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Seren, I need to catch you on AIM or through e-mail Done and Done.

Aaand, then other Otakon stuff. This is about money, what I'm buying, and random crap. So the first part you can be like 'Holy shit this bastard's greedy!' but after that, blah.

I want the world, but can only afford a stamp-sized plot in the middle of the ocean... It's list time! )

That being said, since I DO get a percent off, and assuming Mike allows me, I can take orders for anyone if they want manga/anime for the 30% off price, as usually they don't go lower than 25% off at most booths. But only the expensive ones or if you only have a few you want. =_= I don't want to get him mad...

And if I do work with Mike a lot, I might end up going 'Full time' and get free hotel and food, and that means I'd be going to a LOT more conventions, even if I have to work. I think he said I still get the credits, too, and my percent off, and that's a winning situation if you ask me, especially since it's like getting paid 10 dollars an hour and that's more than I make at my regular job.

So yeah, paying for this... )

Gah. What a waste of an entry. I really hope no one read this............... and, ahaha, Spell check? What's that?
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Anime Mid-Atlantic
June 15th - 17th, 2007

I was going to break flists by not cutting this... but I couldn't be that cruel... )
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So yeah, to make a long story short, I should have pre-regged with Pan and Kevin for AMA since I'm going Saturday too and not just Sunday, because I end up paying 45 bucks ANYWAY. Damnit.

To flesh out the story some:

I thought my graduation was on Saturday, it's not. It's today, Friday. Yesterday wass a scheduled day off from work, so I went with Pana nd Imouto [Kevin met us there] to Cary Town's Dream Blade's shop. Imouto now has many shiny things she wants to buy instead of paying Pan the money back she owes her as usual. I just sigh.

So, after that, We all hop into Pan's car and drive up to the convention center so they [Pan and Kevin] can pick up their pre-regs. They get it, I'm outside the room in a chair reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire waiting. they come out, Pan sits, and we end up sitting for a while as I read and she goes over her program. We were probably gonna leave in a minute or so when

Random guy: ::pops up out of no where, seriously:: Hey.... are you guys going to the con?
Us: Yeah 8D!
Random Guy: Do you wanna help us out?
Us: Doing what 8D?
Random Guy: Helping us set up in the dealer's room.
Us: Sure 8D!
Kevin: ....I'm supposed to go to work...... ::gets on phone and makes up some BS excuse for him to be 'late' getting back:: Okay.
Us: Okay! ::follows guy::
Random Guy: My name is John. 8D
Us: ::introductions, yadda yadda::

So yeah, we were recruited. We helped set up and alphabatize their merchandise [the guy who apparently owns/runs the booth was known as 'the Yelling Guy' until I asked his name and we found out it was Mike] and that shit.... takes a LONG TIME. We started around 6, we didn't finish until, like 11. And it wasn't for FREE either, though I kinda didn't care if it was cus I had fun in that hahaha I'm working daze thing. So we got credits. 50 bucks each. 8D That's like getting paid 10 bucks an hour and I don't even make that in my NORMAL job. ::laughs:: AND we get 30-40% off their merchandise if we pay in cash, which is great except I have no cash to spend. I wouldn't be buying anything if not for this credit~

So yeah, ahaha, that was random, and now I have 50 bucks to spend at the con. \o/ AND he said if we wanted to and he needed help, we can work during the con for more crdits, which I might do so I can get some DVDs I'd never buy otherwise~ \o/ Yay for randomness...

...this post was pointless and random. It's almost 9am and I ahven't slept. So yeah... wooo... roled aroud in bed from 3am to 7am before giving up. Sucks ASS. ::rolls::

...............and jsut in case you couldn't tell, NO SPELL CHECK. 9AM. STFU. <--- and there's a spelling error in THAT sentance, too, so there... ⌐_⌐
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Did I mention kjasl;djakl;sjfda?!?!?

