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Long time no see personal LJ. I blame it solely on Plurk. There were a lot of things that I was supposed to continue ranting about, but my back hurts and I feel a little queasy.

I really need to get on the Otakon stuff, but I have no idea how many are coming. Really, I just want a firm number. Don't tell me who thinks they're going, or plan on going or aren't sure or whatever. I just want a nice solid number. e__e Creating the table isn't that hard, but I'm just... kinda over having to plan all this shit and dealing with the stress of some -what should be patented- stupid. If I didn't hate so passionately the idea of giving my money to someone else I'd let someone else do it. Last time I went to a con someone else planned the money out for I cringed because I felt like they were getting ripped off, and I didn't even PAY for a spot in the hotel room because I was broke and they needed my car to get there anyway. e__e

Otherwise, I should be going back to school for a few classes, but I need to get off my ass and register for classes and figure out what I'm going to take. It may be grant money [ie 'free'] but I don't want to waste it. I need to go by the school and pick up a catalog. I hate PDFs and I still like having a book in my hand that I can physically sit down with and flip through. Being on the computer is just a giant distraction to me. I want to take a sewing class and do patterns and... MAKE STUFF. I liked it when I took home ec in middle school, but my schedule in high school was just a clusterfuck of classes and I didn't/couldn't follow up on it.

That and I have an aversion to making things that just sit around the house and gather dust. It's another reason why I don't get canvas and do chalk pastels. I hate things lying around with nowhere to put them. Feels like a waste.

So yeah. And I applied for two USPS jobs. Both pay more than what I get now. I'm just... really hoping my not so great test score won't put me too low on the list to get hired. I have two bills that have only a year left before they're paid off, and if I get this job, I can pay them both off and just have a few less things to have to pay every damn month. Here's hoping. *crosses fingers*
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This wasn't what I actually came here to post, BUT for my reference since I'm horrible with time:

So... it's been about two weeks(?) since my grandfather got his car back. I'd say... it was about 2-3 days ago that I learned he was in an accident and they took him to the hospital. He's fine, but.


This entry was actually to post my TV watching schedule for the summer. Winter/Spring time was:

Wed | 10 PM | The Tudors | BBC
Thur | 10 PM | America's Best Dance Crew | MTV
Sat | 9 PM | Doctor Who | BBC

It's been a while since I've really settled down and watched a lot of things on TV on a specific day. Last time was actually summer of last year, aaand now, my summer shows!

Mon | 10 PM | Teen Wolf | MTV *actually ashamed*
Tues | 9 PM | White Collar | USA *only if I actually feel like it*
Tues | 10 PM | Covert Affairs | USA
Wed | 10 PM | The Tudors | BBC
Sat | 9 PM | Battle Star Galactica |BBC
Sun | 10 PM | The Glades | A&E

It's like 10PM is the magical time. I don't know how many I'll actually be able to keep up with. I might have to catch reruns and might just give up and marathon them later. Then there's the other shows starting that I don't know the start dates/times for, which are basically Torchwood and True Blood.

The list of shows I want to watch/re-watch is obscenely long, too. orz

The Outlanders *new show on BBC*
True Blood
Burn Notice

Re-Watching or catching up on:
Ao no Exorcist
Mai Hime
Being Human [BBC]
Buffy the Vampire Slayers
Classic Doctor Who

Mmmm. I have no life |D~
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] our_innocence & [livejournal.com profile] abandonreality~!

Even if one is late... >_>
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-my liiiife.

I am long overdue for an 'Update of the Kage' post.

And really, it's not so much an update as a looong rant about the bullshittery that is work and my grandfather. Then an update on possibly going to school in the Fall. Maybe even teaching classes this winter, too. I have to get on the application and do it by the end of this month or I'll be teaching Spring classes >_> Assuming I pass inspection and teach at all. We'll see.

For now. TIRED AS HELL and appoint at NINE AM OHGODWRY.

*slides gently into bed*

AMV tiiime

Apr. 28th, 2011 02:41 am
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For my Madoka Magica f-listers.

Also, SPOILER WARNING for anyone who... hasn't seen it, wants to, and hasn't been spoiled.

Tutu AMV. Most have seen it who are into Tutu. If you haven't, FOR SHAME.

Please enjoy your seizure =D

Aaaand, now I want this song.

Enjoy the spam. B|
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I never did properly react to the new Doctor Who episode did I?


My head exploded. Several times. Fffffffffffffffff MOOOOOFFFFAAAATTTT.

Seriously, he makes. the most. creepy. things. The Weeping Angels still make me twitch. But this was, like... *cries into my hands*

AND worse yet. The season is being broken into two. Seven episodes now, then in Autumn the last six. HOW AM I NOT GOING TO EXPLODE.

AND Neil Gaimon is writing an episode. The fourth one, I think.

