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The room was dark, but they were close enough to be able to see one another clearly. Blaine held Blake's face in his hands, their foreheads touching as he stared across those scant inches into entirely too trusting eyes. Eyes that held worry and pain for him that the blonde may have needed but didn't want. He didn't think he deserved that look anymore.

His grip tightened but Blake didn't flinch, just stared, and Blaine spoke low, desperate. "You know there's something wrong with me. Ask Renee, please. She won't listen to my request."

There was a quick blink, but nothing changed in that handsome face. "I trust you-"

And Blaine closed his eyes and gripped him harder to stop himself from shaking him but couldn't stop the small sound of frustration. "Blake," and he let that pain and the lostness he felt trickle into his voice. If he did something to Blake, to Natalie, to Ian. He would never forgive himself. None of them understood that.

Hands came up to hold his and his grip loosened until it was only Blake's hands that kept them there. He stared at the man he loved like a brother, sometimes more than that, and wished he could convey all the danger he represented. Those trusting eyes looked at him and didn't see it and the blonde could feel himself already in mourning because he just didn't understand.

He closed his eyes and felt the soft kiss on his forehead. He let himself drop forward, resting his face in the crook of Blake's neck, holding the other man's hands and just breathing in slow. He missed Natalie, who had been standing in the doorway. He missed the look his friend and his wife exchanged, so much without words. He missed her sad smile and her acquiescent nod before she left on silent feet the way she had come minutes earlier. He missed it all but in the coming weeks as he continued to heal, their loving patience he would feel and cling to.


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