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Oh my, I'm going to starve. Not enough hours at work, and I can't spend my tax money until I know about the job or not. I'm still amused [read = annoying and rolling my eyes] that they feel 20 cents is a decent raise. I'm twenty five [now] working in a grocery store. Oh, my life. What am I going to do with it? I wish I knew. I feel younger than I am.

Spent at least an hour yesterday, between refreshing that gd plurk, searching through [livejournal.com profile] collapsingnight for this ONE icon.

At least 100 posts. I didn't even find it. My eyes probably glazed over and missed it, but it's still annoying to have not found it. I want the bigger picture of it to use as reference, but I have no idea where to find it. I want to redo a picture I'd done last year, but I'm horrid at leg positions. Ah well, that icon will have to do. The general layout should be enough.

Now, to finish reading Acheron. That boy's life ass horrible, but I laughed at him just as much as Fitz in the Farseer Trilogy. Can't do anything but laugh at how shitty his life was. It got better.

Book List

Feb. 22nd, 2011 12:18 am
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Woo, this book list has only gotten longer, and a lot of the books I've been reading weren't on this list. Two notable people on my f-list probably know why that is. *shakes a fist at*

What do you mean the reduction didn't work-? )

And the ones I read:
Water under the paper bridge )

There are so many more that I've read, but I... don't remember what they were. *groans* Oh well. Maybe I can remember it... at another time >_>
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I should be going to my mother's house, but gaaaaaaaah I don't want to. I want to sit on my ass at home and tag all day. e__e

Borders Bookstore is closing near my house! That makes me sad. :[ I always preferred them over B&N and Books-A-Million. Walden's closed a couple years ago, so now we don't have any Borders or Walden's nearby. OTL Everything was 20-40% off though. Since I got my tax return back and I hadn't bought books for myself in a long time, I decided to splurge. I got Dogs 3 and 4, Ooku 4, the last two Allie Beckstrom novels, and Tim Butcher's Small Favors in hard back! Yes, it's like, number 8, but it was HARDBACK and only 7 dollars before the discount! I want all of them in hardback, so I couldn't pass that up, really! I've read them all, so the order doesn't matter too much.

I turned in my application for the CCC Trails program in California. I want to get away and just do stuff, but not sure if I really want to drop everything at home and go off XD I'm also not sure if I can do the physical portion. I definitely should have started working out before, but it was cold and I'm not shelling out for a gym membership. *sighs* Oh well.

The Orange push-up milkshake at 'Cook-Out' was... DELICIOUS. It was like a creamsicle, that you can suck through a straw. Oh god why so good... WHY.
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I just finished the last book published in the Dresden Files series. Changes.


*SCREA-* щ(°Д°щ)

You are an evil man. Evil, evil, genius man, Jim Butcher T^T
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I've been reading fanfic recently. It just, kinda hit me. Like a good book, the story just drags you in. One was Hikaru no Go, totally NC-17, and it had Ogata in it. That........ is kind of self explanatory, really.

Then I found a link to a great ATLA fanfic. Rated T, which is good because Katara is like, 14 and. No. Just. Don't do it fanfic writers. At least age them up, please .__. Both were from Fandomme at the Pit O Voles and they're both pretty old, [2 years is old in fanfic land, right >_>?] but at least complete. I ate both of the long stories up because the writing was good, it didn't fall into all of those same traps that many fanfics with Zutara in them might fall in and... I'm still a Zutara fan. Wouldn't have ever gotten into the shipping wars. Though I've always shipped, I never got into that weird rage people get into... B| But I loved the chemistry between the two and really, out of all the characters in Avatar, I liked Aang the least. Just about everyone topped him in my like-o-meter. Even Katara, especially Katara after she became kick ass water bending master extraordinaire. Toph, Sokka [oh Sokka], Zuko, Iroh. Hell, Azula was awesome and I will always wonder if anything can top my horrid glee at the end of Season 2 when she [quite literally] poked an electricity laced hole through the DBZ 'I'm Powering up, Wait for it!' trope. Watching it again, I still go 'Oh snap!'