Why so awesome, Doctor Who? Why. So. AWESOME.

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New Profile page for me \o/

I am proud. Look at it. Nice and shiny and red and involves shanking!


GDI LADY GAGA. This new song is so much better than the first single. SO. MUCH. BETTER. I'm glad this one sounds like you.
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I should use this journal more, but I am a very... focused person, and I don't think I could keep track of two journals that... have the same name, and basically the same people on it, only this one has less. I could always find an RP over here. One that accepts OCs and play Blaine over here XD Then, even though I'd have him in three places, I'd have totally new people over here... maybe? I think the crossover from LJ to dreamwidth is bigger than I think, especially after all that annoying downtime that just went down over in LJ. Speaking of which, I should think of backing up everything over there to here, just in case. I'm not one of those OMG I'M GOING TO CHANGE SITES RIGHT NOW people, but I'd hate to lose all of my posts. I'd like to keep the comments, but I'll have to read the FAQ to see if those get pulled over. If not, ahh well.

...and if I do start using this journal, I should definitely get more than this Mitani-kun icon. Maybe one of each character I've RPed? Or be totally unoriginal and just transfer over all of my amazing gif images I can no longer use in LJ for lack of a paid account...
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Oh hey. I was cleaning out my bookshelves so that I could move my bookcases [finally] into my room, and I found tapes. VHS tapes. The PURPLE ones that had my Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne subs on them, among other things. And my KareKano tapes -the regular black ones- that were in those plastic hard cases. Wow. The 90s. Funny, because I don't have digital copies of those. Nor the Region 2, US editions. I really should look into getting those.

BUT, in the mean time, more cleaning. And... what do I even do with them? They're in good condition *wipes dust from the labels* but I don't even have a VHS player that works. Anybody want them. >_>? Speaking of want, I'm STILL tired of looking at this stuff cluttering up valuable space in my bookshelves.

[livejournal.com profile] pridefall, if you want those DVDs and such and can scrape the money together for the S&H, I'll GIVE them to you. B| I just want them oouuut of my hoouuse.
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Haaa, it's early in West Coastian time. BUT FOR ME IT'S ALREADY THE 30TH.

TANJOUBI OMEDETOU [livejournal.com profile] burple_nurples

/slams face into pillow
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Haha! Not late!

TANJOUBI OMEDETOU [livejournal.com profile] disposableninja~!
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Whenever my mother and grandmother CLEAN ALL THE THINGS, something that I had in a very obvious place because I needed it always gets misplaced.

In high school, it was a school book that ended up costing 12.50. Funny thing, 5 years later I still haven't seen that book.

Now, it's the printer cable I JUST got. I was running around Saturday doing errands. I swung by class in the morning for the book since I wasn't going to be there the 26th, and it turned out the teacher NEVER SHOWED. So I did an impromptu class for a hour until time was up. Then I went to my grandfather's, ate, went shopping for him. Swung by home to drop off food and looked at my printer -box was on the table- and vowed to put it away when I got back, but I had frozen stuff which shouldn't thaw so ducked out of the house. When I got back home after my final errand before having to go to work, instead of, you know, putting the printer back in the box with all its parts, she took the box upstairs, and left the printer downstairs. Minus the cord that was on the couch right beside it.

*siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh* It's not in the box, nor the bag I put the printer in. Let's hope it didn't go wherever that school book went.

I know I live in chaos, but it's one of those 'organized' chaoses that I can find what I want because I leave things in the same spot that seems random to everyone else but totally makes sense to me. They put things in so many different places in random boxes all around the house. If I can't find that cord, my mother is buying me another one. B|
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THIS is a day late, BUT:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [livejournal.com profile] losers_day~!
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Pre-reg for Otakon is now up!

It's 65 bucks *chokes* and available until June 4th! So anyone who'll be staying in my rooms can jump on the bandwagon.

Actually. Who IS staying in my rooms this year? I've got two, so no drunkards doing stupid shit in mine. They get their own, and we have connecting doors again this year, so yay for wandering back and forth.

If you're gonna be staying with me -those I know on the interwebz anyway- comment here =3=
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TANJOUBI OMEDETOU [livejournal.com profile] theflamingrose~!
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I've only watched up to episode 3, so no spoilers.

Damnit Manda. Don't link me to such comedy GOLD.

Ii na

Feb. 27th, 2011 12:58 pm
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Image lies within )

Too much Ghost in the Shell. A line is missing



And that is just so freakin' long.

And the picture itself didn't turn out how I wanted. I actually forgot to draw the rest of the tie. Psht. I was so annoyed by those buttons and lo and behold I didn't have to draw them anyway. The face is okay, kinda, mostly, but I didn't sketch out the body before I drew it so it's even more super awkward. I need a reference picture. OTL
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Lol. Now you're old~!


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