like sports manga D8 It is so shounen it hurts. Best two pages ever. Oh Agon. Just give up and be part of the team spirit \o/. Every week I spaz more over E21 than any other shounen manga I'm reading right now. Even more than Bleach. Though Bleach does make me roll... down the stairs into the street. I think, recently, I've really started to notice different body types more. Partially from E21, and even more since I was sharing artwork with [livejournal.com profile] crimsonstarroad last night. I need to get better and draw more. I've been craving it, but RP stuff has taken the front seat again... Moving on-

East of Eden episode 3. Lulz. The other guy died. That's what you get, cheating bastard \o. Though he was the type of character I liked.

Finished Toradora. That last episode, oh god so cheesy.

FINISHED DARKER THAN BLACK. And that amusing in a horrible way OVA. WHY do they ALWAYS kill the guy I like? I'm totally in the mood for November/Kirihara fanfiction now. Excuse me while I go shoot myself in the head.

Also. \o Hei does have a sexy collarbone. Police lady totally is right about that.

AND the second OP for DtB. It confused me. It didn't seem to fit the show AT ALL. I got used to it, but I still think it doesn't fit.
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Eyeshield. Fuckin. 21.

DAMN this thing KILLS me. There are many, many times when reading it I feel like tt overrides Bleach and Naruto in being my favorite shounentard series. I should talk about it more, but all of the chapters recently have been great, and pulse pounding, and cliffhangers that make me want the mangaka to die in a fire, BUT...

I have no muses from there. It saddens me. ;__; Oddly, I enjoy reading other's threads for characters I enjoy more now, but I'm too lazy to do any real stalking.

Gundam 00. Need episode 2. It was on veoh last night, but I had to sleep and veoh took it down. *siiiighs* Nothing really else going on.

Found my outline, but I hit a kink. I have a bit of background story I think I want to put into it. I have to figure out where to add them. Flashback scenes can be strange when it's years and years past... In some cases, more than ten. Doo doo. *adds random bits to outline*


Aug. 31st, 2007 12:01 am
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Eyeshield 21.... GAH... What the hell?!

I mean... Aaaagdrfrth...

Seibuuu ;__;

Damn you Marco! Damn you and your sexy ass yakuza style of fashion!

I need the next chapter... like last week...
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This post is a random assortment of thoughts that have been assaulting my lately.

Random pairings that make me go, WTF? )

I hate the idea of working more... )

I mark how good an ending to any story by how depressed I get afterwards )

Oh, and now I'm going to scream. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! My term is over! My new classes start next monday! Where did the past 5 weeks go?! ::slumps:: Time is slipping away like sand through my fingers... Just never enough... ::sighs::
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::whistles:: This post will be a whole bunch of griping, and bitching and otherwise normal stuff from me, I guess. Should be a bad thing, but I suppose this is what my LJ is for. Anime. Manga. Story. Bitching. >_> That's what my life consists of. Oh, and broken dreams! 'cus they're tasty.

Ore no imouto... and her dad... )

Ah, and random anime stuff. E21. Just watched up to 42 [I think] and Sakuraba is really... weird. I still like his new look with the buzz cut... but his voice doesn't fit him anymore. 0.o And he got really muscular, too. Seriously. I wanna see the Oujo White Knights play. Arg! ::dances around:: Oh, and NEW BLEACH TOMORROW! Yaha!

Hypocryte )

Che. And that's only part I. Sadly, more to come...
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HachiClo : Complete! )

Eyeshield 21 DVDs : Complete! )

Yakitate! Japan: 14% Complete )
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Today is the final day that my webpage is due. I stayed up until 2:38AM and now I cry, because it is 10:20AM and I'm tired as hell. So tired, and in school. I'll get a burst of energy when I do my presentation, but then I'll crash afterwards. Hopefully it'll be alright, because I didn't fill two of requirements. A link to another spot on the same page and pictures on each page. I have 16 pictures... on 4 pages... and there's no reasonable way [that I want to do] to spread them out. So yeah, that'll just have to be that. I'm actually 1 page over the limit, but if I were to combine two pages together, it would be stupid and I'd have to combine them all and the reason I didn't do it that way before was because of the page requirements [I'd only have 5 and I need 6-8] and the length of each page was too damn long. Oh well. As long as I still get an A...

