Feb. 5th, 2012

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Renee turned her head to the side, and Traine watched her as she talked to someone he couldn't see. Her jaw moved and her neck flexed, creating pleasant lines that weren't helping his thoughts stay on track. Her hair had been getting longer steadily over the years. She would cut it less and less every time until it was long enough to pull up into some weird kind of bun held together with clips. It left her neck bare and the way she was turned only emphasized the length of it, the smoothness of it, and how undeniably feminine it was. She had transitioned from one of the soldiers in the trenches to their leader, but still got dirty -with relish- when it was called for. It happened less and less, her forays out to get directly involved with the wet work, and Traine could feel her changing to fit and grow into a role he didn't think she would be willing to leave.

He could say she had gotten softer, but that was only true in the looks department. She wasn't a chiseled mass of muscle like she had been straight out of college. Administrative work and making connections didn't lend itself to four plus hours of work out time along with the overtime an Organization like hers sometimes needed when shit hit the fan. Even so, she was fit, could still punch a man out, and had the endurance to outrun a lot of her own hitters. Traine didn't think her softer appearance could all be attributed to a lack of time. It was part strategy, as well. He knew her and all the dangers that came alongside, but when she came walking up in her 'little black dress' sporting curves that were enhanced by the addition of some extra fat, it hit him right in the gut. And lower. Bigger bust, wider hips, and his brain flew right out his ear. He wasn't the only man who'd been overcome by the package, but he also wasn't in charge of an Organization or a company she was negotiating with.

Her lips curled up in a slight smile and Traine watched that spark of fondness warm her face in an expression that he always found to be too brief now-a-days. Suddenly, there was an off-handed punch to his shoulder and he nearly jumped out of his skin. The unconscious step forward he had been making turned into a step away from the direction of violence as his head whipped around to face his attacker.

Drei stood just inside his own incredible long reach, which was too far for Traine to hit him back even if he hadn't just moved further away. The taller man gave him a split seconds worth of an oblique glance before his attention was focused on the woman who had just finished her talk. Traine was still a bit startled, but he looked forward to see her eyes darting between them, curious about the exchange she had just missed but visibly blinking it aside and walking between them and ordering them to follow her. They did what they were told.

Feeling eyes boring into the side of his head he turned his head enough to see Drei staring, an eloquent look on his face. If it wasn't enough, he mouthed the word 'whipped' which got a raised lip from Traine in response. A non-verbal denial that was habitual and not anywhere close to being true. As he walked behind her and tried not to notice the sway of her hips, he thought that being whipped by Renee Sharps wasn't a bad thing at all.

It was the kind Drei's own father gave his mother sometimes, when he thought she wasn't looking. )
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I've been thinking quite a bit about Renee and what kind of boss she would be, who she is as a person, and random traits and facts about her that are kind of disparate right now.

So many random things. )


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