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It was silent except for the soft sounds of deep breathing. The kind of breathing that let you know someone was really asleep and not waiting for you to venture close enough so they could pop up and scare the shit out of you. Blaine was the type of person to do that, and Blake was standing close enough that if the man had wanted to, he could have grabbed him by now. But he was truly asleep, propped up in the corner of the L-shaped couch, looking relaxed and disarmed, but never quite innocent. Blaine was far from innocent and couldn't deceive someone in sleep like he could when awake. He stared down at him contemplating, truly and deeply thinking about, crawling onto the couch and flopping down on top of the man like the blonde had done so many times to him. Unceremoniously waking him and making himself comfortable wedged up against the body of his sleeping friend with little regard to if he made Blaine's position difficult as a result.

Blake let out a long, quiet sigh and turned his gaze away. If it was Natalie, he would slide to the end of the couch and put her legs in his lap, enjoying the proximity and warmth. Something in him couldn't extend this approach to Blaine. It seemed to be full body contact or nothing at all. Plastered to his side or an inch of separation miraculously maintained with no touches, accidental or otherwise. He stepped to the other end of the couch and quietly sank onto it, hardly making a sound and barely moving the furniture beneath him. He lay back, closed his eyes, and matched his breathing to the only other sound in the room and slept.

He was jostled awake by a body sliding up against him, lodging itself against him in much the same manner he had imagined himself doing earlier. A blonde head settled onto his stomach and the other side of the couch now lay vacant. He grunted in annoyance before he settled back down, arms sliding around the shoulders of the man using him as a body pillow. He sighed and Blaine echoed him, then they both went back to sleep. Full body contact or none at all. Nothing else would do.
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