One thing true about all stories I read, no matter what the content or rating or fandom, it has to make me laugh. Not even a 'Hahahah' funny laugh. An incredulous 'Oh shiiiiiii- they. did. not! Ooohhh snaaaap!' laugh will do. As I've gotten older, the laughs come a lot easier now. Youth truly is wasted on the young.
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Mmm, finished reading Good Omens. That was fun. And I have five books I'm waiting for to come in to the library. I'm assuming it'll be Monday. In the meantime, I can start up Watership Down if I want to read... or draw more 8D Since I moved my computer into the room with the router and no longer have to worry about my infernal wireless being a bitch, I should be back on the interwebz more. But before I get sucked back in, here are the Otakon spreadsheets. I sent links to most people, but just in case you didn't get it, here it is.


Otakon Spreadsheet

 PeopleHotel [Per Person]
 PeopleGas [Per Person]
 PeopleParking [Per Person]

And this is the list of people I have who are going or are potentials in my rooms. I'll know for certain. Before the 22nd because I have to cancel the extra rooms.

Jay [?]
Friend 1
Friend 2
Friend 3
Jen [?]

I trust you all can do math. B|
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Well. Burying myself into books has succeeded in liberating me from my comp for a while. Actually, more so than that is my wireless connection being a right douche and not staying connected, so I either flake off to read or grab my sister's netbook to make sure nothing exploded on the internet before THEN flaking off to watch TV or read MOAR BOOKS. I have pretty much been eaten by The Dresden Files. Brief cut for spoilers from book 2 [Fool Moon] )

The reading of the books also ties into my wanting to start writing again. Unfortunately, I don't really know where to start. I've gotten a few drabbles written recently on my comp that refuses to connect to the internet that gets the juices flowing, but... I want to start a NEW story. With a new world and new characters and new problems. I just don't know where to start, especially when I haven't finished up properly with any of my others. B| There's so much to expand and make concrete that I don't know if I can really dedicate myself to something new when I can so easily jump back into my old one and make scenarios like that. Scenes that can be part of the story so easily if only I knew where it was going. *sighs* Story of my liiiife. A beginning and no ending.

Add onto the wanting to read and write is wanting to draw, but I haven't succumbed to that desire yet. I might as well, since my desire to RP has hit rock bottom. IM RP that's spontaneous is still fun. It may take a few hours, but then it's done and I can go back to the logs and re-read them and smile and go off and do whatever. Logging in and picking icons and trying to do plots is just killing me. I'm trying, but I am. Failing. Hardcore.

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Mmm. Going to NJ was fun. The only irritation besides my not managing to avoid ALL the tolls was the 40 dollar ticket I got for not putting an addition 25 cents int he parking meter for another thirty minutes. Jebus, that should be criminal. 25 cents should not equal a 40 dollar ticket.

Otherwise. I've been reading a lot of books. Not many were on my book list. I got two books on CD to transfer to my MP3 [Oryx and Crake + The Road] and I listened to Anansi Boys by Gaimon on the way up. I really liked it, and I think I should just devour his catalog of stories when I get the chance. At the moment I'm trapped in Raymond E. Feist's books. I've read 6 so far, The Riftwar Saga and the Krondor's Sons books. The Serpent War is next, but I have Storm Front and Good Omens to read before I get that saga. Mmm. Good Omens. I think I'll buy that book, since I really will read it over and over again over the years. Along with Devon Monks series of books. I read the new one and realized I forgot way too much of what happened e____e and the second half comes out in November. I have Watership Down, too. Wow, I have a lot of books out.

