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I've been reading fanfic recently. It just, kinda hit me. Like a good book, the story just drags you in. One was Hikaru no Go, totally NC-17, and it had Ogata in it. That........ is kind of self explanatory, really.

Then I found a link to a great ATLA fanfic. Rated T, which is good because Katara is like, 14 and. No. Just. Don't do it fanfic writers. At least age them up, please .__. Both were from Fandomme at the Pit O Voles and they're both pretty old, [2 years is old in fanfic land, right >_>?] but at least complete. I ate both of the long stories up because the writing was good, it didn't fall into all of those same traps that many fanfics with Zutara in them might fall in and... I'm still a Zutara fan. Wouldn't have ever gotten into the shipping wars. Though I've always shipped, I never got into that weird rage people get into... B| But I loved the chemistry between the two and really, out of all the characters in Avatar, I liked Aang the least. Just about everyone topped him in my like-o-meter. Even Katara, especially Katara after she became kick ass water bending master extraordinaire. Toph, Sokka [oh Sokka], Zuko, Iroh. Hell, Azula was awesome and I will always wonder if anything can top my horrid glee at the end of Season 2 when she [quite literally] poked an electricity laced hole through the DBZ 'I'm Powering up, Wait for it!' trope. Watching it again, I still go 'Oh snap!'

One thing true about all stories I read, no matter what the content or rating or fandom, it has to make me laugh. Not even a 'Hahahah' funny laugh. An incredulous 'Oh shiiiiiii- they. did. not! Ooohhh snaaaap!' laugh will do. As I've gotten older, the laughs come a lot easier now. Youth truly is wasted on the young.
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I got my words from [livejournal.com profile] havocmangawip. Comment for woooords.

1. Reply to this meme and I will give you five words that remind me of you.
2. Then post them in your journal and explain what they mean to you.

1. Dragons - At first, it was because I was obsessive and like collecting and breeding them XD I even had sticky notes that showed who I bred and what they produced. I bred them every friday 8D Yeah, that's kinda creepy, but whatever. >_> Now I don't really follow what's going on at all anymore. I post them because Pan will beat me with her walker if I let the eggs that she even more obsessively collects XD She can't start her own because I have a bunch that she can't get anymore, and she's one of those must have 100% completion types XD Ahah.

Speaking of eggs: Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

2. FMA - Pretty sure she picked this because the reason why we were friended was because I was reading her fanfic that focused on Havoc and Scheska, whose name I can no longer spell now that I've been out of the fandom for so long. >_> FMA wasn't my first anime by a long shot, and I actually didn't hear about it until loooong after it had ended in Japan. It's one of those shows that, as a total otaku who thought I had the pulse of anime under my thumb, I missed and STILL wonder how. Now I can see if things slip through, since I'm not watching and reading it all the damn time, but back then? How did I let a 51 episode anime that was SO EPIC slip my notice?

3. Cons (Your Otakon organization AMAZES me!) - Hur. If there's one thing I hate is when I'm on a trip and know I paid too much. Hell, even knowing I went to the store and got something and paid five dollars more than another place, if I haven't opened it yet, I WILL go back to that store, return it, and go buy it at the other place. I'm anal about money sometimes. Frankly, when it comes to planning trips where I have to pay for things like hotel, gas, food, ect, I don't trust anyone else but me to do it. I'm fair, make all the information fully available for how much everything is, and I don't add on extra padding. It is bare bones how much it is EXACTLY to get to that place and back. If you want something extra, go ahead, and if everyone else wants to do it, they can go for it, but I'm not going to be responsible for more money than I have to be. With hotel being more than a thousand bucks that I'm accountable for, I'm not looking for anyone else to give me more money. Other than that, cons are fun and I enjoy meeting up with people from across the country for that once a year get together. The actual events themselves aren't really the draw when I go to anime cons now. It's the people \o/