Damn you Bittorrent and your viruses )

Honey & Clover. So fucking hilarious. I don't know what kind of crack their on, but I can see why they wouldn't share it. Poor Hagu-chan [Is that her name?] is the victim of Morita-senpai's [Is that HIS name?] crazy obsession. The pottery lady [Completely forget her name] loves Moriyama [Emo glasses guy ^_^] and he doesn't love her, and she wants to know why she loves him when all she sees is his flaws, and [insert other things here]. The only thing that really hit me when I saw that random tidbit of Ep 11 was MORIYAMA's VOICE IS DEEP. I really like it, but I didn't think it fit him at all at first. 'til I found out he's a whore. Then it fits perfectly. ::laughs::

E21! I got the next DVD of it from my friend yesterday! Mwahahaha! After HachiClo I'm gonna switch back over to E21. Then Yakitate! Japan! Yay Shounen Anime Marathon! Oh well. That's all for now. We're going into website presentations, so in order to pay attention... ::runs away::
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Osu! I finished the DVD of Eyeshield 21 today! ::jumps:: Yay! Now... I want more... go figure... I haven't passed the point where I am in the manga yet, and even though I've read it, I don't remember a lot of the shit that happened. 0.o My memory sucks.

Oh well. I finished it, so now... Honey & Clover! It's in my comptuer *right now* and tomorrow, when I get up [and I get to get up when I FEEL like it cus I already finished my stuff for Programming 113 and can sleep IN! Yatta!] I can watch at least the first 3 eps... about an hour... Then, when I get home from work, at least anough hour or so. ::smiles:: Aa. It's so nice, but I've been slacking off on my reading because of it... but I better finish Honey & Clover first, cus I get distracted easily...

Speaking of distractions... The Huh huh Brothers from E21... I can't find their voice actors... 0.o I'm serious. Or at least not to Jumonji Kazuki's. I looked *everywhere* I could think of and couldn't find it! ANN.com didn't even have it, and if it did, I missed it all of the 3 times I looked. ::cries:: I really like his voice. Who is it~? ::cries::

Mai Hime Spoilers that have nothing to do with anything... )

::cries:: That fact that I'm posting this now so early in the morning means I didn't get to sleep in. ::falls over and cries some more:: My mother forgot this folder, and I had turned the finger off on the phone the day before and forgot to turn it back on, so when she couldn't get in contact with me, she called Nana... And of course, Nana can't just do anything and leave. No. She HAS to wake me up. Every time.

A flashback to not that long ago... and more bitching... )

Oh well. After watching the first 4 minutes of a random Honey and Clover epsidoes, #11, I think it'll be funny. Should cheer me right up and I won't have to resort to Black Guy in Japan! which is good, cus I'm running out of stuff to read.

I'm gonna need humor, too, cus my job trainer is pissing me off )


Apr. 11th, 2006 12:09 am
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Well, I've actually skipped over a lot of stuff! Ha ha ::laugh nervously:: I'm waiting for [livejournal.com profile] sannask to come and beat me to hell for not watching Honey & Clover. In fact, I was going to watch the rest of Maria-sama ga Miteru ~Spring~, but decided against it. Then I was gonna watch Yakitate! Japan, but I couldn't find my first DVD of it [which Pan found on my bookself under Maria-sama, go figure, since I was gonna look there next]. Then I was like, Honey & Clover? Put it in my DVD player, but then my friend came over and put in Beck, so I ended up watching up to ep 9 of that... Then, I put in Eyeshield 21. ::snorts::

Hiruma is so evil. I mean, that guy has a sadistic streak a mile wide. Everyone around him must secretly be masochists. That includes Sena. Aa, the reason I even thought about watching Eyeshield 21 was because one of my favorite fanfiction writers on FF.net wrote Eyeshield Drabbles [kinda]. There were 5 based on the Ha? Kyodai #1/Sena pairing. Of course, Ha? Kyodai #1's my favorite, and once I figured out it was that character who she was talking about, I jumped right on board that ship. Kinda sad... oh well... It'll be interesting to see if she ends up doing Eyeshield 21 babbles instead of themes. 'cus her E21 babbles will doubtlessly be just as hilarious as her Bleach Drabbles.

I'm on Ep 6 of Eyeshield, and Shin from the Oujo White Knights is some kinda evil. But a sexy evil... but just because he's all determined and cool and the ace and not an ass munch. And if I ever have to see that Sakuraba Football Sandwhich burger commercial again, I will die from the cheese it gives off... I do feel sorry for Sakuraba though, and that means a lot coming from me. I usually don't feel sorry for characters. I laugh at them, mourn their deaths, but usually don't feel SORRY for them. Nope. Sakuraba gets that priviledge, cus *he's* supposably the ace, according to the TV people, but everyone who actually watches the game and knows what's going on knows he's not. He tries to tell the TV people, but they all do that 'Ha ha ha! You're so modest!' thing that you hate. Then, he kinda just drags with all those expectations on him. I really gain some respect for him later though, after he gets out of the hospital. But, yeah, that's much later, isn't it?

Owari. Kage. To All Da Dreamers : Yakitate! Japan ED2. Much disco crack.


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