Otherwise, I've been wanting to draw, and I've been thinking a lot about the story I put on hold after finishing NaNo two years ago... I'm still really stuck between having the Organizations being legal or illegal. I seriously need to come up with a concrete list of the positives and negatives, but I can only think of how the story will feel if I change it. Even if this is only going to be a short story [I already started the outline by hand] changing this might mean I have to redo everything else I did before. I'm not too sad about it, but that goes on the list of positives and negatives.

And now, I'm going to go and make dinner for my mother's birthday. Because I'm a shitty daughter who forgot it was her birthday until her 7 year-old sister reminded her at 9pm. So I proceeded to not say anything and now that I did the shopping I will make dinner, clean the kitchen and try not to be so shitty a daughter.

I'm sure there were other things I wanted to say, but after my comp blue screened and I had to finish this on my mother's comp, I'm off to do... work...
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Aaa, so much stuff I wanted to briefly talk about.

Anita Blake )

Coming off of the Flirt book, the mini book, Hamilton starts to talk about how she does a mini story. A scene sticks in her head and sometimes it just won't get out of her head and she does it and everything comes out all the better for it. The little scenes I have in my head for my story that stalled are part of the reason why it's so hard for me to write a full book... that and I don't know how to end them. BUT that's neither here nor there. I think I'm going to do a side story I never would have been able to do in the full story anyway, since neither Blake nor Blaine are the main characters and it's only the results that matter in the main story. Even if I never actually DO include it in the main story, it'll be nice to just.... write and complete a story. It's been ages since I've done that when they weren't PWPs and, hey, the point of those is there IS no plot so there's nothing much to tie up in the first place.

Aaaand moving on to the more distressing news [to me] is that they're wrapping up the Census where I live. My CLA thinks they're collapsing my area into another one and we'll all be out of a job. Now, I knew it would happened eventually, as it was made perfectly clear to us that we're temporary. But since this IS government work, I totally expected it to last longer than it was supposed to, or at least not wrap up EARLY. So now I'm super pissed, because the reason why I wasn't able to make as much money as I should have been is because my current job fucked me over for hours. Those first three weeks turned out to be even more critical. I was hoping I could make it up, but no. I can't. The best I can hope is to transfer to another unit, but I'm doubting that. So, wonderful. I'm out of the hole, the time I had to try and figure out something else is past. I can't afford to not go back on the schedule 6 days a week when I don't have another income to at least balance it out. My life? Fuck it.

Speaking with my CLA has been a great boon for me though. He's the one who's given me all the ideas about an interest inventory to see what most interests me and all the other stuff that will hopefully be of help. Even if it isn't, at least he tried, I tried. Maybe something good'll come from it.

The last 5 days have been filled with 4-5 hour nights of sleep which just IS NOT ENOUGH for me. Since I didn't have a binder to work last night, I stayed out to read, went to the library, and then I got home and went to bed before 10pm. And it was glorious. Now I technically have today off, SO... I'm going to go fucking enjoy it B|
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...must remember.

Hamilton's new book came out. Actually, she released one earlier this year that I knew NOTHING about. WTF is this. From the Anita Blake series, even. So I have two to read when I can snatch them from the library. Oh yes. Guilty pleasure.


The new series I picked up last year, this urban fantasy one from Devon Monk. The next book is out, since May even, and her next one is November. I do love two books a year. Just gotta remember when they come out. >_> Magic on the Storm here I come.


I watched 3 out of the five minisodes for True Blood. I was amused by them all, but the ones with mature content? I'm not signing up to see them. Fuck making more accounts. Too bad they were Sookie and Jessicas. I bet they were funny. :[


I went to the local community college about figuring out what I want to do with my life. I came home and took a few tests. Gave me an interest inventory, says I'm... what was it? Reward, acknowledgment, something like that based> That does not help. B| *filters through the lists*
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One: Fuck my cramps. I knew it would happen during the holidays. :|

Two: A Bill to lower the volume on commercials.