4. RP - I talk about and do it so much, most people on my f-list acquaint me with RP. If I talked about more RL stuff that actually mattered, RP might fall by the wayside, BUT as of right now, most of my f-list I've met through RP. Only the oooold folks know me from way back when I actually wrote fanfic. RP has gotten me a lot of friends, and I'd say it's lost me a few, too, but that's life. I enjoy it, but wish it hadn't killed most of my other creative urges XD;; I actually might be able to say the computer in general killed them... >_>

5. Avatar - When Avatar was still airing, I totally spazzed all over my LJ about it. I enjoyed it, and if I re-watched it, would enjoy it again. If there's one thing I lament about Avatar is that it didn't have the anime length seasons of 13, 26, 52. I think that show could have done a LOT more fleshing out with 6 more episodes to each season. The thing I both like and don't like about it is that there weren't many cliffhangers at the ends of episodes. That's something that has me flipping tables in anger all the time, but if it meant more time to flesh things out, I would have loved that series even more. I will say though, for a kids show, it was/IS pretty awesome. |D
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I never did do a write up on the series. I just did random spasms of AWESOME. And the final 2 hour special? It WAS awesome. Totally worth the wait. Spoilers under here 8D )

So all-in-all. WATCH AVATAR. It's over now, so no evil cliff hangers! 8D
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Oh god DX

Do want!

*gimme hands*


Dec. 18th, 2007 04:16 am
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Avatar Episode 12

Zuuukoooooo~! LAWL~♥

Drabble #16

Jan. 9th, 2007 11:32 am
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It had been a mistake to think -even if it was for one minute, one second- her enemy was anything less than evil. She’d gotten captured and was brooding over her ever-present bad luck when he had been thrown it. It was only natural that she would attack him, and berate him, and hate him for all that he had done, for the things that she knew he’d do later. She had ranted and raved and even cried –if only a little- in front of him. Then, he’d told her about his mother, and his expression wasn’t one of deceit or smugness. No anger or malice. Just understanding and acceptance. That was when she truly began to wonder if he really was so different from them after all; to think that maybe he wasn’t all bad, and that maybe, just maybe, she should help him.

In the end, she was glad she didn’t.

They had been found and released by their respective friend and relative. They went up the tunnel and she couldn’t help but look back at him, to see his face downcast and unlike anything she’d seen before. She thought ‘Maybe’, but still left him with his Uncle. It was then that they were attacked, but this time, she felt sure they could win. It had been months of hard travel, of fighting, surviving, training, and moving. She was a master, and her opponent, this girl, couldn’t beat then both. They had three elements on her side, and she had just the one.

They would settle this once and for all.

But then the fireblast hit, and she looked over at the disturbance. Him. For the one moment, she had thought it might be the time. That they would have the four elements and the war would come to an end sooner than they had hoped.

Fate and hope were fickle masters who had long since teamed up against her.

He attacked one of her closest friends and she knew it just wasn’t meant to be. The changes she’d seen hadn’t been enough. They had been enemies in the past. They were enemies right now. And they would be enemies in the future. There was no escaping it.

She shouted at him, demanding an answer for what she had thought, hoped, had changed. His response was less than telling, and the time for talk was long over. This was a fight for the future. A fight for one of the last major cities outside of military control, and even though they gave it their all…

They lost…

Her friend had fallen. They were surrounded. It was over. Even after they made their escape thanks to help from their enemies’ uncle, things had never looked bleaker. Their situation had only gotten worse, and their only hope was barely alive. The feelings of remorse and companionship –thought short lived- she had felt with the prince were gone, and now only bitter resentment remained.

There was nothing to be gained from hopeful wishing. There was nothing that hope could give. She would have to take control of everything herself. She was everything except ready, but that wasn’t going to stop her. She was a master. She would figure out something
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No, nothing really relevent to post, just random youtube links.

Hero - I actually still occassionally get this song stuck in my head...

