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Heh... heh heh... Roy and I... We should never gang up on campers... Especially Ichigo...

Cus this happens... Oh, so funny...
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I swear. I can't concentrate worth shit on anything! I don't even know if I'm going to bother with the counselor app or anything regarding CFUD for a while. I really just need to get myself together as I feel woefully unprepared for just about anything that's going to come down the pike any time soon. Except for car insurance. I DO at least have that much ready, partly because of Christmas money.

I ordered my Bleach Artbook and Ultimate Stars for the DS Christmas day. Or, more like 12:30AM on the 26th... they say it should arrive by the 21st or 23rd... of January...


Why the hell does it take that long! ::cries softly:: I should have just waited a month to order it then it would have gotten here for my Birthday! ::whines:: I wanna play it noooowwww~! I also went to Best Buy on the 26th to get the Escaflowne Perfect Collection like I'd been procrastinating doing for years... ::laughs:: I went to the bookstore and bought 10 manga...

...for 30 dollars... ::insert a cackle here:: I am the master of deals~! Seriously. I had a 10% off day, a coupon for 10 dollars, 35 dollars on my account, and it was buy 4 get the 5th free. ::snerk:: So I saved 18.98 for the two I got free, and it went from around 85, to 76 after my 10% off. I had a coupon for 10 bucks off if I spent more than 75 dollars so it went down to 66. Then I had 35 bucks in my account I could use before Jan. 31st and it went down to about 28 bucks. Don't ask about the math, cus I can't find the reciept and have no desire to dig for it. All I know is I made out like a bandit and I laugh... [I would make out more like one if I just bought japanese tankouban, but I can't read thema nd have no time/motivation to learn right now].

Oh, and Pan, can you leave a comment for the link to the thing with Mr. 'Buy-my-book' so I can give it to him and laugh royally at his horror? thanks! :D ::totally evil::

And now, I'm going to go clean the kitchen ad start on my room... I don't wanna go to work tonight... D:
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...work that isn't classwork... ::sighs::

I really don't like JAVA class... I might get it sometimes, then other times I don't, and I really have no desire to, so that's probably the reason. Programming isn't what I want to do in my career, so why am I taking all these classes?! D:

Anyway, got the base down for my counselor app for CFUD, meaning the canon... Started the sample post, but it's dry as all get out, so I'll probably scrap it... I'm just happy it isn't due until the 29th and not the 20th like I was thinking... because I'm retarded and never actually looked at the post announcing when counselor apps would be open so I have at least 5 more days to plan than I thought... :D Yay?

And I don't even have a sn ready in case I do get it. =_= I need to rework my Grimmjow app as well for the new year... I wish I'd goten in [aka, sent it to the right address] cus Grimmjow + mutant!mistletoe = HAHAHAHAHAHAHA And even better than that Grimmjow + mutant!mistletoe + Bleach Cast = AHAHA! HAHA! BWAHAHAHAHAHA! MWAHAHAHHA! ::curls into ball and dies from the crack::

::strokes chin:: I need icons... for both accounts... and I don't know if I'll be able to bum a paid account for them cus 15 icons really isn't enough... D:
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Man, I have totally been slack on LJ recently... unless you count Sages, but meh... Speaking of which, the thread Ichigo and Saix had going from his first post is STILL going. I mean... it's been HOW long? Almost a month? 3 weeks at least, since it started when Manda left, and not only has it moved from Sages to the journal, it was moved on the 3rd [I think] and already has 60 comments, I think? Today's the 6th... D: Totally a loser... AND not only that, Saix is GONE and now Ichigo's talking to Xemonas, Ansem/Riku/whoever's nobody... Same mun on the other end, different character... ::excuse me while I laugh::

I have written NOTHING fanfic related in forever... I did a Grimmjow app for CFUD, and have another to work on, but I just feel blah when it comes to writing, though I have so many ideas... Not to mention my freakin' writing style for my app and my rp are so different [so says Roy, and I kinda agree] that it's hard to tell if I'd be a good RPer by how I write my app... Totally have to change it for my other one because I NEED to get in as a counselor... I swear I do... Who KNOWS when the next counselor apps'll be and if I'll even feel like doing it... I run hot and cold really quick...

And I wish I could go more than a few months without getting obsessed/really into/maniacle about a new show... I am TOTALLY on an Avatar kick... watching the show, AMVs [cus I can't find whole eps on youtube, and can they even be called AMVs? Technically, purists wouldn't call it anime... =_=], clips and god help me, fanfiction... Not the prony ones either... cus really, that would make me go 0.< instantly... I don't care if it's Zuko [16, right?] with anyone else older [and who the hell is older than him that couldn't be old enough to be his dad?] cus... gah... wrong... Katara's only what, 14? I can stand a falling in love story with some fluff, cus I can only stand so much of that anyway, but pron... god, no... just gah...

Anyway, I should really be finishing my JAVA test, cus, you know, I'm only halfway done and I have 15 minutes left... :D

::runs away::
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Avatar Season Finale~! :D )

In other news, I finished my app for CFUD again. Sent it in. Await my second failure and mull over my two different versions for my other app. ::strokes chin:: Should be interesting, I guess. Won't wait until the last minute so I can get more than 1 out of 3 betas to respond... =_= I plan on getting at least 2 Naruto-mun's to look it over and one person who knows nothing of Naruto to make sure it's still funny without knowing the canon fully. Or so I say I will but procrastination is a disease, I tell you...

Beware : Rant on Religion Below )

Begin Time : 12:42 PM
End Time : 1:44PM
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The keyboard to my computer isn't even plugged in...

I think I unplugged my mouse, too, when I was trying to unplug the keyboard...

More answers to 'Yes' or 'No' questions you didn't ask, among other things... )

Me head hurts... )

Oi, Pan. Christmas presents. )

I've been seeing the NaruIno pairing floating a bit on CFUD and GAH do I want a fic now... damn...

Speaking of CFUD, the vicious chibi that somehow is the spawn of Kimimaru and Itachi amuses the hell out of me... The way it goes Prrrt~! just kills me cus I can hear it... Can't remember who has the other one... but it's hilarious...
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WTF? Seriously, just... WTF?

But it's TOTALLY fucking hilarious to see how Sasuke reacts to the fact his older brother who he has been wanting to kill for YEARS was taken care of my an EGG... Delicious irony, oh yes...
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... excuse me while I go roll up in the corner and laugh my ASS off...

Did you just COOK OUR CHILD!?!

And I thought I couldn't love Yzak anymore... ::chocking::

Brock's reaction FTW. Yes. Murderers...!


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