I, for one, think it's sad that we can even make such a bill. But there is the side of me that wishes this could be done immediately. I don't mind commercials. I don't pay attention to them half the time anyway. I wander to get a snack. Bathroom break. Talk with my mother, ect. When I do pay attention, it's because they're hilarious. What I don't like is that they are ricockulously loud and when my mother is trying to sleep and it BLASTS out, I more often than not mute the TV. How effective is your commercial if I'm not listening OR watching it? I wish they could have done this electively on their own.

And this made me laugh. On the run and updating Facebook. I don't know how it works in the UK, but... do IP addresses work differently over there? They can't get his general location from that? Or is he going via proxy and stuff? *amused anyway*

I've been reading [oh snap] but nothing from my not forgotten book list XD I saw this book on the shelf and thought, 'Oh, that looks good,' and went to the library to borrow it. I flew through Magic to the Bone by Devon Monk and enjoyed it. It has that same kind of sense of humor than L.K. Hamilton has, but the plot is different, main character is still a chick, but she isn't in denial; thank kami. As soon as I finish these last 15 pages of the second book, I'm going to sleep before these tylenol wear off. 10-6:30 tomorrow is going to SUCK some major donkey balls.

*in bed by 9:30*
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D.Gray is back. Maybe they put Naruto and Bleach on hold so D.Gray could have that 50 page return chapter. Though it isn't officially restarting serialization 'til November... ~_~

Job search, True Blood, ABDC, and RP. )

Otherwise. Um.

Oh! BOOK LIST. I kinda went off track with that. I've been reading, but not things on the list >_> I finished Call of the Wild and White Fang. I enjoyed both, and it made me realize all the books I read in elementary through high school that I don't remember the content, I should re-read. Maybe not 'Where the Red Fern Grows' though, because that shit was SAD and I CRIED.

I read L.K.Hamilton's new book, Skin Trade. It was good. All of the complaints I had after a while: too much sex, not enough plot, no more police work, too many goddamn men; were allll gooone. She went to Las Vegas. There was SWAT work. Male posturing. And fuck there was tons of Edward in it. There is NO book that can go wrong with Edward in it. This is TRUFAX. Add in Olaf and Bernardo and I was just eating it up. With only two sex scenes, and not horribly extended over-the-top ones either, it had just enough. And those didn't even happen until more than half the book was over. I wouldn't have even missed it if it wasn't in there, but they made sense. Well, the second one wasn't even a page long and I think kind of just added on, but it wasn't bad.

Either way, if you liked early Anita Blake Books, skip the others and read this one. Good old fashioned police work with plenty of human guys running around. None of her bajillion men make an physical appearance until later, when the book's almost over, and Jean-Claude appears only in a phone call [but out of them all, he and Micah are easily the most tolerable]. Richard is only mentioned, what? Twice? That's a vast improvement already. So yeah. Visit the library and borrow it XD

AND just so you know that I'm not only reading vampire stuff. I read Wicked. It was... really interesting. It might be even better if I were to go rent the Wizard of Oz so I could remember what happened in the last part of the book better since the movie is totally faded in my mind. Elphaba, Glinda, all of it. I kind of forgot names halfway through the book, so some of the effect was lost on me. >_> But those red glittery shoes~ I'll never look at them the same way again.

Not sure what's next. I have Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and all the books on my list still. Errr, any recommendations?


Jun. 19th, 2009 03:30 am
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Okay, so, I have my booklist that I'm slowly working on. I finished Call of the Wild and now I'm on White Fang. Jay has been giving me comics to read and I've been giving him some manga he might like. I'm reading Legendary right now, and I gave him Death Note, Blade of the Immortal, and Genshiken. He didn't like DN, which I find amusing, because I was kind of experimenting on him when I gave that to him XD; But he likes BotI and Genshiken, so that's something.