Zuko as Dane Cook [WATCH EET] - OMG... ::wheezing:: Soemtimes, Dane Cook isn't that funny, but for some reason, this one was hialrious... And I don't even care if the clips done mathc, just listen to it... OH YEAH

Horoscope for the day - Avatar as well, and thoroughly amusing for comedic timing if nothing else... :snerk::

Spiderman 2 : Avatar Trailer

Sokka really is stupid - Just in case you thought he wasn't as retarded as you know he is...

Yes, I did get bored and dissuaded before going to bed, STFU...

And another random bit of info, no matter what I try to do, something always gets in the way of me getting things done. First, it was AIM. Didn't get on, so no problem. Then, it was DA, LJ and others. Checked my messages, read the stuff, and done, still would have had at least 15 minutes to start.

Imouto called.

And there it goes, as in my time. She always calls when I need to get something done, and don't tell me 'Don't answer it' cus she'll just keep calling back and it's irritating as hell. I'm reluctant to tell her I'm getting my cellphone turned back on cus then she'll call me ALL the time. I'm going to have to set some ground rules if I ever want to get anything done ever again. I haven't even started on my redo of my counselor app. I should at least have my cannon done by now. Damn work, and I keep sleeping in the afternoons cus I'm so damn tired... this sucks... D:
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Hmmmm, going to [livejournal.com profile] akuni's journal gave me the idea to do a top ten list. I've been doing them off and on and never finishing them, but this one I can totally do right now. The first few are definitely in order of the most violent urges to bitchslapping, but after that it's just a general thing.

Top 5 Characters I Want To Smack )

That's it. I am now in a list mood, and I have a feeling that at least one more list is going to pop up before I go home today from school... A list or a character study... Stupid Zuko, making me want to do a character study on him...

::snerk:: Anybody have somebody they want to add to the 'Bitch!slap' list? I really want to make this a top 10 eventually, but I couldn't think of any series besides Bleach, Eureka, Naruto, and Avatar... =_= I'm now suddenly thinking of Hagaren, but I haven't ever had an urges like that... at least when it comes to stupidity...
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Man, I have totally been slack on LJ recently... unless you count Sages, but meh... Speaking of which, the thread Ichigo and Saix had going from his first post is STILL going. I mean... it's been HOW long? Almost a month? 3 weeks at least, since it started when Manda left, and not only has it moved from Sages to the journal, it was moved on the 3rd [I think] and already has 60 comments, I think? Today's the 6th... D: Totally a loser... AND not only that, Saix is GONE and now Ichigo's talking to Xemonas, Ansem/Riku/whoever's nobody... Same mun on the other end, different character... ::excuse me while I laugh::

I have written NOTHING fanfic related in forever... I did a Grimmjow app for CFUD, and have another to work on, but I just feel blah when it comes to writing, though I have so many ideas... Not to mention my freakin' writing style for my app and my rp are so different [so says Roy, and I kinda agree] that it's hard to tell if I'd be a good RPer by how I write my app... Totally have to change it for my other one because I NEED to get in as a counselor... I swear I do... Who KNOWS when the next counselor apps'll be and if I'll even feel like doing it... I run hot and cold really quick...

And I wish I could go more than a few months without getting obsessed/really into/maniacle about a new show... I am TOTALLY on an Avatar kick... watching the show, AMVs [cus I can't find whole eps on youtube, and can they even be called AMVs? Technically, purists wouldn't call it anime... =_=], clips and god help me, fanfiction... Not the prony ones either... cus really, that would make me go 0.< instantly... I don't care if it's Zuko [16, right?] with anyone else older [and who the hell is older than him that couldn't be old enough to be his dad?] cus... gah... wrong... Katara's only what, 14? I can stand a falling in love story with some fluff, cus I can only stand so much of that anyway, but pron... god, no... just gah...

Anyway, I should really be finishing my JAVA test, cus, you know, I'm only halfway done and I have 15 minutes left... :D

::runs away::


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