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I've been thinking quite a bit about Renee and what kind of boss she would be, who she is as a person, and random traits and facts about her that are kind of disparate right now.

Renee is in charge of SPAWA's illegal and legal businesses. The legal businesses do not all launder money from the illegal businesses. She offers those jobs to locals and gets favors from them. She also brings in people from other countries -usually via legal means, surprisingly- and gives them english lessons and jobs to rack up debt. Some move on to other businesses in her Organization whether legal or illegal, and others move on to other jobs that aren't under her control. She prospers from the good publicity.

Of all the languages for Renee to learn aside from her native English and Spanish, Russian spoke to her the most. She is fluent in the language, though she will always have an accent. One day, I'll fabricate a reason for her to know this language 8|a Maybe Org ties. I DUNNO.

Renee has two siberian huskies that she got when she was 25. Sasha is the male, and is copper and white with bi-colored eyes. One is blue and the other is brown. He has an easy going temperament and is the more affectionate of the two dogs. Nikolai -Nico for short- is the grey and white female who has blue eyes. She is independent and the more dominant of the two. She is very stubborn and the more difficult to train and is prone to acts of disobedience just because.


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