I have my movie list, too. I watched 'Once Upon A Time in Mexico', actually not on my list, but having RPed with Sands really made me want to see it. Andrew/Adam have a mad movie collection, so I'm going to raid theirs before I actually resort to Netflix. It's not like we have cable, so if I'm tired of the comp and want TV. *pops a movie in*

Oh. I think I forgot to mention this on here. I moved out. I now share a house with several other roommates. Smells like freedom. *breathes in*

Also. Click these damn eggs.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Hey ho~

May. 13th, 2009 01:25 pm
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It's back! A Dinosaur Story! My Booklist!

More things scratched off now, but still a long ways to do. You guys can add more to it if you want, if you forgot something the last time around.

In its long glory... in which I have read few- )

Fooo, I haven't read very much... >_> From the list anyway. I've read the entirety of the Anita Blake series, and just finished Winter Prey by John Sandford, and don't remember what's next in that series. I actually read it in one day, since I got ma hair did that day, so was sitting in a chair for hours. :| [Read all day 9:30am-7:30, pausing for a 45m-1h lunch] I think I'll go back in time for the Red Badge of Courage. I read that in elementary school. I'll add Watership Down to the list, too. I read that in elementary school.

And books on tape anyone wants to recommend? My trip to Boston is going to be loooong, so I might as well use the time to 'read' versus playing music I've heard over and over and over for forever. Along Came A Spire and Red Badge of Courage. \o Almost perfectly matches how many hours I'll be driving.
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D< You suck snow. Die in a fire. Twice.

I will thank it however, for letting me sleep in because of no work. Wooo \o.

Saa, well. Let's see.

I finished Lolita. Oh what a twisted book. That poor bastard and his evil little nymphet. I don't really feel sorry for her at all. I don't know if I should feel sorry for either of them.

But, I read A Handmaid's Tale. In one night. I could have put it down, but fff. Why? I was avoiding the computer this weekend and WTF WHEN I GOT UP THIS MORNING I HAD 73 E-MAILS GOOD LORD WRY?! But anyway. A Handmaid's Tale. Daaaaaamn that ending! But it was good. I can't really explain it because I'm really lazy, but you all on my f-list should go read it. \o.

Since all of the Henrico Co. buildings and shit are CLOSED today. :| And I think tomorrow, too. Goddamnit. So I'll probably start up with John Sandford Again. I already own Winter Prey, and that's the next one. I'm still waiting for American Pyscho to get off hold. I was 3rd in line DX

Aaaand I think that's it. I don't know what to read after... Hrmmm...

That's right. I'm listening to/watching DtB Logan. :| Again.


Jan. 20th, 2009 05:09 pm
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Oh well. Another post. EAT MY SPAM.

Well, my work fuck up has added another tracking field to the orders! HAHAHA except not. Because seriously, I didn't fuck up anything and all the orders were okay.

I hate extra check boxes. I hate extra fields to fill out. I hate things that track when you modify shit because I modify things A LOT. That and I don't want them to be like, well, you just changed it. It's like 'Yes. Yes I fixed the problem you were telling me to fix.' Fucking sue me.

We'll see how it works. If it's anything like the approval log, I can delete it out before saving. Pfft. If you can, no point in the field, honestly.

IN BRIGHTER NEWS. That isn't really bright.

I finished The Green Mile by Stephen King last night.

SHIT. That was depressing. I mean DAMN. Manda. You were right to recommend it. I liked it, but STILL. *emos*

I think I'm gonna go for Lolita next. Or American Psycho. It depends on which one is at the library. I printed out my list anyway, so I don't have to try and remember one off the top of my damn head like every other time.
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What the heeeellll is up with my computer? I have ANOTHER trojan! I either had them before and never knew or they just suddenly discovered me. Son of a bitch! Have to burn this shit with FIRE.

