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New TV schedule, just for my reverence, because I keep FORGETTING what I'm watching. I just... turn on my TV at 10pm and turn to USA to see what show is coming on. Anything that comes on 9 I don't even try to watch, because I might be at work. I like Burn Notice, but it comes on tonight at 9 and... they have marathons of that shit a lot, so that's when I'll watch it.

Mon | 10 PM | Teen Wolf | MTV *still kinda ashamed*
Tues | 10 PM | Covert Affairs | USA
Wed | 10 PM | Necessary Roughness | BBC

*Note: I've kinda given up on The Tudors because I missed a week. Went to watch the rerun at 9 one night, and they were showing a marathon of something else. And I don't feel like going downstairs to watch it when everything else I watch I can do upstairs in my room and stay on my computer during commercial breaks. I'll rent it. B|

Thur | 10 PM | Suits | USA
Sun | 10 PM | The Glades | A&E

I watch way too much TV during the summer. B|

AND TORCHWOOD IS STARTING UP WITHIN THE NEXT 30 DAYS. I have to figure out when that happens. I wish it started sooner, because watch it happen on Otakon weekend. And then I don't want it to clash with Doctor Who starting up in Autumn... I heard the first three episodes are kind of slow, but that's okay |D

And True Blood has started! But I don't have HBO so I'm just going to wait it out and hope I get no spoilers.
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I never did properly react to the new Doctor Who episode did I?


My head exploded. Several times. Fffffffffffffffff MOOOOOFFFFAAAATTTT.

Seriously, he makes. the most. creepy. things. The Weeping Angels still make me twitch. But this was, like... *cries into my hands*

AND worse yet. The season is being broken into two. Seven episodes now, then in Autumn the last six. HOW AM I NOT GOING TO EXPLODE.

AND Neil Gaimon is writing an episode. The fourth one, I think.

Why so awesome, Doctor Who? Why. So. AWESOME.

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Rachel Ray has a line of dog food. What the hell? I used to like her, but she is just TOO HAPPY and she's everywhere. She makes me go e__e

Finished Season 4 of Doctor Who. Donna Noble was awesome, and the ending for her was total shit. B| Out of all the companions, I think I liked her the best. She was loud, abrasive, hilarious, and showed The Doctor what's what. Now I have the two movies and on to season 5 \o Hopefully... before the new seasons tarts in the spring |D

Tax return is in. Very quick, I must say. Now I get to sit on it until March to see if I get this job in Cali. Honestly, I think I won't, only because I am horrendously out of shape. If I don't get it, I'm still torn between getting a netbook or a new desktop. I want a netbook so I can go places and do work. Even if it's just the couch. I want a new desktop because mine has heartattacks and I want to be able to run photoshop without it seizing up in ph34r. I thought about just getting a laptop and using my desktop as a strictly offline machine so when I'm on it internet can't be a distraction, but... yeah... /)_=

Now off to sleep for about 10 hours. Awww yeah. *turns off cell and hopes no one comes to the house*
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Highest character fatality rate ever.

But the episodes were good. Looking forward to the new season this year.

AND new Doctor Who. Maaan SO looking forward to it.
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Watched Doctor Who today. I was at my mother's so my sister [who complained that I took the TV] watched it with me. Oh ho ho ho, she liked it. The part where the monster in the closet was trying to get out scared her to death [I was silently laughing at her terror] but I'm sure I could con her into watching it with me again. =D Then I went home and watched Dragon Ball Z Kai. The fact they boiled down the series to 99 episodes has made me fall in love with it all over again. The fights, with considerably less stalling; the OP, even in English, is fun to belt out ridiculously loud and cheesily because it's DBZ and my childhood; Piccolo; Vegeta's sudden British accent. Aaaa. If there was ever a time to get it, now would be the time. Especially if they have an uncut version...

Next, it turns out that I can still get a copy of my story from NaNo printed out for me for free. Awesome. The offer expires June 30th, so that's plenty of time to procrastinate like a mofo in doing the obvious edits. And thinking about edits, and NaNo in general, has made me come to the realization that, aside from my general writing ability getting better with age, I've felt for the longest time that my writing has gotten worse instead of better.

blah blah blah )

Gah, I rambled. But my writing ability isn't up to par with my ideas. That frustrates me. More than my inability to always draw the dynamic things I want, because I'm sure that with time, I could do that, but with my writing, I'm not at all sure...
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Oh yeah. *sets my alarm*

I might as well make a tag for it.
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Oh man, epic failure on productivity the past, eh, 3 days. I haven't written since... whenever the last time was. So I am, 3 days behind? It stems from my lack of desire to get on the computer. Happens once a week, just about. Ranges from a day to... uh, 3 days? A week? Dunno. Bad timing. BUT.


Military channel and now the BBC ate my life up today. I am proud to have gotten [most of] the dishes done and gotten almost all my clothes washed. Then, the irony of there being a Doctor Who marathon of the 11th Doctor on and I GOT TRAPPED. AGAIN. My full day of writing vanished into the mist. The last eh, 3-4 episodes of the season of Doctor Who was worth it though. Yes. Yes, it was. I'm finding myself enjoying this Doctor as much as the last. Quirky. And dances like an epileptic at a Rave.

Protip: If you have something to do, don't turn on the TV. Just. Don't.

Good news? I at least have the headlines for the last part of my outline. Details are easy once I have the overarching direction done. More good news. I drew another picture. I suppose I'm averaging one decent one a week now. That's actually quite amazing to me. One day, when I can afford a scanner that doesn't suck, and/or go commandeer someone elses' for a hour or so, I'll scan them and pop them up on DA or LJ.

Bad news? I have a fucking headache. Time to pop an Excedrin and try to crank out some words before the whole weekend is a wash. More bad news? I am now mentally talking in a British accent. Just horrid.

EDIT: I still can't find that library book, and every time I think about it and how the Dresden book ended, I throw up my hands and scream. Literally.


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