DAMN you. I have to go to the bank and.... so shit! Stupid mother fucking over-draft fees. FOUR of them. Yeah, two are my fault, but the other two, hellllllz no. I refuse to pay 80 dollars in over draft fees. REFUSE. I thought I have overdraft protection from my savings. Noooo. ::cursing rabidly at bank::

Anyway, Otakon. ::falls over:: I always want to have lots of money to spend there, as every year I go could be my last, but these last two times I have been sooooo totally brokish when I go. Damnit! I want to go and fucking get commissions and shit, but... I guess I can wait and gets cards and shop around and e-mail them about it later, but a lo tof the times, their con prices are cheaper.... ::dies::

I can't remember how much the hotel was a night so I can refigure my Otakon costs for the people going. x_x Was it 169? ::headdesk:: I need to talk to Seren.... ::siiiiighs:

I wanted to have 583 dollars [round it to 590, jebus, so exact] for the convention, and I don't think I'll even have a hundred, and I don't want to go crazy and use my credit card again, cus it took my months to pay that down. MONTHS. But I might have to if I want anything. ::siiiiiighs::

And hahha, fail. I had to call off work on Friday for my graduation cus I thought it was on Saturday so I didn't take that day off. BUT, I DID try to take that day off before because AMA is this weekend. Then, I got my graduation stuff yesterday, and she's like 'See you Friday! 8D' and my reaction is:

'Okay! 8D!'
'O_____O Friday?!'
'⌐_⌐...... well fuck...'

My manager was like '.............you can't come in early?' but I have to get my hair done, so no, I couldn't...... she totally wasn't happy. >_> And she was like 'We had a lot of poeple take off that day for graduation' and I'm like THANK GOD I'M NOT GOING TO BE THERE. They'll probably get out at 11:30 or some shit and DAMN am I happy my graduation is Friday and not Saturday. They're going to be there all fucking night. ::pats them:: Poor bastards. I didn't even want to go to my graduation, but sure as hell have to or my mother'll kick my ass. =_=

Anyway. To the bank... to smack some bitches...
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I seem to have restricted my posting to every 2-3 days... Sometimes even 4-6, and it's cus I don't have anything to post... and because I've been RPing a lot and barely check my friends page on this account anymore... =_= I know. Bad.

Anyway, if I miss something important, just leave a comment on one of my random posts and I'll get a notification e-mail and will get to it sooner than if I'm flipping through my favorites page...

Aaaaand, now, some Otakon stuff. More for my benefit really, and I guess anyone who's riding with me. Seren might care, if I get some pricing stuff on the hotel wrong, but other than that, personal matters.

OTAKON [JULY 20-22, 2007] PLANS : Lots of Rambling about said plans and prices under the cut )

Cost Per Person [all prices approximate]
  • Pre-reg : unknown [Probably 40-50]
  • Gas : 6.50$
  • Hotel : 66.50$
  • Total Cost : 73$
After we get there and get pre-reg, what does everyone want to do? I had planned on lounging around like a loser Thrusday night and ordering, possibly, the only real meal we'll eat all weekend and talking about random shit. Or, we can all head to the mall [which has good, but expensive] food and eat there or drag it back with us to lounge around and talk. Either way, I'm eating something and there is lounging to do.

Drop a comment if you have issues with this patchwork plan or have suggestions or requests. Requests that don't involve my starting time...
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::cackles:: So, below the cut, is a HUGE [Well, not THAT big, but enough...] post of about half of the pictures I took... These are thumbnails, I think, and if you just don't wanna deal with clicking and closing, then just go to my Otakon gallery... ::pumps fist:: Enjoy, neee!

Pictures like woah )

Bwahahaha, crash your comp? More pictures on the way... Eventually...
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Just as a note, this report is hella late… This was two months ago… 0.o The stuff here I wrote out close to the con time, I just hadn't spell checked it yet, but now I've gotten around to it, soooo…. ::waves hand:: This is Pt. I of a possible III part post. The second post should finish off what happened assuming I can remember it to type with the first part of a pic spam post, and the third part will be alllllll pictures…

And let the belated madness begin... )
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Much bitching about something that doesn't even happen until July 2007 )


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