Otherwise, everything is fine. Except that's a lie. My mother shrank yet another one of my sweaters. Line Dry. LINE DRY. WRRRRYYYY. I have NEVER shrunken something in the dryer. Ever. Not pants. Not sweaters. Not my clothes. Not her clothes. Nothing. And yet whenever she asks me for a certain color to wash so she has a full load, because laaawd forgive us for using the large or HEY even medium setting on our washer, I am filled with dread upon handing over my clothing for fear of shrinkage. It's taken me a few months to get clothes for work. I'd been wearing the same things to work in a revolving schedule of about 2 weeks. Then Christmas season came and I walked away with lots of new stuff for the new year so I wouldn't freeze to death. :| I might anyway, if they all end up being belly tops, and then I couldn't wear them to work ANYWAY.


Total count. 2 Pairs of paints. Somewhere between 3-5 shirts.

GRAGH. She wouldn't shrink so many if they didn't end up her size. D< Then she recycles them from me and has new stuff to wear. Damn my long legs!

Work related: Oh man. VDOT is about to start up. Once I have the contact list, I'm gonna be JETTIN up a STORM. aka e-mailing shitloads of people. We're supposed to start on the 26th. 8D;;; *needs mental assistance*

Home related: I have started gelling ALL of my paperwork together. ALL of it that has been spread around my room for years now. I have a plastic bin than can hold hanging folders and I'm going to file all of that shit away. So far, I've done the paystubs [that I've found] for my current and last job. Started on my school loan papers, and have at least organized everything else into piles. Once I finish that, my desk will be cleaned off! Thank kami-sama. Then I can hook in my new speakers and leave them on my desk beside my monitor without fear of the JUNK pushing it off. That's why my old ones are on the floor beneath my desk. Once of them doesn't even work...

Books: I finished Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy series. I was amused. Arthur has shittastic luck, how 'bout that? I started AND finished [in about 3 days] Obsidian Butterfly. The next in the Anita Blake series.

.............EDWARD IS AWESOMETASTIC. And no, not sparkly Edward. I'm talking sociopathic, assassin for hire, lycanthrope hunting, vampire hating Edward~ The book was aaaallllll about him. *cries softly* It was amazing 8DDD He amuses the SHIT out of me and having a book full of him was the best thing ever. I missed the other characters, but no one holds a candle to Edward, unless it's Jason and his perversions that will ONE DAY get his ass killed by Jean Claude. Or hell. Richard. He always puts his hands where they don't belong~ Then there's Asher and Damian and -*stutters to a halt* Oh fuck me. :| I'll stop rambling. Next on my list is The Green Mile. It should be at the library today~

A+ Cert: Okay. It's past time to start this up, for seriously. I have to get a schedule together. I need to cut back on RPing, and that's kinda sad because I JUST started getting back into it again. Enjoying it again after a time of just feeling so BLAH. I guess I'll use it as a reward for good habits? Or something.

I also must say hooray for freedom \o/ Sometimes, when people let you go you should feel it's a blessing and not a curse. Or it could be both, who knows. Either way, time to buck up and get my ass in gear. I also must latch on tighter. My f-list, you cannot escape me =DDD

Story: Stalled. I was hoping it would go on for a while even once November was over, but nope. I hit the author's block that I had to force myself through before. Now it's like I don't have that motivation. I think I'm going to go back and start adding information. I need to do it anyway and trying to write more at the moment just isn't going anywhere. I think I have the uniforms stabilized, so now I can add all of those details to the writing. Rings, earrings, I'm just not as detail oriented as I wish I was because I forget those things all the time. My observation skills are obviously not going towards human interactions. Faaiiil~

Geh. Back to work. Orders to do, and TONS of sign-offs I have to finish. TONS. The stack is, like, 1.5 times my middle finger high. *sobs* And that was not including the small stack I took off to do today. *throws self down stairs* Somebody help me T^T
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...I remembered what I forgot...

My booklist~

In its long glory... in which I have read few- )

Woooo, and look at how few [none] of those books I've read. =D The italic one I'm currently ready.

