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Oh god... I almost busted out laughing...

NO WONDER I LIKED LOCKON SO MUCH. He has Shinicirou Miki's voice! XD That WHORE XD
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I love RPing with Tutu people, cus they link me to tasty AMVs I'd never find on my own cus I'm lazy.

Pan. You know you want this song. Download it and send it tome~

Saa, na...

Jul. 13th, 2007 12:00 am
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This is my OtaKaMikuzu CD I for the Otakon trip next week. So, anyone in the car with me will be forced coerced committed to have a lovely ride with this soundtrack in the background~ Yes. It's yet ANOTHER list. 8D Ph34r my listing prowess and my utterly bizarre mix of music. Under the cut for less spam~ )And look, you lazy asses. I even LINKED the songs for you from youtube. But you will notice I have lots of random MSI songs on there. Sue me. Also, If it's from an Anime OP, I linked the short version, except for Code Geass. I think this is where I say 'I <3 Flow' and therefore I linked their PV. W00t? If I picked the song up from an AMV I liked, then the AMV is linked. Otherwise, PVs or Music Videos are linked... [/OCD]

Oh~ Pan... Ahahahaha Bring The Pain - Jungle wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu AMV | Assuming you haven't seen it before OR I haven't already showed it to you before. I forget.
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This is just because this song IS NOW STUCK IN MY HEAD. >_> I vaguely remember this song... but now... ::headdesk:: Stupid ajsdlfa;f AMVs.

Obsession : Muse - Our Time is Running Out | Naruto [focusing on Kimimaro and Orochimaru]

-_- I need the song. ::claps hand on Pan's shoulder:: Gmail account.

...and have you noticed... the quiet characters that hardly show any emotion... have the fucking creepiest smiles...? Pause it at 3:22. WTf is that? Oh, sure, some of you think it's a 'gentle' smile, but I'm sure Kimimaro was about to smack a bitch in that particular scene... >_> I can't remember. My canon!knowledge from 2347180243 Chapters ago fails. This is why I need to go, like, reread Naruto from the Runaway!Sasuke arc to now so I can pick up more muses...


Metal Gear Solid Naruto AMV

[/random for real]
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...this post is nothing more than a random type of WTF post because I have all these links I want to save but are cluttering up my navigation bar on Mozilla. Some are funny, some are Wha? and Others are just for references purposes so I can find them later. Soooo....

Under the cut )

Doo doo.... More to come later... ::goes to delete links after this first round.

Second Cut R Go! )
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Aaa, I watched what I had of Mai Otome today... Gaaah! I want the rest! Now! ::glares at Pan:: Burn the reeeest! Buuurn eet! And actually, I forgot what you were waiting for to burn with it in the first place... =_=

Aa, and also for pan, you already saw the Princess TuTu Promotional Video, but I wanted to write down what I managed to translate and the bits that MooChi-nee helped me with. If anyone else can understand Japanese and has something to add or correct something I mistranslated, leave a comment! There's this bit in the middle that I didn't get at all or have such a vague understanding I didn't bother to write it down... =_=

Promo Video Rough Trans under this cut )

I need more Mai Otome... =_= Someboedy give it to me...

I think I'll drown my need in Drawing... ::trudges off::
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No, nothing really relevent to post, just random youtube links.

Hero - I actually still occassionally get this song stuck in my head...

Zuko as Dane Cook [WATCH EET] - OMG... ::wheezing:: Soemtimes, Dane Cook isn't that funny, but for some reason, this one was hialrious... And I don't even care if the clips done mathc, just listen to it... OH YEAH

Horoscope for the day - Avatar as well, and thoroughly amusing for comedic timing if nothing else... :snerk::

Spiderman 2 : Avatar Trailer

Sokka really is stupid - Just in case you thought he wasn't as retarded as you know he is...

Yes, I did get bored and dissuaded before going to bed, STFU...

And another random bit of info, no matter what I try to do, something always gets in the way of me getting things done. First, it was AIM. Didn't get on, so no problem. Then, it was DA, LJ and others. Checked my messages, read the stuff, and done, still would have had at least 15 minutes to start.

Imouto called.

And there it goes, as in my time. She always calls when I need to get something done, and don't tell me 'Don't answer it' cus she'll just keep calling back and it's irritating as hell. I'm reluctant to tell her I'm getting my cellphone turned back on cus then she'll call me ALL the time. I'm going to have to set some ground rules if I ever want to get anything done ever again. I haven't even started on my redo of my counselor app. I should at least have my cannon done by now. Damn work, and I keep sleeping in the afternoons cus I'm so damn tired... this sucks... D:
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I went through the chat the other day that I had been lurking in at work and found Manda's like to this Princess Tutu video.... It's... sooo good... And because she and Cella were talking about being unable to find the soooong~!

Nanne Grönvall - Håll Om Mig [Hold Me]

The song for you. You may glomp Pan and such, because when I need to find anything, she does it for me cus I suck at finding shit.

...and I finally started using yousendit...! Go me?


Aug. 12th, 2006 11:52 am
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Hmmm... I remember that someone found a great Quincy Tribute video for [livejournal.com profile] ardane1, I believe, and now I have 'Do you believe in God?' stuck in my head and 'As you pull the trigger' because those are the only two lines I remember...

But the person who did the Mai Hime video called My Reason, that is one of my all time favorites and was the reason WHY I got into Mai Hime in the first place, did a Bleach video.

Scattered Dreams is such a good video! It features 'that bastard' [Aizen] and Hinamori with a taste of Hitsugaya... ::Watches it again:: Gah! It's so good! Watch it! The power of AMVs compels you!


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