Now, I actually HAVE been reading. Just not the books on the list... >_>

John SandfordLaurell K. Hamilton
• Rules of Prey
• Shadow Prey
• Eyes of Prey
• Silent Prey
• Dark of the Moon
• Guilty Pleasures
• The Laughing Corpse
• Circus of the Damned
• The Lunatic Cafe
• Bloody Bones
• The Killing Dance
• Burnt Offerings

Yes, the rumors are true - a movie and a possible TV show based on the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter 16-book series is in the works. YES. Please be a TV series. PLEASE be a TV series. *crosses fingers and prays* A movie would be too short and too much shit happens in just ONE of her books to do a decent movie. Even if it is a movie though, SOMEONE has to try and dress up a dark haired man in lace and frills and prove to me [Gankutsuo's Count of Monte Christo aside] that any man in that much fucking lace looks anywhere REMOTELY close to masculine. Srsly. I'm waiting.

Oh, and you can shut up about me all of a sudden getting dragged into all these vampire themed things. True Blood. Anita Blake novels. Twilight [though, admittedly, that was too hilarious to be taken seriously]. It's all a coincidence.

Oh, and the next book I'm reading is 'All the Kings Men.' I saw it on the classics shelf while I was looking for 'The Green Mile' and went, huh. Politics. Corruption? Right up my alley, hey ho!

Any more suggestions? I'll be blowing through this list soon. Hamilton owned my soul, as I can honestly say I read all of those books in two weeks. No joke. I read two of them back to back one night each. THAT, my friends was pathetic. BUT I'm reading 8DDDDD *can't even bullshit self*

Damnit. I'm going to stop editing this entry one day.

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!
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Well, I wanted a book list? This one is something else to tack on?

The Big Read reckons that the average adult has only read 6 of the top 100 books they've printed.

1) Look at the list and bold those you have read.
2) Italicize those you intend to read.
3) Underline the books you LOVE.
4) Strike out the books you have no intention of ever reading, or were forced to read at school and hated.
5) Reprint this list in your own LJ so we can try and track down these people who've read less than 6 and force books upon them.

Wow. I really DO need to

I fail.

MOAR Books

Oct. 6th, 2008 10:14 am
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So, you guys kinda remember my book list I had, right?

Well. I do love my co-workers. People are so much more well read than me. =D;;;; So I asked and received a book list. The long one at the end of a bajillion books came from Matt. I'm still open to more ideas. I'm blowing through John Sandford and Sydney Sheldon, so I'm mixing in the others as I go.


• Alex Cross novels [Along Came a Spider]
• The Lovely Bones by Sebold
• Hearts in Atlantis by Stephen King
• The Green Mile by Stephen King
• Talking With Serial Killers by Christopher Berry-Dee
• The Vesuvius Club by Mark Gatiss
• The Surgeon by Gerritsen
• Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite
• American Psycho by Brett Easton-Ellis

Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, Tom Robbins
Skinny Legs and All, Tom Robbins
Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut
Slaughterhouse Five, Kurt Vonnegut
The World According to Garp, John Irving
Catch-22, Joseph Heller
Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, Christopher Moore
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (The Whole Series), Douglas Adams

Same vain, more advanced

Journey to the End of the Night, Celine
Ham on Rye, Charles Bukowski
Women, Charles Bukowski
Lolita, Nabokov

Same vain, more depressing

The Trial, Franz Kafka
The Stranger, Camus

Classics that you should have read in school but may not have because your school sucked…

The Catcher in the Rye, J.D. Salinger
Nine Stories, J.D. Salinger
The Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane
The Sun Also Rises, Ernest Hemingway

Amusingly. My school did not suck. I never read Catcher in the Rye or nine Stories. Red Badge of Courage was... in elementary school. And Sun Also Rises I never even heard of. Woooooo~!

And I'm still working on a response to Kris' post. It may be epic... or full of incomprehensible fail. We'll see.


Victoria Nelson books by Tanya Huff


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